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Shinobi Wars : Tactical Strike

by: Dante Chaos at: 2010-12-04

Narration Its the Feudal age in Japan. The land is torn apart by ongoing wars between lords who want to gain more land not caring for the people. There is one lord who calls himself the liberator of Japan. Oda Nobunaga, A lord who became a big player after succesfull invasions to other lands. Within the vast army's of this lord is a small group of fighters each tied by fate to each other. We follow this group in their adventures during these times.

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From the Ashes: Project Legacy

by: Steel at: 2010-12-06

Narration The party was left wondering what Zystana meant, but were all too happy to have Kestra back. She rubbed her eyes and looked at everyone. "W...where are we?" Before anyone could answer, a rift opened up and mirror images of them all stepped out. A familiar laugh to Kestra and Marius could be heard. Marius opened his mouth to say something but was cut short as the earth under him opened up. In a green glow, he was swallowed by the earth, Kitsune went with him. The mirror images immediately began attacking the party.

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Arages War

by: Steel at: 2011-02-08

The sounds of cattle fill the morning air as the Arages Guard prepares for their shift change. It's 7 o'clock in the morning, and the kingdom is about to experience something they have never thought possible. A messenger walks around the entire town, shouting for everyone to attend a call meeting at the castle. Thousands of spectators shwo up, only to hear the terrifying news. "I, Seraf of Knigh-fallen Kingdom, am your new king. Your old king has given up the war and signed the entire kingdom over to me. He has left, and is never coming back. I am now the most powerful man in the world, and you shall all bow down to me and worship me as though I were

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Demon Hunter

by: Domino at: 2011-09-04

Dust swirled around her feet with every step. In this desert, not many souls survived. The people living here were not as advanced as her people, and thus she turned heads everywhere she went. She could feel them, teaming under the surface of the city, just waiting for the order to strike. Then she stopped, her eye caught by the brilliant blue hair. “There is an unbalance in Kiragia. I will be going ahead. Meet me there when it is time,” Faythe explained telepathically. “I will be there when I feel they are ready. But you know my place is here for now,” Gloria replied in the same fashion. A moment later, Faythe vanished, and Gloria kept walking, making her way through the village, past th

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Kingdom of Innocent Blood

by: Steel at: 2012-02-24

The blistering cold wind cut through the open window like razor blades. An impenetrable fortress of magic, deceit, and darkness, brought down to its trembling knees by a single person. The assassin makes his way through the corridors, moving from body to body, cleaning blood off of his weapons and trying not to smile. He spots a mage, who runs for his life. The assassin simply nods to himself and chuckles a little bit, “Run while you still have the breath to fill your wheezing lungs.” The young mage bursts through a door, “Sir! A guild member is here! He’s killing everyone!! We need to hide you and the girl!” The

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Monster School: The First Year

by: Dante Chaos at: 2012-04-19

Introduction It was a cloudy day, looking down on students gathering on a school square in an unknown place. People from all over the world came to this place for it was a known school for a special kind of people. This school is known as Yokai High, School for monsters. Creatures from all over the world join this school to learn the ways of the world in seclusion of the humans. They learn how to work with them and how to hide their identity from them. In front of the school building was a small podium and on top of it stood a mysterious man wearing a cloak which made you unable to see his face. "Greetings everyone, I welcome you to this school

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The Traveler - End Game

by: Dante Chaos at: 2012-12-31

Thousands of years after my initial travel into the unlimited dimensions i finally found my way back to my original world where i came from. Together with my wife and three kids i stood in front of my parents house not knowing how they would react on this situation. I rang the doorbell and waited until someone opened the door. It was my father who had a surprised look on his face at first but then tears started to roll down his cheek upon seeing me standing in front of him. "Your back." he said. "Yes dad, i'm back. It took me some time but i'm back, and i'm not alone." I said as i pointed towards my wife Vanessa and the children. "Mom, mom come look. Our son is bac

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