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Blood In The Night - The Hybrid

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by Dante Chaos, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Dante Chaos

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    The sound of the night is music to anyone's ears, horses trotting by, people greeting and getting on with there lives. Over many years people have been disappering or ended up dieing but no one would ever think that there town also populated by another race, vampires.

    It all started as a myth, no one not even the police could ever figure it out but once more people are disappering the town had to do somthing instead of living in fear. Thats when the hunters arrived. Determine to destory the vampire race and bring the town back its normal quiet ways, but what they dont know it that some vampires look just like everyone else. What will they do?

    Quiet whimpers were heard from a dark alley, Lily held on to a young woman as she feast on her blood, although still contious the young woman try to claw at Lily's arms but that only make her dig her fangs deeper into the womans neck. "She's a fighter." Mika said as Lily pulled her head back and licked the remaining blood from her lips, "But she didn't fight hard enough." She let the body drop to the ground an quickly left the alley the back way, both Lily and Mika knew that there were vampire hunters in their town and they knew of the other vampires but didn't know how uniqe their all were.

    Lily's senses were at their highest when they entered a bar with Mika's arm draped over her shoulder, yawning she sat at a booth feeling the eyes of the humans that were there as her sister sat across from her, it was like they had never seen a girl wear a black corset an victorian dress before. Lily ordered a vodka mixer as Mika just got a beer, she slowly looked around the bar, she could see the different aora's of the vampires poseing as human. "Pathetic..." she said to her sister, "If only they could just be who they are and not anyone else." Mika just smiled as she sipped her beer, even though she wanted to be like Lily she was just to much of a tomboy, even for a vampire.

    Seeing them from afar you could tell they were different. Mika was the only vampire with white hair and wore pants, as Lily wore victorian dresses and had black and red hair but they always dress the same when it came to corsets. "Dont worry sis, we can easily take care of them." Mika said, making Lily giggle.

    Meanwhile at the outskirts of town a dark figure came walking into town. He had a dark cloack wrapped around his body only reveiling a small part of his face. He walked trough town ignoring everyone that walked passed him.

    "Foolish humans." He mutterd under his breath.

    He finaly reached a small bar across the street and enterd it. He took a seat in a corner and orderd a drink, stil not reveiling his face completly.
    HE couldt see all the aura's of the people around him. It made him sick to see vampire's post as humans to survive.

    azriel walked down the sidewalk dressed in a black cloak with the hood conceiling his face, bumping into on coming humans without the care in the world. he heared rude comments coming from the humns behind him, but paid no attention to them. their voices faded as azriel continued.

    the door to the bar opened with a screaching noise and azriel stopped in the doorway. he surveyed the room with his glowing, pale blue eyes and stopped his gaze when he saw lily rose and someone else sitting in a table at the back of the room. his boots made a deep thud as he began to walk into the room, slowly. he made his way to the back, towards lily. when he got closer, he sat down at her table and took off his hood. his bright, white hair reflected some of the candle light from the chandeliers above. his eyes were more visible than his face.

    "lily, it is so good to see you again." azriel said. "i have brought news to you, of the breuha clan's arrival later on this week." the room got quiet as some of the disguised looked toward azriel's direction without turning their heads. some acted in a fear. "lily, deacon will be arriving to govern this town once again." azriel waited for her response in his message he waited so long to deliver.

    Mika glanced over at them while she had her head turned to the window, "Damn, I was hoping that this wouldn't happen." Lily said as she took a sip of her drink, Mika was already on her third beer, "At least not yet." Mika mumbled and Lily slapped her arm. "Azriel this is my sister Mika, she just arrived the other night." Lily said, "Mika this is Azriel, he's my informant on things that are going on that we dont know about." Mika bowed her head to Azriel then looked back out the window twirling a strain of her white hair around her finger, it could be seen that they were different but in a way a lot alike.

    "So what all do we know about them?" Mika finally spoke, "Why is he making his move so soon?"

    "that i don't know, yet. but my clan has been monitoring them more than i have." azriel turned to mika and acknowledged her bowing. "it is nice to meet you mika." he turned to face mika and continued, "i am not sure if you have heard of the deadmoon clan. they are mostly night vampires. i am their only day walker."

    "Breuha...." Lassiroth whisperd. He looked up when he heard that name. It was a long time since he met those vampire's, recklessly ignoring the old rules the elders had made to protect them.

    The waiter walked up to him putting down the drink he orderd and walked away. When he reached out for the drink revealing his hand he noticed that people where looking at him. His hand was old and full of rimples yet he moved it as he was a 20 year old man.

    When he moved his head around he saw the people quickly minding there own business again.

    "Hmpff..." He ignored it all and just took a sip of his drink.

    "Yes I've heard many things about them." Lily said as she gave a sly grin to the waiter that gave her another drink, "On the house." the young man said smiling before he walked away an continued with his job, "Hmm. Anyway, it is good that you and your clan are investigating this. We need to find out as much as we can." Lily said as she sipped her drink.

    Her sister Mika listen to them talk then got up and sat at the bar, she liked talking bussiness but she can only take so much. "Give me somthing....thick." she said to the bartender, he looked up at her then chuckled, "Coming right up." he said then went to the back. Mika tied her hair back when the old man came back with a glass of blood, she took a sip of it an knew what where it came from, the pet rats that he kept. "Very nice Miles. But dont waste them all on me." Mika smiled.

    "i have left the rest of my clan to do that. for now i just want to enjoy my time right now. i have been gone for so long." a waiter came over and offered a drink to azriel, in which he told him what he wanted, and the waiter went to get it. azriel then focused his attention back to lily. "so lily... how have you been lately?"

    "Oh I've been getting by, seeing new faces after being asleep for so long and finally finding my sister." Lily said as she ran her fingers through her hair, "Well actually she found me, some people say that we look alike except for our hair and she's a tomboy. I dont see it." she smiled then finished her drink, "But all in all just trying keep this town "safe" so to speak. Anyway enough about me, how bout you? You seem to have been sussesful all these years."

    A smile appeard on Lassiroth's face of hearing the Brueha clan arriving.

    "It seems i chose the right town to visit." he said lifting his head up. A young woman enterd the bar and headed directly towards Lassiroth.

    "Your accomidations are ready mylord." she said while bowing slightly
    Lassiroth knodded and the girl walked away again. He stood up and walked towards the exit but stopped when he neared the two vampires.
    He turned his head towards the two.

    He looked at them for a moment then walked further and exited the bar.

    azriel replied to lily, "well... i have been doing good i guess. haven't gotten much sleep though. times outside the city here are rough. this is probably the only 'laxed city i know... which is sad." azriel saw a vampire get up out of the corner of his eye and then stop. azriel turned so that his face was visible from the side and then proceeded to match his eyes with the other who was leaving. he turned back around and looked at lily. "some of these vampires in here look no more that a bunch of novices. i wonder who is turning these people so quickly."

    Lily sighed as she sat her glass down, "Some of them are novices, I'll admit I've turned a few but only because they felt worthy of helping me." she said as she looked from the corner of her eye at the vampire that had stopped at there table then left. "I've not clue where the rest are coming from."

    Mika came back to sit by her sister, "Some of them are...."strays" as I call them, travelers and wanderers." she said as she move to sit on her foot. "I think we should go out an see for ourselves as to why Deacon is coming back, I'd rather not see my sister fight him, at least not this soon." Lily glanced at Mika an smiled but it soon faded when a little human boy came running in the bar. "Lily, Mika!" the boy cried trying to catch his breath, "We got a problem, one of the gangs are starting fights with some humans."

    Once outside he walked trough the street and saw a group of people fighting on some other people. He smiled as he walked towards them.

    One person of the group turned towards Lassiroth and said:"What do you want old man. Scram if you don't wanna get hurt."

    "Wanna...get.hurt... It seems i have missed out allot on modern speech."

    "You say what?" the grunt said to him

    "Are you sure?" Mika asked as she stood up, the little boy nodded his head, "Yeah its the Hawkeye gang." he said as he followed Mika outside. "Well looks like we have to take care of a few things, care to join us Azriel?" Lily asked as she got and left behind her sister. Once outside Lily saw Mika standing a few feet away from the struggle then walked over as soon as they could, it was a few of what they called an "innocents" that were being attacked by the Hawkeyes.

    "You say what?" they heard one of the members say to an old man that had stopped their way, "I say back off Jimmy!" Mika said before punching him in the jaw, "Put your weight in your punches, that way you deal more damage." Lily said before kicking another member that came running at her. Both girls took care of the gang within a few minutes, until they ended up running away. "Well looks like we wont be seeing them for a while." Lily laughed as she brushed the dirt off her dress, "Yeah lets hope not." Mika said as she helped the innocents up off the ground, they had said that they were okay and thanked them before leaveing. "Things keep getting odder and odder about these humans." Lily said.

    azriel followed lily and mika outside the bar. he watched as lily and mika scrambled around, fighting the humans with their fists. and finally, the gang scurried along in pain. azriel looked at lily and said, "have i missed alot? you fight with your hands now?" he was confused because back in the day, they would fight like humans, only with swords and the new firearms.

    "Such fierce strenght. Impressive young ones." Lassiroth turned towards the two sisters.

    Lily and Mika Rose i presume?" he said while putting his hood straight.

