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riffraff [ˈrɪfˌræf]n (sometimes functioning as plural)

1. worthless people, esp collectively; rabble

2. Dialect worthless rubbish

That is the dictionary definition of riffraff.  Worthless, unwanted, outcast.  For the longest time, role players and gamers were not a wanted part of society.  That has begun to change drastically over the years, but they are still looked down upon in society.  Here is a place where the outcasts who want to escape reality can come and enjoy an alternate reality, an alternate you, an alternate world.  Step inside and witness the beauty you create.


We are a community of gamers from all backgrounds.  Our ultimate goal is to provide a home for gamers, roleplayers, and writers.  From user created content, including, roleplays and collabrative writing, we are a syndicate of friendly people looking to build on original ideas.


For nearly eight years, we here at Riff Raff Syndicate have been striving to provide a break from reality, so to speak.  It started as a small community of only a few friends who wanted to do thread based role playing, but quickly grew into a medium sized group with much more to say than role plays could cover.  We began to expand our staff in order to accommodate the growth, and soon found that the staff we had taken on had skills beyond forum moderation.  Thus began the lock and grueling process of building what you see before you.  This particular website lay out has been in the works for over two years, but it was worth it.


We now have the means to provide a warm place for role players, gamers, music lovers, writers of every background and creed, and anyone else who wants to come and hang out.  Minecraft players, MMORPG players, the list goes on, they are all welcomed here.  So, come on in, take a load off, and share in the home that has become the Riff Raff Syndicate.