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Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Regulations' started by Steel, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    These are rules for the entire board. Everyone is required to follow them, otherwise there will be consequences. It will start with a verbal warning in a PM, all the way up to an instant perma-ban. Each rule will have it's consequence listed, so don't be surprised if you get a warning. Any warnings issued will be followed with an explaination, so DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNINGS!

    1. Pornographic material of any kind will not be allowed on the boards at all for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to: hentai, porn, racy or suggestive videos/pictures/artwork, sex in stories/rp’s, suggestive comments towards other members, or “sex talk” topics/posts.

    Consequences: The breaking of this rule will lead to an automatic perma-ban from the site without warning.

    2. Sexual harassment in topics OR via private messages will not be tolerated. Private messages are just that: private. They are there for you to get to know the other members, or share ideas with someone. However, when an admin is contacted about unwanted attention from another member or admin, it will no longer be a private matter. Likewise, if an admin believes a topic or comment within a topic is of the sexual harassment nature, then it will become a private matter between admins, and consequences will be decided.

    Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to: unwanted sexual attention, be it a sexual comment, story, or vague suggestive theme; comments or situations that make ANY member feel uncomfortable; asking for sexual favors of any kind (i.e. asking for nude/racy picture(s)); sending video(s)/picture(s)/sound clip(s) or any other media that contains sexual content.

    Consequences: Breaking this rule will earn you a warning with the opportunity to correct the behavior, pending admin conversation. If the behavior is severe enough, the admin that is made aware of the offense will use their own discretion when deciding the consequence. If this rule is broken again, or another complaint is made, you will earn a permaban from the site. Any comments and/or messages will be put on file for discussion between admins, and any public comments will be deleted.

    3. Any and all flaming, as defined as any hostile and/or insulting comment that is not perceived as friendly or "for fun," of persons/people on this board is strictly forbidden. If you have a problem with someone, send them a PM and attempt to resolve the issue yourselves first, if that doesn't work then you contact a Moderator or Admin. If the problem is with ANY of the staff, you contact me. If the problem is with me, then you contact either Domino or Zero Alex, as they are the ones who talk with me on a near day to day basis.

    Consequences: If you do not follow this rule and take matters into your own hands after the initial attempt, put up a public reprimand in ANY of the forums here, or continue behavior that is unbecoming or have been asked to stop, you will receive one warning. If it does not cease, you will be banned.


    Definition of Spam-tastic, [Spam-tas-tick]
    1. A forum that allows any 1 (or more) members of Riff Raff Syndicate to create a discussion thread regarding absolutely nothing. 2. A discussion forum for the Riff Raff Syndicate members to have, and enjoy, and to post in without destroying (spamming) the rest of the forums of the board.

    Spam, as defined by any comments or conversation that is not relevant to the thread topic, is allowed in ONLY two threads: "Spam-tastic" and "Member Introductions." I believe that 'spamming' in the Member Introductions thread is okay for the simple fact that that is where we get to know everyone. If you are simply saying "Hello" then you aren't getting to know anyone or anything. Spam, in that sense, is not spam, but a conversation. In the rest of the threads, I believe that spam is not contributing to anything outside of an annoyance, and thus should not be allowed. We can have conversations that are relevant to the subject, and if not, we have the spam thread. Do not spam the non-spam threads.

    Spam, as defined as soliciting products either on the board or in PM's, will not be allowed.

    Spam, as defined as constantly sending the same message or posting the same comment to one or every member, or differing messages of absolutely no relevance at all, will not be allowed.

    Consequences: If you spam a non-spam thread or a member asks for their introduction thread to not be spammed and you continue to spam, you will recieve one verbal warning through PM. If it continues, each offence will warrant one board warning. The second warning you receive, you will be suspended for two days. The third will be a seven day suspension. There will be no fourth warning, it will be a ban. Not permanent, mind you, but until you agree to follow the spam rule, you will not be allowed back. This goes for any previous members of the site as well.

    Selling your products on the board without PROPER authorization by me, and me alone, will result in a perma-ban, there are no warnings.

    Constant messaging of a member is harassment, and that is not tolerated. You will be asked to stop once, and if it persists you will be perma-banned.

