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Bioshock (PS3, 360, PC)

Discussion in 'Member reviews' started by ggyppt, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Story: This is probably one of the strongest points that this game has, and it is what drew me into the game itself. The basic plot is that your airplane crashes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where there is this lighthouse. You enter it and meet a statue, of sorts, with the words “No god or Kings, Only Men” inscribed on it. Going down, you find a bathasphere, a giant ball connected to a rail network. Now, form here you enter into the world of Rapture, which is introduced with one of my favorite speeches in general and definitely in gaming. Now, Rapture is a underwater city that has fallen apart, and, even before it fell apart, there were no rules to restrain the madmen of the world. With all of this, the story is fascinating, but as I make my way through the pages of Bioshock: Rapture, the prequel in book form, the story becomes even more fascinating as I see the fall from grace the Rapture has. 10/10.

    Battle System: Now, for battling it is not your standard fair for shooters. First off, Ammo is limited, very limited. On top of that, different types of enemies take more damage from certain types of ammo. But guns aren’t the only thing you have. On top of the array of weapons you get throughout the game, you also get Plasmids, a modification of genes that allow you to do thing from shoot lightning out of your hand to freezing thing, and everything in between. Combat is very tactical in Bioshock, and is about as much about setting traps as running and gunning, especially if you play on the higher difficulties. And throughout all of this, there is the ever present danger of running into a big Daddy, a hallmark of the game, or setting off one of the many automated defenses in the area. The Big Daddies are tough, and are basically bosses for the game, even though you fight about thirty or more of them in one run through. Now, the thing about the automated defenses is, they can be hack to be your friend. Over all, it is not the norm, which I have to love. 10/10

    Graphics: There isn’t much I can say about the graphics with this game, other than, while they don’t exactly look the best, they don’t need to because they work so well with the mood of the game. 10/10

    Voice Acting: Now, the voice acting is great, from the voices of the various splicers, to the chilling sounds of the little sisters, to the voice of the previous inhabitants of Rapture you find out about through audio diaries you find throughout the game. But, the best of them all, I have to think, is Andrew Ryan, the creator of Rapture. 10/10

    Character Development: Now, this game has a lot of twists and turns and most of them are character based. While your character is silent, you still can feel for him as much as if he spoke aloud. And your own character is one of the greatest changing, through many events that drastically change how the story goes. The other characters also have a fair amount of character development, but not all of them as much as I hoped for. 9/10

    Concept art: NA

    Soundtrack: Now, this game, just like with RE3, has the perfect soundtrack for the mood of the game, making it so it is hard for me to play with the sound on, but you have to, if just for the whale like sound that the Big Daddy gives off letting you know he is coming. 10/10

    World Development: Now, this game is one of the most original games that I have ever played, especially when it comes to the world. Rapture is alive in this game, and is different from any other setting for a game I have ever been in. Along with that, there is also some of the major icons of the game and city. The first one is the Plasmids, which not only change the game, are what changed Rapture into the anarchy that it is now. The second is the Big Daddies, a large mettle creature the hulks through each level, and can appear at random. While the Big Daddy doesn’t pick a fight with you, you need to kill them to get to the Little Sisters that they are guarding if you want to survive the game. And the Little Sisters are the last thing I want to bring up here, as they are as much a crux of the story as anything else. They hold Adam, the substance that is used to modify you Plasmids and gain new ones. Now, with the Little Sisters, you can harvest them, which gives you a huge Adam boast, or free them, which gives you less Adam, but they will leave you presents over time. 10/10

    Overall Gameplay: As with combat, this game feels different from many other games, even if you are walking around in the same manner as you would in other games. Overall, the gameplay is a little loose compared to today’s standards, but that is nothing to be worried about. 9/10

    Replay Value: this game is really only worth going through the game twice, or three time, so you can play the game on the different difficulties and choose different choices when it comes to your choices about the little sisters. 6/10

    This game is one of the best games that I have played in a while when it comes to atmosphere and originality. While it is only really worth a play equal to the number of difficulties you are willing to try, it still a must play at least once. 82/90

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