    "I was not sure if it was you but now im sertain." They could now directly see his face.

    Lily giggled as Mika rolled her eyes, "We only fight with our fits when its just a small fight, like the one you just saw." Mika said straightening her jacket, "She's right Azriel, we have our wepons its just we didn't have to use them at the moment." Lily added, "We were just sending a message."

    Lily turned when she heard a voice, "Such fierce strenght. Impressive young ones." Lassiroth turned towards the two sisters. "Lily and Mika Rose i presume?" he said while putting his hood straight. "I was not sure if it was you but now im certain."

    "Yes we are Mika and Lily Rose. " Lily said as she got a good look at the man's face, he looked old but had a young man's aora around him, "Who might you be and how do you know our names?" Mika said as she stepped infront of her sister, as a bow suddenly appeared in her hand as she twirled the arrow in the other, Lily stepped back closer to Azriel. She her sister would do anything to protect her even if she was the youngest and more determend. "Yes please speak before my younger sister puts a hole in your head." Lily said as Mika notched the arrow.

    Azriel stood in between lily and mika. he was also getting ready for another fight, his right hand on the hilt of his dagger. "you better be careful old man. you walk in my territory now." azriel looked up and looked around, pin-pointing where every member of his clan was, crouched on rooftops, ready for a fight as well. "my blood protects me, and i protect it as well. if your not careful, you could end up like those vile humans."

    "Are you sure that your blood protects you, young one." He puts out his hand revealing a ring with a pentagram on it.
    "Revelum sabish" he spoke, in an instant there where duplicate's of Lassiroth surounding them.

    "You three have alot of power i can sence it. Im not here to fight you, but if its a fight you seek i wil not evade it." the four said.

    Mika hissed when she saw four others of the man apper, "Calm yourself sister." Lily said as she laid her hand on her shoulder. "You know how you get when you dont think before you act. Same with you Azriel." She walked closer to Mika as she came to stand by them both, scanning the copies that were around them.

    "Look we dont know who you are but we are only protecting whats ours." Lily said trying to reason with the old man, or in this case men. "But if you try to cause any trouble then you'll have to go through us." Lily wanted to keep her good natured imaged up but from where she stood with Azriel and her sister, but things didn't go so well when she reached behind her and grabbed her gun then crossed her arms and gently tapped her gun on her shoulder, while Mika cracked her knuckles as she let her grip go a little on her bow and arrow. If there was gonna be a fight they would be ready, even if they were surrounded.

    He snapped his fingers and the copy's dissapeared and he lowerd his arm.

    "Im to tired to do this. Excuse me i need to get something to eat." He said while setting his hood so that people couldt see his face anymore and walked away, he stopped for a second and said:"O and im Lassiroth Gemini the last Malkavian Bloodlord. Nice to meet you." And he walked further away towards a crypt his servant told him that was ready.

    While entering he heard a sound of a woman struggling. When he enterd his room he saw a woman tied up sitting against his tomb, "Ah dinner has arrived."

    He quickly grabbed the woman and drank her blood. His skin began to change into a younger form his face turned to normal and his red hair was longer and deeper than ever.
    He stopped when she was almost dry and released her.
    "Ah im feeling young again!"

    Azriel turned to Lily and Mika and said, "Malkavian? i thought they were exterminated long ago. i don't know whether to call him an ally or an enemy? what do you think lily?"

    Lily continued to watch at Lassiroth dissappered in the distance, "They were exterminated." she said as she put her gun away as Mika shifted from one foot to the other while easing the tention on her bow and put it away, "Looks like he managed to bypass it. And I agree, I dont know if he's an ally or enemy. But until we can find more information, I dont trust him as far as I throw him." she smirked.

    "Yeah we can continue this discustion maybe another time but right now I gotta find someplace to rest." Mika said as she got a scence that dawn was approching soon, "Unlike you two, some of us have to hide." she added as Lily giggled.

    "well if its a place you need to stay, why not join me and my clan at our head quarters. its located underneath the cathedral!" azriel was a little anxious to hear what she had to say. the clan never had visitors, since they were like a secret organization.

    "Oh I dont..." Mika started to say but was cut off by Lily, "Oh that'd be great! Besides our place is further away than the catherdral and I'd rather not have to take off my jacket to cover your head." she smiled, Mika just rolled her eyes. "Thanks Azriel we really appreciate this." Lily said, "Go feed first Mika then we can go. I dont want you turning red on me." Lily then told her were she could go feed without being seen and Mika left as quick as she could. "Its funny that I'm the older sister but she does all the protecting." Lily said smiling then turned to Azriel, "I hope we are not being a burden on you for letting us stay your head quarters, because sometimes we stay out too long at night an cant get home in time."

    "it is fine with me! the other clan members won't mind either. i think it is time that you met my other blood." he smiled and began to walk in the direction of the cathedral.

    As Azriel walked over to the cathedral, a bullet wizzed past his ear, making a very distinct whistling sound. "The first one is a warning, the second one won't miss. Don't force me to kill you so quickly...the disappointment would prove great." Azriel spun around to see a very well known vampire slayer a ways away. with a smoking gun in hand, pointed in his direction.

    I raised the gun to the sky. "I have been looking for you for a long time, Azy. Where have you been, old friend?"

    azriel turned to look in the distance. he looked back at lily and mika and said, "you better get inside the church. wait for me there." azriel then turned back around and replied, "searching for you of course! where else should i be?"

    I leapt into the air, disappearing into the shadows of the clouds. I came down, mere inches from Azriel. "Searching for me? I have been in the same place for the last 300 years, do not lie to me. You made me a promise that you would not allow your clan to grow more than 50 strong, if you inducte these two in....do you know how many you will have?" I looked over his shoulder at the two girls who were hissing and bearing their teeth at me. I pushed Azriel aside and smiled at the two as I walked over to them. As I smiled, the moonlight hit my teeth, revealing that I, too, was a vampire. "You know not who you mess with, young ones, I suggest you step into the darkness, the sun will be up very soon."

    I turned around and faced Azriel again. "Now where were we? Ah yes, we were about to pick up tradition. Forgive me, Azriel, but I can not kill you tonight, yet again. I have a previous engagement with Gauge....you remember him, don't you? I sure hope so, he was one of our great friends growing up. Well, it turns out that he had attacked a young human boy, and you know the slayer's code.....he must pay for his actions." I could see a sign of disgust in Azriel's face.

    "you fool! my clan has not grown more than 50 members. with you gone, and them coming in, it should be around 46." azriel smirked to piss jeremiah off. "you watch yourself jeremiah. i am not afraid of you. neither is the clan."
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    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Lily hissed at the man that stood before them, then saw that he too was a vampire. "Come on sis." Mika said as she pulled Lily to the door of the church, then closed it when they got in. "Who the hell was that?" Mika asked as she found a seat to sit in, "A tratior. Its a slayer, you have to be very careful whenever your not with me." Lily said as she sat down beside her sister. "Here I manage to get a few things from the blood bank I found at the edge of town." Mika said and gave Lily a blood bag, "Ugh you know I hate that stuff but thanks anyway." Lily said as she calmed down a little. "Dont forget sis you were one of them once." Mika said as she saw her sister dig her fang into her bottem lip, "And I regret every bit of it, I'm just glad I'm not anymore." Lily said then drank some of the blood out of the blood bag.


    I laughed at Azriel's response. "You do not fear me for I have never given you a reason to. And your clan, including those two, will only be at 45. You have slown down in your last few hundred years. That's what made it so hard to find you in the first place. Azriel, I came here to deliver you a warning. The church has offered a great deal of money for your head....and for the head of your father. So tell me, where is he? He has disappeared from any detection ability I have.....and no one else will tell me where he is. I'm sure you've noticed a drastic drop in the number of your kind, all I ask is for you to help me. I do not wish to harm you, but you know I will if it comes to that." I put my hand on the hilt of my sword. "If you won't tell me, at least lead me to someone who knows. And when you see Gauge, tell him his head will be the next thing on my to do list."

    azriel nodded his head, as he once did as a 'friend' of jeremiah's. "my father... hmmmm.... i haven't seen much of him. he is of course, the town elder. maybe he is off creating more of our kind as we speak." azriel was being sarcastic again. he turned around and held onto the church door handle. "if you find gauge first, tell him that the clan doesn't need him anymore." azirel disappeared into the church as he opened it. the door closed behind him.

    azirel looked at lily, who was sucking on a blood pack, and said, "please excuse me for that incident. it appears that an old friend has followed me."

    Lily looked up at Azriel, "It would appers so." she said as she finished the blood pack and looked down at her sister, whom had fell asleep with her head in her lap and Lily ran her fingers through Mika's hair. "Looks like we all have people following us, and they both seem a big threat to us." she said. Lily cover her mouth to stiffel a yawn, it was the first time in years that as a daywalker she had ever yawned. "Hm, anyway thanks for letting us stay here." Lily said with a small smile.

    "My lord, there has been reportings of a slayer in town." a woman said to lassiroth as she came in the room.

    Lassiroth looked up towards the woman. "Thank you for telling me Lisa" he replied.

    Lisa bowed slightly then left the room again.

