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Blade and Soul

Discussion in 'Member reviews' started by Domino, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Domino

    Domino CGO

    So I got a free Beta code from Curse to play a weekend of Blade and Soul. Since it is going to be released soon, figured I could give you my two cents!

    First off, this game is GORGEOUS! The visuals are wonderful, though a bit of the camera effects in the opening sequence were a bit much. The "water" effect made it a bit hard to watch the cut scene. My computer also ran the graphics rather easily, and the fluidity of motion was pretty on point, no real lag or jitteriness that I noticed.

    As far as actual game play....this game was FUN to play. I really enjoyed it overall, and I really didn't think I would like the battle system very much. It is very much an action RPG, with skill combos and everything. There is PVP, but you can also just enjoy the story. PVP, from what I could tell at the time, seemed to be activated by wearing a certain type of armor.... I put on said armor at one point....and was instantly destroyed before I could reach my next quest objective 10 feet away.....just be sure you are ready to fight when you put one of these on! The armor/robes are for two different factions (though there may be more, I just remember choosing one of two and that was what enabled the PVP). You are asked later to join one of 4 other factions as well, but it was around this point that I stopped playing for the weekend.

    There are 4 races in Blade and Soul. Each race is limited to a few classes at most (usually only 2 choices, though), but they are all pretty cool, cute or fun! I played two classes....but I can't remember which two at the moment....I know one was a caster. But, I digress. Pick whichever one you feel will suit your play style based on the CLASS you want rather than the race...you have been warned, lol.

    The only real drawback to this game is that it seems that no matter what race or class you decide on, the opening cut scene is the same, and your starting area is the same. Very linear storyline...

    Anyway, this review isn't much of one, but at least you get the idea. Would I be interested in buying the game? Probably. I almost bought a founders pack just to be able to continue playing beta, but I decided not to.

    I would give this game an overall 8/10.
  2. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    I would rate it 8/10 if they fix the stupid bugs they have.
    Waiting time was a very bad issue as well during launch (90+ minutes)

    Note this is my experience after launch date, not Beta.

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