    5. RP Posting is a very touchy subject. I understand that we all have lives outside of RRS and do not expect a great deal out of you. If you join an RP, I expect you to post, at the very least, once a week. You can find the time in your busy schedule to come on to the board once a week and spend a few minutes reading and catching up and either putting in a lengthy reply or just a basic reply. As far as context goes, attempt to get as much character interaction as you can. I understand side stories between a couple of characters, but there are more involved in the game and they could all benefit from character interaction and development as a whole. For this, I ask that you keep your characters with the group as much as possible and, when you are with the group, don't simply grunt and nod and bite your lip. Speak, interact, fight, argue, and just have fun with it.

    Another part to this rule is up to the discretion of the RP author. If they feel that you are posting enough, even though you don't post once a week, then they have the right to say "Nothing happens." However, each Master will say in their creation thread an acceptable delay in posts. For instance: "In this role play, if you go two weeks without posting and haven't a reason, your character will be killed."

    This rule also applies to the Collaborative Writing. However, it does not apply to any other section on the site. There are weekly polls that we do, reviews, etc. where we request your input to inform us that it is not in vain, but you are not required to post in it every week.

    Consequence: If you do not post in a Role Play in a seven day period, your character will die. If you apply this behavior to more than three role plays, the Character Creation Moderators and the RP Masters will decide if you are allowed to join certain RP's.

    Collaborative Writing stands with a two week delay rule. If you take longer than two weeks, your turn will be skipped.

    6. Public corrections of a person's typing, spelling, grammar, or the like are seriously frowned upon. Understand that not everyone is as intelligent as you, not everyone can be expected to be perfect like you, and most of us are human. Not everyone comes from the same country as you, and most people type with slang, without grammar and punctuation, or don't fully understand the proper spelling of words. Let these people be and attempt to get over your feelings of superiority. If the post is impossible to understand, make a comment about it and be as nice as you can. Ask them to rephrase it or to proof-read, anything more than that is not allowed.

    Consequnces: If you are unable to get over yourself and correct someone on a simple mistake, you will receive one verbal warning. If the problem persists, or is of a more severe manner, you will receive one board warning or a possible ban. If the problem persists, I, personally, will belittle you in front of everyone, and then I will perma-ban you.

    7. Starting what is deemed as an inappropriate topic in any thread, other than Spam-tastic, is not allowed. Inappropriate as stated in these rules is as follows, but is not limited to:
    Sexual Content (We don't need to hear about you sexual exploits, just as you don't need to hear of ours.)
    Alcoholic (We don't really care how many drinks you had at the bar you frequent.)
    Religious Beliefs(This is a split hair subject. You may carry on religious conversations, but there will be NO faith bashing.)

    Consequences: Sexual Content topics will result in the topic, and all subsequent posts, being deleted and the author, as well as any and all posters involved, will be suspended.

    Alcoholic content will be deleted and the user, or users, will receive a verbal warning, followed by a board warning if the behavior persists. If the offender continues, appropriate actions will be taken.

    Religious bashing will result in an immediate perma-ban. You are more than welcome to have debates and conversations about such topics, but the moment someone says "You're a Christian and there fore you are stupid, gay, and should be killed." then they will be immediately banned. That is not an extreme example, for it has happened before. If an Admin deems your comment as too harsh, or bashing, then you are gone.

    Any and all other subjects will be handled accordingly. Dependant upon severity, the issue will go to the Admins for discussion and then appropriate actions will be taken.

    I reserve the right to change and/or modify any and all of these rules at any time, without any warning. All consequences are closed for discussion but not always final. If you are not perma-banned, you will have the chance to defend yourself.

    To clarify what it means when the Admins are discussing it:
    While an offence is being reviewed, the party/parties involved will be suspended pending proper action from the Admin team. If the party/parties involved creates a new account during said discussion, the offence will be forgotten and the party/parties will be perma-banned without warning.

    That is all,
    Riff Raff Syndicate Head Admin

    Thank you,
    Riff Raff Syndicate Staff
  2. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    8. Under no circumstances, at any time, will there be any form of defamation of an individual or individuals. Nor will there be vilification of a website or other message board. If there are any problems with people from a 'rival' board, then you contact me and I will take care of the issue. There will be NO threats issued to anyone, for any reason.

    Consequences: There will be action taken to put a stop to any and all issues with other sites. If that means that I have to suspend you or ban you, so be it. I will make the decision when the time comes and will follow my own protocol to a 'T'. This is your only warning.
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