    "Now that i have regained my strength, i should start searching for fledgelings to start my coven. The Malkavian race will rise again. But first some rest." he said to himself as he uncoverd the top of the tomb and lied down in it.

    azriel looked lily and mika, and said, "oh... this isn't my hide out. follow me." azirel lead lily and mika to the back portion of the church and into the grave yard. before him stood a black, rusted, iron gate that swung open with an old crackling sound. azriel walked forward and looked at a grave for a second. he murmured something to himself and then looked to his left. on a small hill in the distance stood a small mosuleum.

    once inside the little mosuleum, azriel (along with the two sisters) cascaded a sprial staircase going downwards. when they reached the bottom, in from of them stood a mural of a person tied to a stake, burning alive and a skull in the top right corner. one side of the door was in sunlight and the other was nightfall. a deep, overtoned voice rang from the depths of the mosuleum.

    What is the color of night?

    azriel said something in the old tounge language and click was heard. the door opened to a black hallway. azriel turnd to lily and said, "this is my hideout. only i, or any of the other clan members, can let you in. no one else knows the answer except for the deadmoon clan. azriel stepped inside and as he walked the dark tunnel, the torches which you could barely see on the wall illuminated.

    When night struck the streets Lassiroth uncoverd his tomb and stepped out. He yawned out loud and scratched his back.
    "Hmm... Im hungry, time for breakfast." he said to himself as he left his crypt and walked up the streets.

    It was only a moment of time until he found his pray. A young couple where walking towards the same bar he went yesterday. He quickly moved to the alley next to the bar and said to the couple when they passed by"Hello, young ones. Could i ask you something?" The couple replied friendly by saying what they could help him with.
    "Could you be my breakfast for today?" he said while quickly grabbing the woman and biting her neck. The man was stunned by the shock and couldt move, after Lassiroth was finishd with the woman he walked up to the male.

    "Could i interest you and your girl to ethernal life?" he said to him, the man was afraid he would die so he knodded. Lassiroth took the woman and then cut his own wrist making the blood drop into the womans mouth. then he grabbed the man and sucked some blood from him and did the same as he did to the woman.

    "Don't worry the pain will be gone soon. Now rise my children and welkom to the new coven of Lassiroth Gemini." he said.
    The pair stood up just as nothing has happend and said:"We glad to be your children master. My name is Joxer and this is Leena."
    "Good, now lets take a break and go to the bar."

    So said so done they enterd the bar and took a seat at a table. Lassiroth took of his hood so everyone could see him.
    "No need to hide my face anymore."

    While looking around Lily kinda got this homey feeling, "Okay I'm really confused, did we just go underground?" Mika asked while Lily reajusted her on her back. Even at this age Mika still liked to ride on Lily's back, "Dont worry about it." Lily said as they followed Azriel down the torch lit tunnel. "It very cozy, Azriel. Can't wait to meet everyone else, they sound intresting." Lily said as they got to the end of the tunnel and see dark figures come into view.

    azriel nodded his head and acknowledged mika's question. "yes, we are about 2 stories underground. this mosuleum was used back in the day as a sacred burrial ground for the past priests of the cathedral. all along this tomb, you can see beds indented into the wall where priests rest their eternal sleep."

    as azriel got closer to the end of the hallway, he saw azaellia and ali leaning against the wall. he past by them and they followed behind lily and mika. azriel stepped into a room that opened from the hallway. it was an ancient room where rituals of the dead were cast to banish the demons away from the priests soul for the afterlife. there were 8 tombs that circled the room, with a light shining into the middle from the bright moonlight. the middle was obviously where the past priests burned the demons (vampires) at the stake when the sunlight would shine through, but there was no trace of any stakes anymore.

    aisen and aien were in the back of the room, waiting in the shadows. "lily, i would like to introduce you to the deadmoon clan." he introduced her and mika to everyone, and everyone to his friends. azaellia studied lily for a bit, seeing the qualities of a hunter in her physique. ali never really paid attention. the guys greeted them with manners, especially aisen, who was the eldest of the group, and the most polite one.

    "My pupils, it's time to give our clan new members. I gave you my powers so you two will be my 2nd in command of the clan." Lassiroth said.

    The two knodded in agreement.

    "We won't fail you master, we will begin searching for good members atonce!" they both said and left off.

    "Perfect." he said with a wide grin. Other people looked at lassiroth with a scared look on there faces. When he looked at some of them they turned there head quickly away.

    "fools."he mutterd as he stood up and walked out of the bar. He walked towards a abandond cathedral on the edge of town.

    "Hmm, i could make this our home." he said with a big grin on his face.


    I finally found my target, Gauge. I left him with enough life to get to where I wanted him to go. I followed him from afar, watching him lead me to a rendevouz point for the Malkavian clan......at least I think that's what it was, I have been wrong before. I gave him a message to pass on to whoever he met. A message to pass on to Lassiroth. He fell at the feet of an unfamiliar vampire, but I could tell that she was of Malkavian descent.

    "Madam, please forgive my faults. I have fallen to a slayer. The Van Helsing boy has returned with a message....for Lord Lassiroth." He began speaking in the ancient language of the vampires.

    'Your father has fallen to the Slayer Jeremiah Van Helsing. He has returned with a severe vengeance on his mind. But this time, he is more prepared for the never ending battle. He has become allies with the Lycan clan Sharani, and the princess Tarlee Dy'nessa has accompanied him here. They are preparing for a war, and they have already started.'

    He paused, gasping for air. "Ma'am, please be careful, he is immensly powerful. And please warn them of the---" I cut him off with a bullet into the chest. The air left his body, and he fell to the ground. I jumped from a tree and landed in front of the she-pire. "Woman, pass the message on to your lord. I am coming for you all. I shall see you later." With that, I jumped into the air and disappeared into the night.

    "Its good to meet all of you." Lily said, then they both bowed in respect. "And as Azriel said, my name is Lily Rose and this is my sister Mika." Staying closed to her sister, Mika could sence that one of the females was studying Lily, "Damn, can she tell that Lily use to be a hunter?" she thought as she pushed a strain of her white hair behind her ear. "Yeah we both hope to get to know everyone soon." Mika spoke.

    "He's is stil alive!" Lassiroth said while Leena told him what happend. Lassiroth slammed his fist on his chair.
    "So that dispicalbe traitor of a Helsing stil lives, even after all these years. She should have killed him back then."
    He signaled Leena to leave.

    "But the lycans aiding a vampire, thats troublesome news."
    He puts his hand on his forehead out of frustation "Princess Tarlee Dy'nessa, you have made the wrong mistake again."

    He stood up and yelled out for Joxer, moments later joxer enterd the large room where Lassiroth was sitting.

    "Send this message to the Rose sisters, tell them that a Von Helsing has allied with the Lycan clan Sharani and Princess Tarlee Dy'nessa. I wish to speak to them so ask them to come see me here. Now go!"

    Joxer dissapeared into thin air and ran as fast as he could towards the Rose sisters. Atleast if he could find them, he had searched the entire town but couldt find them. The last spot he went looking for was the bar she was last seen in.


    I stood up from the booth I was sitting in when the scent of a Vampire crept into my nostrils. I walked over to the bar and started looking around. I noticed a person standing near the door, his head slowly moving over the room. I walked up to him, "Hello, sir, you seem to be lost or looking for someone. Possibly I can help you. Care to join me at my table? Your drink is on me." I shouted at the bartender, not moving my eyes from Joxor's. "Barkeep, get this......gentleman.....a Bloody Mary." I smiled at him and motioned for him to sit down at my booth, an evil look in my eyes.

    Joxer did't reply at first, he did't even moved a muscle. He knew who that person was and what he was after.

    "My business doesn't concern you. It be best to stay out of our way." he said towards Jeremiah. He pulls out a letter from his pocket and gave it to the bartender.

    "Could you give this to the Rose sisters." he said towards the bartender, he knodded and puts away the letter safely.

    "I reccomend you not to interfear with his plans Jeremiah. If you know whats good for you." he said smiling as he walked out of the bar and back to the cathedral.

    "Master, i could not find the Rose sisters yet i left a message at there usual bar." he siad against Lassiroth

    "Good, now take your reward from the backroom. the fledglings brought in some fresh food." Lassiroth replied.

    "We gained 10 more members today, these have to be educated in our ways. Leena see to it."

    "At once sir." came from the darkness and a shadow moved away from the room.

    scene off a short distance from the bar but able to see the front door of the bar. As the the situation unfolds a dark figure can be seen leaving the bar is somewhat of a hurry (Joxer).

    4 figures stand in the dark quiet and stealthily until the figure has left their sight and out of ear shot.

    "Your majesty are you sure this is the place we want to be" asked Jacob tentivly forgetting his station a moment.

    as soon as the question left his lips both Samuel and Kira exchanged glances all to well knowing the stupidity Jacob had just shown.

    in an air of superiority and discipline tarlee replied" Never question my Judgment Jacob the area reeks of the vampyre's. Do so again and I shall show you how I feel about being questioned!"

    Jacob gulped fearfully knowing now his err having begun to invoke Tarlee's anger. The last time a member of the clan had done that she had ripped out his heart and fed it to the lycan whom the heart belonged. She was not a forgiving sort.

    " Go in the bar and see if this so called slayer is still interested in his proposed deal I have little patience for waiting" she commanded" Kira had to lift her hand to hide her smile as once again she exchanged a knowing glance with Samuel. Samuel and Kira had survived only by trusting each other and understanding their matron fully and that of her moods.

    Again Jacob made an error. "But your highness you said the area smelled of the vampyre's surely you do not will me to go alone?" he asked dumbly in his own fear. before his last breath was uttered Tarlee had him by the throat and hoisted his body off the ground as if he was a mere toy." I warned you Jacob!" her eyes narrowed dangerously and before Jacob could even feebly attempt to make any sort of action Tarlee snapped his neck with a twist of her wrist and ripped out his throat. letting the dead body drop heavily to the ground she looked at her two guards. Knowing their matron all to well Samuel moved without saying a word towards the bar door doing Tarlee's bidding. As he left the scene Tarlee turned to Kira " He was young and stupid, its hard to find good help these days." Kira let her smile show this time and nodded to Tarlee in agreement. Jacob was one of the weakest in their clan for a long time and Tarlee brought him with for that fact. His fate had been sealed long ago for she did not tolerate weakness in her Clan.


    The bar door slowly opens and a hulking man steps in, his footsteps cannot be heard and he moves with almost an unnatural like animal quality like a predator stalking its prey. Samuel pauses a moment then quickly locks his gaze on Jeremiah and the moves straight to Jeremiah's table. With a matter of fact tone of voice he looks at Jeremiah " Tarlee is outside and has been waiting for some time slayer and she does not like to be kept waiting".


    I looked up at Samuel from under my hat, my white eyes could hardly be seen from under the brim. "She doesn't like to be kept waiting, does she? Well, I don't like to be told how to do what it is I do best." Before Samuel could blink he was on the ground, bleeding from the mouth. I stood above him, my gun pointed directly at his temple. "Listen, underling, you know not who you mess. Before you pass on a message, think of what you're going to say, else slay your tongue as I slay your body." I put my gun away and pulled my sword out just enough that it was visible to Samuel. "Do you know who's bones make up the hilt of my sword? Of course you don't. The great and powerful Lord Alucard, most commonly referred to in our world as Count Dracula. Again, you know not who you mess. Now take me to Tarlee before I'm forced to find her myself." I dropped my sword back to my hip and slammed my foot down on his leg, slightly fracturing it. He let out a low howl of pain but quickly regained his composure. "You two will make a truly great team, you both hold the same values, follow me." He limped out the door, which I followed after.

    Tarlee watched the bar door open from the outside and witnessed Samuel limping out trying futily to show no injury. But Tarlee could smell the blood on his mouth as sure as a fish in a market place. then she saw the slayer exit after him as he slowly lead jeremiah over to her location. Kira dared not move a muscle let alone take a breath at the sight of Samuel's obviuos injury knowing far to wel the consequences and could only hope Tarlee showed him mercy. As they finally came in range Tarlee's eyes narrowed dangerously has her muscles flexed unnaturally under her skin in a fashion no human muscle should ever move. "Samuel what have you done to earn such an injury and to spill blood so help me be honest before I rip you to pieces should you have upset our associate".


    "Still you tongue woman, he did exactly as you asked. You have a quarrel, it is with me, not him. But you should really be more aware of who you are dealing with. I have done my homework, I know exactly who you are, but it seems you have failed to remember me. I am a Van Helsing, never forget what blood flows through my veins. Now then, about my proposal. I assume you accept for you have shown up and requested an audience with me....however rude it might have been." I looked behind Tarlee and noticed the shriveling woman behind her. "Don't fear for your friend, he isn't horribly injured, I didn't kill him." I then looked at Samuel who bowed to me and apologized to me as he moved back behind Tarlee. "So, madam Dy'nessa, do we have an accord?"

    "Things are getting interesting. It seems my coming has triggerd many events." Lassiroth said to himself. He was sitting on a large marble chair in the cathedral holding a wineglass full with blood in his left hand.

    "She's in town. I can smell her." he said. Joxer came from the room in the back with a little blood on his lips.

    "How was it?" Lassiroth asked him
    "Great, i didt knew there was such good tasting blood." Joxer replied
    Lassiroth took another sip of his glass "When you grow older you will experience the fine taste of blood, the differences between it."

    Joxer knodded.
    "The slayer has contacted me while i was in the bar master, he does not know of your plans mylord."

    "Good, good. Jeremiah might be smart enough to find me here. But things has changed since we last met my friend. Soon the world will fear the Malkavian Clan." He started to laugh evilly.
    A servant suddenly walks in the room and reported that the preparations where complete.
    "Good, now we need the blood of a lycan, a daywalker and the halfbreed. Send out the kindred to search for the halfbreed. The other two will come in due time." The servant bows deeply and then rushes off.


    "I see your arrogance has not diminished any Helsing" she retorted calmly. "Believe me I have not forgotten who you are or who your father was before you or perhaps you forget our pasts." she then looked to samuel." go get yourself healed and cleaned up I am in no mood to be sniffed out by more vampyre other than our slayer associate."

    Samuel quickly nodded and proceeded to depart the scene. " Go with him Kira". Kira paused only briefly to look at Jeremiah and back to Tarlee as well as the broken and blood oozing body of what had been Jacob then nodded and departed.

    "you would do well to remeber with whom you speak Jeremiah your father has earned enough respect amoung our clan which is the only reason I have agreed to this deal. If you are as skilled as you claim then things will pan out quite nicely." She looked to his sword and smiled almost as if amused. "Besides as much as you smell of bad blood I dare say you have proved quite the boon to our race whether you like it or not, many of our enemies have died at your hand which I dare says pleases me in no little measure." she smiled almost seductivly and with a hint of animalistic behavior at Jeremiah " That and I like your attitude we praise the strong." as quickly as her sweet demeanor had come it was gone in an instant as her silver eyes reflected the moonlight in an eerie fashion as the narrowed dangerously and her voiced turned almost ominous. " Now that we are here you promised me and old hate would be revealed now out with it who is this so important mark that I travelled all this way from the comforts of my clan and the taste of blood from that of my homeland?"

    azriel, and the rose sisters were still in the crypt at this time. ali was talking to azriel about some info they uncovered about the lycans. "so this is it?" azriel replied, "yeah. aisen found out from the bar he was in last night. apparantly jeremiah was talking with a lycan about something." azriel went wide eyed for a minute, in disbelief that a slayer would even talk to a lowly lycan. "lycans have haunted our race for centuries. and now they decide to show up?" ali nodded her head. aisen walked in the room, after a little eves dropping on ali and azriel's conversation. "theres something going on between the lycans and the slayers. if its a war the slayers want, then the lycans are there pawns in this carnage. we must keep our eyes open, even in the day. i know you are able to do that azriel." azrel nodded his head. ali added, "that's right, azriel. your the only member of this clan who is a day walker." azriel again nodded his head. "don't wory guys, whatever is happening between the slayers and the lycans, i am sure won't go unoticed. in the mean time we should prepare ourselves, just incase anything happens. with the revival of lassiroth and now the news of the lycans, i can be certain they are lnked in some way. next time we see lassiroth, we need to talk to him."

    Meanwhile on the other side of the room, Lily sat on her knees by a wall an meditated for a while. Mika wanted to try an see if her sister was really meditating of actually asleep, but before she could do anything she yelp and was on the ground in front of Lily with her hand slightly gripping her throat. "Honestly sister, why must you keep trying?" Lily said, eyes still closed. "You know that my sences are far more advance than your own," Letting go of her, Mika sat up an moved to sit infront of Lily.

    "I know but I just wanted to see how advance they were." Mika chuckled, Lily slowly opened her eyes and smiled at her sister. "How are you feeling?" Lily asked as she stood up and straightened her dress, Mika did the same an dusted off her pants. "Better than expected, I guess I just had to rest for a few days." Mika said as she walked up to Lily an then draped her arm over her shoulders. "Do you think they know?" she asked, Lily knew what she was talking about, she just wanted to keep the fact that she was a daywalker secret. The only ones that knew the truth was her and Mika. "No, they dont and I'm trying to keep it that way." Lily said, "If whenever you need anything let me know." Mika nodded her head as she finished braiding Lily's hair.

    "For some reason I'm getting this feeling that we should go out somewhere." Lily said as she gently bit the edge of her thumb, "Yeah me too." Mika agree, "Like something bad is gonna happen." Lily nodded her head slightly as she still bit her thumb.


    "Lassiroth has returned. And he's raising the Malkavian Clan back to it's strength. I have called you here to help me take him down, as you did my father. We can not allow his numbers to grow any stronger, we need to get him before he's ready for whatever it is he's planning on. I don't know how strong he is or what he's doing, but it can only mean the end of humanity." I stood there, waiting for a response, while the scent of vampires filled my nostrils again. "Make your decision quickly, someone is near."


    her low ominious growl told jeremiah all he needed to know about Tarlee's decision. And as he watched he could tell Tarlee had already picked up the same scent he was detecting because as he continued to watch Tarlee's body began to alter and change alarmingly fast and growing fur where moments before was bear skin. In no time at all hulking in front of him was a beast of a lycan with sharp long claws and a slavering mouth and wickedly inhuman silver eyes looking in the direction of the scent waifting on the air to their senses.


    I could feel the presence getting closer. I looked at Tarlee and nodded. I jumped up on top of the building we were standing next to and found the one we were looking for. Amazingly enough, it was Gauges brother, Felconious. "I've come to give you a message. My clan knows where you are, and what you've done to Gauge. And we know what you're doing with Tarlee, we do not approve and we will stop you." But before he could finish his statement I had already had my sword out and was attacking him at lightning speeds.


    As soon as she heard the attacks begin she lept after Jeremiah
    but remained at a distant from the fight. still in Lycan form and on all fours she watched and waited taking in and studying jeremiah's skill as well as that of the other he was attacking........growling yet ready to pounce at any second.

    "Lassiroth Gemini" a voice said out of nowhere.

    Lassiroth looked up.

    "Lassiroth Gemini, are the preparations complete?" the voice said.

    "Yes master, we only need the three chosen ones blood to start the ritual." he replied.

    "Good, remember Lassiroth you got until the next full moon to complete the ritual or else i have to wait another 400 years." the voice said.

    Lassiroth just knodded, he knew he had to hurry up but the next full moon is a month away so there is stil enough time to play around. It all depends on what actions are made in the next days

    "Oh my gosh the night is so beautiful." Lily said as she an her sister walked to their favorite bar. Mika looked over at Lily, "Dont be gettin soft on me woman." she said but Lily quickly punched her arm and laughed as they entered the bar.

    "Red russhin." Lily said as she sat down, Mika had ordered a bloody mary an sat next to her. They sat talking quietly to each other in their own little language and giggled, the bartender gave them their drinks and said, "Oh Lily a letter came fore you." he handed her the letter and then gave Mika her drink. "Who's it from?" Mika asked as Lily read and re-read the letter, "Lassiroth, he says that Van Helsing has allied himself with the Lycan clan Sharani and Princess Tarlee Dy'nessa." she said with a upsetting look on her face, "Lycan? But I thought they were extentic[sp]?" Mika said, "So did I." Lily hissed not even looking up from the paper and downing her drink in one gulp, she sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, "He wants us to meet him at the old cathedral just south from here." Mika looked at her sister, she had never seen her so upset about anything before but this seemed to strike a nerve and she was getting worried. "Come on, we gotta figure out whats going on." Lily said as she both got up and left the bar. Lily's moves were so quick that it looked like she would trip over her dress but it just flowed with her movements and Mika envied her of that.


    I grabbed the vampire by his neck and began to squeeze, all he did was laugh. "You laugh at the very thought of your eternal life coming to an end. Immortals...heh, you're only immortal as long as no one tries to kill you. You're dead." I took out my gun and shot him, his body disappeared in a cloud of ash. I looked back at Tarlee, "Where were we?"


    As quickly as her transformation took place she again changed and was standing somewhat nude barely covered by the tatered remains of her clothes. Her somewhat revealing state of body obviously did not bother her much as she looked to Jeremiah with her eyes still slanted in anger and blood lust as she growled out " You were about to tell me the name of whom we are hunting and possible where we might start our search for them" as she spoke she was visible starting to calm her blood lust and was in less of an aggresive stance even so much as to toss a brief smile towards jeremiah.


    I situated my coat back on my shoulders and wiped the blood that had gotten on my from my brow. "Yes, Lassiroth is back. He's bringing back the Malkvian clan, and we both know that if he suceeds then neither of our kind will be able to stop him. And there is something else going on. I don't know what, but I have a feeling that Azriel and those two girls from the other night have something to do with it. All of the old clans are popping up again, and it makes me very uncomfortable." I walked to the edge of the roof and looked down at the bar. "Something is going on, and we need to not only find out, but we need to stop it."

    "Sister are you sure we need go see him?" Mika asked as she tried to catch up to Lily, "I mean when we first met him, he tried to attack us." She suddenly stopped Lily in her tracks, "What?!" Lily hissed as they stopped in front of an abandon building. Mika sighed as she looked at her sister, "I may be the younger sister here but look at you, you never use to act without thinking." she said, "Thats me, your suppose to be protecting me not the other way around." Lily took a deep breath an calm down a little but to completely, "I'm sorry, its just that I've always thought that the Lycan's would leave us be, you know and now this." Lily said then thought, The treaty must have been nuld. "Anyway dont worry about it." she said looking up at her younger sister, "We're just gonna go see what Lassiroth has to offer, besides this Van Helsing sounds like he should be with them anyway."

    Mika smiled then saw a few male human walk by them, "I think I know what will cheer you up." she said as she held her sister's hand an led her to were the men went and into an allyway and had their own little feast. "Don't play with your food." Mika said as she dropped her victim and saw that Lily was what looked like she was making out with her's but in reality she was sucking his blood through his mouth. A few minutes later Lily groaned an pushed the body to the ground, "I like playing with my food." she laughed as she wiped her mouth an took off her jacket, leaveing her guns strapped to her waist. "Lets go we're almost there."

    A few minutes later they both came up to an old run down cathedral, the second oldest one in Alora. Lily put her hand on the stomach of her corset and sighed, as her sister stood next to her then reached up to the knocker and knocked three times. "This better be good." Lily said in a low voice.

    The large doors of the catredral opend before the rose sisters revealing the large hall behind it. Lassiroth was sitting on a large marble chair holding a glass filled with blood.

    His hood was now down as they can see his whole face revealing it was not that of an old man anymore.

    "Welcome to my humble abode." Lassiroth said.
    "I asked for you to visit me to ask you a question. Now with the recent things happening such as the reapearance of myself and Jeremiah and ofcource the lovly Lycans."

    "I know why the hunter is after me but why the lycan princess is helping after all that time i dont know yet." he signald a grunt to put some seats infront of lassiroth.

    "Please take a seat this story is going to be a long one." he said with a smile.

    "This can't be the same man we met at the bar." Mika said in a low voice, "It is, he's been feeding." Lily replied as they both sat down and sighed. "This had better be good Lassiroth." Mika sat close to her as she kept watch of the different grunts that roamed the room, "Ther has to be a reason that the Lycan's are even here in Alora."

    "About that im guessing that im the reason for that. Rumours tell that some decades ago the father of jerimiah aided the lycans in a battle. And that i and the princess have a little history aswell." he said while putting his legs over eachother.

    "It was 600 years ago, i was not as experience as i was now and was stil being learned the ways of our clan. I was stil young and naive and went after every woman i could get my hands on. Then oneday i met her, there was something about her i could't get a grasp on and ofcource not knowing she was lycan then, but I guess i was just food for her aswell."

    He sat straight again and took a sip of his glass then continued.

    "Then began the war between the lycan clan Shanari and the Malkavian Clan. Why? i dont know only the elders of that time knew. they said it was because of a missjudgement or something. But well the malkavian clan got whiped out with the help of the hunter Jerimiah Von Helsing, well all but me i guess. I was hidden by my teacher and teached myself how to survive and train in the arts of bloodmagic."

    He puts his left hand on the side of his face and continues.
    "My guess is that the lycans stil want to eradicate my clan or to be precise... Me. But Helsings goals are more than that, my guess is that he wants to eradicate the whole vampire race.
    Hmm, i keep rambling on about this. owell enough of history. I have this suggestion, i wish to work together with you and your sister and aswell with the young Azriel Cairn and his clan."

    He awaited the response from the sisters while signaling for a revil of his glass.

    Letting everything that they heard run through their heads, Mika looked over at Lily, who had her threaded fingers infront of her face.

    "That's an intresting story Lassiroth, but as you know my sister an I dont know very much about the Lycans but when we were young we were told of a treaty between the vampires and the Lycans, but now I can see that its all faulse." Lily said, "I can't say this on record but I'll give you this chance, but we will have to relay everything to Azriel and see what he an his clan says."

    Lily stood to leave as Mika followed, "Meet us at the elder willow tree in the park in two nights time. We should have our answer then." Mika said as they left the building. Once outside Mika came to stand by Lily, "Do you think we should trust him?" she asked as they headed for the cemetery, "I dont know for sure, but once we talk to Azirel then I'll know." Lily answered.

    "Do as you please Miss Rose. You shall see me at the willow tree in two nights." He said while the sisters walked out the cathedral.

    "You might have found your allies Jeremiah, but i have aswell and soon my clan will be a grand as before." he said to himself.

    Leena walked up from behind him.

    "What can we gain from them master?" she asked.

    Lassiroth took another sip from his glass.
    "The elder sister is a daywalker my dear, one of the bloodtypes we need. Ofcource she is also the known ruler of this town. So this way we can increase our clan even faster."
    He said with a large smile on his face.

    Leena just knodded.

    "Tomorrow night you and Joxer will gain your true form and powers. Please prepare yourself before it happens." he added after as he walked away from his chair.

    "Im gonna take a stroll trough town." he said and left the cathedral.


    Sometime after the discussion and encounter with Jeremiah......

    Tarlee stalked into a small clearing easily undetected by her servants samuel and kira. Once close enough she cleared her throat loudly. Both Kira and samuel jumped. Kira hiding her surprize much more quickly than samuel. She decided to let the lack of alertness pass she had more pressing matters on her mind and much more troubling ones." Kira adn Samuel I have a job for both of you." she said calmly. "I want you to scout the town and stay hidden find out what you can and see if you can sniff out the locations of any vampires in this town. Do not cause trouble and DO not cause violence if you come across any. We are not ready to start war until I know more. Now go." With that Kira and Samuel left without a word leaving Tarlee to her own thoughts. Tarlee waited until Kira and Samuel we far enough away before she took to hiding and a nap in the trees.

    She whispered silently to herself." How is it Lassiroth you still live I was told you were dead. You broke my heart the day our parents declared war because of our passion." Her eyes went angry and her muscles twitched unnaturally. I made my parents pay for the war in blood and then I made your kind pay inblood. Then I leave only to come back 600 years later to find YOU live." She closed her eyes tense with anger. " How young and foolish we were not to know how different we were I will see to it you p[ay penance for the grief you caused me Lassiroth." With her last silent reflection to herself she decided sleep was unnecessary and took to her wolf form and went hunting to ease her blood rage and take out her anger on some poor soul.

    azriel was sitting with ali as the two of them were reading. the lighting in the mosuleum was darkened and the ambient temperature was perfect, not to muggy and moldy from the outer lying corpses in the other parts of the tomb. ali looked up from reading her book at lily and mika who had just walked in. azriel looked up and greeted her. lily looked at him and told him what had happened with her and lassiroth. azriel speculated that he was up to no good, as he had seen in the past with other vampires. but, having jeremiah side with the lycans forced him to take up the offer with lily and lassiroth. "fine... we will see what lassiroth has to grant us. i really don't want anything to do with this battle, but it seems that jeremiah wants my head as well."

    Lily sighed as she sat down on the floor by the wall, "Good." she said, "In two days time the three of us will meet with him under the elder willow tree in the park. Thats where I told him to be after we talked to you."

    Mika sat down beside her with her legs streched out infront of her, "He's still hesitant." she said in a low voice as she let Lily braid her hair, "So am I and as he said, I dont want to be in this battle either but it looks like we've been drug in to this." Lily said as she folded her legs under her then moved to sit in a meditaive position, Mika did the same.

    Sister, I still dont trust him but I will stay by your side always." Mika thought before their minds carried on to meditation.


    A loud, audible knock could clearly be heard sounding through the catacombs that Azriel called his home. Another, followed by another, then it stopped. I walked through a doorway revealing Azriel and the two sisters. I raised my hand as some of the other vampire's in the room hissed and backed away. One foolish vampire, apparently not knowing who I was, tried biting me, but he quickly found himself laying face down on the ground. "Az, you should certainly inform your followers of who I am....I'm not a human vampire slayer, I am one of you....so to speak."

    A muffled voice came from under my foot, "You're not one of us, and you never will be, Daywalker." With a quick turn of my foot, the heavy breathing coming from under it has ceased. "Forgive me, Azriel, I know how much you can't stand insolence, and putting your entire clan at risk is exactly that. One sacrifice is clearly saving the death of many. But I am here for a reason, and I shall not waste time getting there. I'm sure, by now, you have heard of the return of the Malkavian clan....which means Lassiroth is back and building an army. He will no doubtedly ask for you aid in battle against....well....me. But I implore you, do not fall for his evil deceit. You and I both know, all too well, the extent of his evil never ends, he will turn on you just as he has done to thousands of others. I ask you not to join my cause, but to not go against me. I do not wish to kill you before your time, but know that I will not hesitate if need be. If you agree, I will lift the restrictions my father set forth for your clan so long ago.....you will be able to live in a more....accomodating place, and your numbers will have no restriction."

    I heard laughing coming from behind from some of the other vampires in the tomb. I spun around to face them but they went silent. "I pray that my requests don't fall on deaf ears, old friend. We may have chosen different paths, but that does not ignore that our blood runs the same. Think it over, I shall return in three days time...and fear not the Lycans, I know how to control them." I turned and began to walk out.

    azriel watched jeremiah leave once more. it was true that azriel was suspecting lassiroth and his evil deeds. but what could he do? he wasn't sure what lily thought of lassiroth, or the outcome of his decision. azriel turned to lily with a confused look in his eyes. "what do i do? i don't want any blood shed, but it seems inevitab;e if i join with lassiroth, then again, if i help to destroy the lycans and jeremiah, where will that leave us afterward?" azriel felt like he was caught in the middle and that the war would ultimately be decided on which side he joined.
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    "My,my my. Aren't you a busy bee now are you Jeremiah." he said sitting on a rooftop looking over the church.
    "You know i wont let you interfere with my plans, You might have stopped us before but this time it will be different."

    Lassiroth puth his hand below his face and leans on it.
    "Though some fun with you and your lycan friends would be fun to do." he said with a big smile.


    I stopped at hearing Lassiroth's voice. "You won't let me interfere? Lassiroth, you have no voice in what I am and am not allowed to do. I will not allow you to build your army again, you put the world in flames last time...and not again." I jumped up onto the roof behind Lassiroth, back to back. "You see, brother, I know your weakness. And I know how to use it against you. You will fall, even if I die with you...you will fall. But you might want to hurry, you only have an hour before sunrise and I can easily keep you here until you turn to ash." I awaited a response.


    Shortly after he and Kira had recieved their orders from Tarlee they decided splitting up to cover more ground would be more beneficial. Samuel had decided to start his search back at the bar he had originally encountered Jeremiah. Apon searching the area and sniffing for the scent of more vampyre he came across some as far as he could tell it belonged to two and the scent being somewhat familiar could only be explained that the two he had caught wind of were somehow related. Also before leaving the area the body of the other lycan than had been with them that Tarlee had killed was still laying in the small clearing a short distance from the Inn.

    Without giving it anymore thought Samuel took up the scent of the two related Vampyre and wandered off into dark night which was slowly getting lighter. Samuel thought to himself good soon daylight would e apon him and the vampyre would have to seek refuge. This would give him the benefit of tracking them without them able to run or venture to far away.


    Kira watched Samuel walk off to begin his search towards the bar. Kira had other plans she kept to the trees and shadows while she could. Judging from the soft glow invading the dark night it was obvious daylight would be apon them soon maybe and hour or so. She decided she would start in the graveyard thinking perhaps she could find traces of a vampire scent there being they liked crypts so much. From the stories she could remeber she went about her mission.

    "O please Jeremiah, ive been past that obstacle for a very long time now. I don't need to hide for the sun anymore."

    He stood up stil facing Jeremiah with his back.
    "Trust me when my plan is finishd even your lycans friends won't be able to stop me. ha ha ha ha" the laugh could be heard troughout the street as lassiroth dissapeared into thin air.


    Leena was hunting in the night with Joxer for new blood. they found several promising people and brought them back to the catredral.

    Daylight arrived and the vampire's quickly went into there hiding places.. atleast most of them.

    Lily sighed as she looked at Azriel, "It seems like things are as confusing as they will ever get." she said as she went to stand by the table, "After hearing this I dont know what to do myself. I mean I dont trust Lassiroth as far as I can throw him."

    Mika finally spoke up, "I realised when we talked to him that he made it seem that the Lycans were the evil ones and that we should we should everything we can to stop them." she said, "But I've never met a Lycan but I've heard many things about them. I dont know if its true but I've heard that some have even been on good terms with vampires."

    "Still Mika, we haven't picked sides yet and I fear if we picked the wrong one." Lily paused, "That someone will end up paying big time for that mistake." Lily bit her lip hard and ended up drawing blood, she wiped her lip then turned back to Azriel, "I'm truely sorry that things have come to this Azriel, I really didn't want your clan to get involved in this but somehow they did."

    azriel thought for a moment. he was starring at ali while he was thinking, or more so, starring through her as his eyes weren't fully focused on her directly. "hmmm.... this is a hard decision. i suppose i will have to form a third party, seeing as how i don't trust either one of them." azriel looked up towards lily and continued, "what do you think? this way we can thwart lassiroth's plans and not have to worry about the lycans. the battle between me and jeremiah is only between me and him. if he does break his promise, then i will have to ask you to step back." azriel looked at his clan who was intently looking at him, waiting for instructions on what to do, now that azriel has made his decision about being a third party.

    "well, i guess we can go meet with lassiroth in the park and see what his plans are, while one of us goes to the lycans and explains our situation." azriel looked at azaellia and said, "will you be able to go tell the lycans?" she nodded and disappeared into the darkness. azriel looked at lily once more and said, "all we can do now is wait for the second night. by then, azaellia should be back with some news."

    Allmost every vampire of the clan where sleeping in the catacombs below the catedral except for Lassiroth, Leena and Joxer. They where sitting on the roof of the cathedral.

    "You two are blessed with my blood, the ability to resist the sun. This is special as i can tell you two we dont have acidental daywalkers in our clan. Watching the sun rise calms me." he said against his pupils.

    "Master, Why do the lycans trouble you that much?" Joxer said
    "And not to mention Jeremiah." Leena added.

    Lassiroth smiled and said: "That's a long story my pupils. But i guess i can tell you two."

    "Long ago i met a woman who i deeply fell in love with. I didn't knew yet about the problems it would cause then. My teacher thus my father always thought us that lycans where nothing but trouble. So i naturaly believed what he said.
    When i met Tarlee we both didt knew that i was a vampire and she a lycan at first. I guess our detecting skills where not as good as they are now." He began to smile while Joxer and Leena where listening.

    "The time we had was perfect. Fun and enjoyment was the only things we thought of, that until our parents found out. They knew that i was a vampire and she a lycan. Because of your forbidden passion they probhited that we could see eachother. We both broke that command just to see eachother, allas that we where followed and our parents found out.
    All out war raged because of me and Tarlee. I was hiden by my father and put to sleep. What happend with Tarlee i don't know but i guess it was not good seeing the results when i came back."

    "So you two where lovers?" Leena asked full of sparkles in her eyes.
    Lassiroth began to laugh. "ha yeah you could say that." he answerd.

    "Now you know my history with the lycans." he said after it as he stood up.
    "And Jeremiah?" Joxer asked.
    "That is another story that i will tell when the time is right my pupils. Now let us get some rest for tonight. We got alot to do." he replied while walking back into the cathedral with Leena and Joxer behind him. They all went to there tombs to sleep until nightfall.


    He had been following the scent now for a couple hours. The sun was rising. Exhaustion was not an option for samuel against the commands of Tarlee. The scent was getting stronger as he followed it. Definitly the trail he was following where of the same blood but there was something off about it. He was starting to pick up the faint scents of other vampyres. Perhaps he should stop here and go back to report to Tarlee. Not being the most intelligent Lycan Samuel thought he would try to impress Tarlee. He found a doorway. The scent was strongest here. Now he could tell subtle differences in the scent. Yes, a daywalker was among them. He layed in wait never taking his eyes off the door.........Tarlee would be proud and would promote him if he brings his supposed victims to her.


    Unlike her counterpart Kira was alot more cautious. Time had taught her patience and she new tarlee well enough that success was not about finding trouble. Following orders to the letter is what usually worked the best. So when Kira rounded a corner and could see a catherdral in the distance she halted. She could make out numerous scents this way and that some going to and coming from the cathedral. She didn't see Lassiroth and his clan members on the roof. But she could make out a fresh scent wafting to her on the wind. That was all she needed. She turned and started her trek back to Tarlee.


    She was sitting by a small stream washing the blood from her face and hands. A short distance behind her lay a half eaten and ripped apart deer. Her meal had been delicious. But her thoughts still troubled her. How was it Lassiroth still lives. Her clan elders and her father had put such an effort to kill him and his clan even going as far as recruiting slayers in the war. She rubbed her wrists as if she could still feel the manacles that had been used to lock her away. It was the measure her father had taken to keep her from running. Her rage had burned those years of being locked away. Nothing though had prepared anyone for when her father had flaunted infront of her Lassiroths aparent death. Not even the Manacles had protected her parents and the elders from Tarlees wrath.

    She had snapped the manacles that day and then had destroyed her parents. Ripping out their hearts infront of the clan. The Elders had tried to seize control each. That day had left the clan divided for years. for 400 years the Lycans had remained seculed in hiding as Tarlee hunted down every elder one by one taking back her clan. The fight that ensued after the death of her parents damn near left her dead.....She idling began adjusting her robe. As the material moved over her soft skin a deep scar could be seen running the length of her back until the robe was put back in place properly hiding it from view. It was Kira that had nursed Tarlee back to health. It was why Kira was he second in command. The clan war was why Tarlee trusted no one but Kira. But the war was long past and Tarlee had succeeded in uniting the clan. But Lassiroth alive......still she could not believe it.... Why had he not tried to find her? Had he forgotten her so easily? so many questions.......... Her eyes narrowed as she looked to the tree tops... He better have some good answers when I find him.
    Lassiroth was clear awake lieing in his tomb watching the red satin inside of it.
    He couldn't sleep, alot has happend since he walked into this town. Meeting with the Rose sisters, hearing about Tarlee stil alive and his own brother stil hunting him.

    He was thinking about when he awoke from his slumber 2 years ago. The famaly house was gone, only a graveyard excisted with the names of his famaly on it. No vampire could be seen or felt withing a 2 mile radius. Only a letter was left behind with him in his tomb.
    It said that when he reads this he was the only Malkavian vampire left and that he has to revive the clan. It also read the lycan clan was searching for the last malkavian vampire and killed the only link between them thus meaning Tarlee.

    "Only to think she is stil alive and kicking. Reports say she is in town, it will only be a matter of time until she finds me."

    From nowhere a voice rang inside Lassiroths head.
    "Don't forget your goal my son. You have to finish this ritual or else the clan will die."

    "I know, i know, dont worry the ritual will procede as planned. I only need a lycans blood now. I already got a daywalker on my side." he said in his head.

    azriel could hear the foot steps of samuel outside the door entrance to his crypt. he looked at aisen with a look that gave aisen the command to check it out. aisen left their presents and wandered down the hallway. when he arrived to the door, he said and ancient word that magically turned the door transparent so he could see who was at the door. however, it was only see through on his side.

    samuel was on the other end sniffing about. aisen could only see a dark, big figure until the door turned completely transparent which revealed samuel's huge and furry body. aisen was a little intrigued as to how the lycan had sniffed them out, but had remembered that lily's scent could have still been lingering from when she came in just a few hours ago. aisen turned around, leaving the lycan on the other side and the door to slowly lose its translucence, and headed back to the main room.

    aisen told azirel what he saw. "so theres a lycan outside our door. he must have sniffed out the purfume your wearing lily. we have ot be careful where we go from now on."


    Taking to human form he waiting with the door in clear view. He wasn't sure if he should try entering or not. A vampyres scent was hard to track some perfume had helped with his endeavor. But should he wait till night when any vampyre might be ready? He felt one of the scents dictated a daywalker but never actually seen one till Jeremiah it was hard to tell. Tarlee on the other hand would have had no problem figuring it out and she probably would not have been hesitant about entering this place. So Samuel decided he would wait a bit longer. The hunter hunting his prey he would lay in wait till he could spring and get his kill and then lay it infront of Tarlee oh how she would favor him over Kira then.


    I walked up behind Samuel and put my hand on his shoulder. "They know you're here. You need to stand down else they'll slaughter you and leave you out as an example. Trust me, come with me and live to tear them apart a new day. I have someone I want you to meet anyway." I began walking away, walking towards the edge of town, waiting to see if Samuel would follow me.


    Not exactly wanting to leave a supposed kill he reluctantly followed jeremiah. He did not want to tangle with Jeremiah again he already had a taste of his fist once before.

    "Damn, I knew I shouldn't have had that young girl eariler today." Lily smirked but soon got serious, "We only have one more day till we do meet him and I think there's more to this than Lassiroth's letting on. I mean why would he want to battle the Lycans when he himself fell in love with one."

    Mika leaned against the wall, "Thats true but we can't let him know that we have a third party, I mean the Lycans haven't made a move against us....well at least thats what we see. But I agree with my sister, there's more to this than meets the eye." she said then thought that if anything did happen an a fight did break out, she would give up her life no matter what the cost.

    "alright then. i will send azaellia out right now to tell tarlee and jeremiah our plans. they will know that we haven't sided with lassiroth, but i will not tell them that we are with them. if they so choose to harm us even after jeremiah swore that they wouldn't." azriel nodded to azaellia that she could leave. she did with haste.

    azaellia exited the crypt and could instantly catch the scent of the lycan who was here earlier and another scent she wasn't familiar with. any how, she went on and began her mission of finding jeremiah who had apparent control over tarlee.

    Night fell once again on the city thus letting the vampire's crawl out of there hiding places. Lassiroth and his clan also awoke from there slumber. the cathedral was now a busy place with now more that hundred fletchlings under his command his clan grew again.

    They all gatherd in the hall with lassiroth infront of them and Leena and Joxer beside him.

    "Welcome my children! Tonight we will feast on the creating of the once extinct clan of the Malkavians. You are its hope of revival. Soon our ritual will be complete and we will be rid of any enemy that dare's to fight us.
    Now go and have fun but stay away from any lycan or the hunter Jeremiah."
    When he was done talking the clan aplaused for this speach and then left the catherdral leaving Lassiroth, Joxer and Leena behind.
    "Now let us attend to our duty's" Lassiroth said to his subordinates.


    As night fell She took to her wolf form and went stalking in the night to check on her servants. She doubted Kira was in any trouble but Samuel always gave her cause for concern. She was not even sure why she let him still live as long as she had. Probably due to the fact Kira had her eye on him and Kira was the only clan mate Tarlee trusted with her live and her secrets. Time passed and then Tarlee could see a figure moving in the same direction that Samuel's scent was heading. She took in the sweet air and caught the traces of the figure ahead of her. It was a vampire. Without hesitation She ran full speed at the figure closing the distance in a matter of breaths and took a swing at the vampire from behind and sent them sailing into the air. At this range Tarlee could make out the vampire was female. This should be interesting Tarlee thought to herself as she again closed the distance to the Vampire but did not attack. Her silver fir bristled and her silver eyes glowed in the moonlight. She took a defensive stance and waited for the vampire to gain her composure after being tossed. Tarlee thought to herself." it has been a dreadfully long time since I have waged battle." she relished the thought only briefly never taking her eyes off the vampire and emmitting a low threatening growl.

    azaellia went flying through the air from tarlee's hit to her stomach. azaellia got up and composed her posture. she bent over and coughed up a little blood. she regained her posture once more and looked at tarlee. "quiet yourself woman!!! i bring no fights with me, for i have a message from azriel himself." she waited for a couple of moments for tarlee to settle down. if she didn't, she would have to retreat for being no match for tarlee.

    "as you know, jeremiah has joined your force in recognition that he will help you defeat the dark malkavian lord. jeremiah also quoted that he would not touch us if we did not side with the dark lord. i will hole truth to jeremiah's claim. i just bring message that we are not siding with the dark lord. if you happen to see us with him though, that doesn't concern you. if you intend to whipe us out, then this war will not end up looking good for your clan, i can guarantee that on jeremiah's word." azaellia left quicly to try and avoid any further conflict incase tarlee didn't agree with the words she had given her.


    As Azaellia was retreating, I jumped down in front of her and she ran into me. She fell to the floor and I budged a couple inches, catching myself on my right foot. I stood back up straight. I grabber her by the neck and put one of my guns to the bottom of her jaw. "Excuse me, young one, you know not of who you inform the rules of MY conditions. If I see you with Lassiroth, after I came to your master and laid my cards on the table, it does concern me. If it concerns me, then it concerns her. You go tell your master that if his clan is caught with Lassiroth, than my conditions have not been met. And this war that you claim will not end up looking good for her clan, will mean the end of yours. I kid you not, I will exterminate every last one of you before the war is over." I put her feet back on the ground and pulled my gun away from her jaw. The fear in her eyes was evident. Being knocked around by Tarlee and then facing myself would be enough to scare even the most hardened. "Go, tell Azriel that I have heard his message, and give him a message of my own."

    I let her start to walk away before I added, "On second thought, I'll tell him myself." A huge bang could be heard ringing through the quiet streets as her lifeless body fell to the ground. "I'm sure someone must've heard that, we need to get out of here. I'll deal with Azriel in my own time." I began walking back to the place I called my home.

    Lily's eyes snapped opened as she gasped both she an Mika looked toward the entrence at the sound, "What was that?" Mika asked as Lily moved from where she was standing, she placed her hand over her chest, "Azaellia wont be coming back." Lily said as she fingered one of her guns on her side, "I dont think Jeremiah will believe us."

    "But if he doesn't then what?" Mika retorted, Lily sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair, "Calm yourself sister, you know that you cant think straight when your upset and right now I knew you to have a clear head." she said as looked over at Azriel then gently fingered the locked that she had hidden in the top of her corset. "Right now lets just see what he says and we'll try to explain everything." Lily said as she felt Jeremiah's presents get closer.

    Lily's eyes snapped opened as she gasped both she an Mika looked toward the entrence at the sound, "What was that?" Mika asked as Lily moved from where she was standing, she placed her hand over her chest, "Azaellia wont be coming back." Lily said as she fingered one of her guns on her side, "I dont think Jeremiah will believe us."

    "But if he doesn't then what?" Mika retorted, Lily sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair, "Calm yourself sister, you know that you cant think straight when your upset and right now I knew you to have a clear head." she said as looked over at Azriel then gently fingered the locked that she had hidden in the top of her corset. "Right now lets just see what he says and we'll try to explain everything." Lily said as she felt Jeremiah's presents get closer.

    "My my, as blunt as ever." Lassiroth said to Joxer and Leena while watching from afar.
    "I recon Azriel aint gonna like this. Though it can be good for our cause." he added.

    Leena chuckled at the sight of the shot.
    "How can he kill a vampire in one shot?" she asked.
    Lassiroth knodded and said:"Your forgetting my child that Jeremiah himself is a vampire aswell, he knows our weaknesses and our strongpoints. Im stil to regret his actions to our race, but soon he will see his place." he said with a smile as he walked away.

    "Come my children, im feeling hungry." he said towards Joxer and Leena who followed him.

    Some time later....
    "I stil say that in the old days they taste better. No junkfood or changes." Lassiroth said while dropping a body dead cold to the ground.
    "I bet, people eat alot of that stuff nowadays." Joxer replied stil having some blood on his lips.


    Her eyes had narrowed Dangerously as Jeremiah let lose his wrath on the Female Vampire and then started to walk away from the corpse. She quickly took to Human form her small robe gently blowing in the light breeze of the night. "Are you a fool or are you really just looking for a fight?" She started to walk towards Jeremiah. " And why pray tell do you smell of Samuel?" She stopped all of a sudden and tilted her chin to the air. The scent wafting in on the breeze was almost non existant but Tarlees senseds grabbed it. It was a smell she had not taken in for a very long time and not one she would ever forget. Her eyes closed for a moment as a smile spread across her face. Then as her eyes open her smile was quickly replaced by anger. She looked to Jeremiah but said nothing about the scent. She needed to know more of this slayers motives and with his appearant agenda she was not about to tell him she had caught a small wiff of her former lover. She thought quietly to herself. " I will find you Lassiroth and when I do you will have much to answer for. Let us both hope I find you before this blood crazed slayer finds you."


    She had returned to where Tarlee should have been but Tarlee was no longer there. She was hardly surprized. Tarlee tended to be an impatient one. She did not fear for her mistress but she did fear for herself being alone in a place she was unfamiliar with and without Tarlee around for protection. She let out a soft sigh and proceeded to try and search for Tarlee. Sniffing her out was impossible her senses where not strong enough to track Tarlee she was barely able to track vampires and to her senses earlier where tarlee could smell this Jeremiah Kira had not been able to smell anything. She continued on fear slowly creeping in.


    Much to his wounded pride he had done what he was told and had stayed where Jeremiah had told him to stay. The only thought was he was doomed when Tarlee finds out how weak he truly was and hoped that Jeremiah would not admit Samuel's folly to her as his life depended on it. Sitting down with a loud thud Samueal gave in to his thoughts and sat miserably on the ground as he waiting for his future or his impending doom.

    15 minutes had passed without the sign of seeing azaellia. azriel was now in a deep rage, but showing no signs of it to his companions. he didn't know whether to cry for the loss of one of his friends, or to go out and find jeremiah himself. it would be suicide to take on jeremiah and tarlee like this.

    azriel turned to lily and said, "our plans have changed. i didn't intend for jeremiah to kill her. if he wants blood in this war then i will bring him a fountain!"


    Kncoking loudly on the door to the catacombs, I didn't wait for an answer before barging in, smoke still rising slightly from my gun. I pushed beyond the vampires who were, yet again, hissing at me. "Azriel, I came to you in confidence that you would make the smart choice and stay on your own side. You then send a she-pire out to tell me that if you are seen with Lassiroth, that it is none of my concern." In the blink of an eye I had him pinned against the wall, my hand to his neck, the same gun I used to kill Azaellia pushing into his jaw. I could hear some air escape his lungs as he wasn't expecting it. "You would bring destruction down upon your clan, for what? Pride? Greed? Arrogance? You have two days left to decided before I decide for you. You know that I am not a patient vampire, so do not try my patience."

    I let him down, returning to my calm state, as the vampire teeth resided back into my gums. I turned and looked at all of his clan, who were ready at any moment to take me on after the display of violence towards their master. "If you wish to die, than go tell Lassiroth you side with him. But know this, I may be one of you, but I am your worst nightmare, as well. I will not rest until every evil vampire is laid to rest. And if you side with the Malkavians, you become one of them. I will not hesitate." I turned around and started to walk out.

    nobody in the clan budged as they all stared at azriel. azriel didn't budge and inch. he stayed in one spot and thought about what jeremiah had said. this war technically isn't ours. this city technically isn't ours. so why are we still here? was azaellia's death in vain?

    he left the group and ventured through the catacombs of th crypt. shortly after, ali left in search of azriel. when she finally sniffed him out she found herself in a pitch black room. she looked around and couldn't see anything until she stepped on a bone and a pair of bloody red and glowing eyes looked in her direction. "azriel?" she called out into the bleak air. azriel closed his eyes so his eyes couldn't be seen to her. "the clan is sorry for your loss. but we trust you no matter what you decide to do." those were intended words of enouragement coming from ali, but it meant nothing to azriel. ali waited for an answer, but got nothing still. "azriel? i know your here... say something!" that got azriel's attention and he flew at her with great speed. the only thing she could see within the blink of an eye was a pair of blood red, angry eyes. azriel could sense the fear in her by looking into her eyes. everything he wanted to say was clearly going through his eyes and into hers. "i am sorry azriel..." she said. "i didn't mean any harm by asking you." azriel blinked at yet again had vanished from her sight.

    "at least let me stay here with you?" ali continued to say. "you may." was all that azriel said. ali felt glee inside and tried to stake out where azriel was in the crypt. she could here his breathing and used that as a reference for where he was. when she could hear him clearly, she reached out to see where he was for sure. as she felt around, a hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the coffin and the lid closed. a little startled from what happened and the fact that she could see anything made her a little confused. the grasp on her hand weakened and finally let go. and a voice was heard, so softly, but almost too loud for where she wanted to be at the moment. "you said you wanted to be with me. and so you are." ali didn't say anything. she had never seen this sie of azriel before and didn't know what to expect of him. she laid still in the coffin and stared into the darkness.


    She smiled a little as Jeremiah came out of the crypt. " SO you are looking for a fight then. Did you kill them all or let them live?" She looked to Jeremiahs gun and noted it was not smoking. " Or perhaps you let them live." "So tell me where is samuel? and pray tell might you have Kira as well?" She started to walk away down a street. The was a rather large cathedral some distance away that had Tarlee intrigued and somewhat curious. So that was the direction she started walking. Over her shoulder in a somewhat undertoned voice of little emotion that gave the sense she thought very little of anyone at the moment she spoke to Jeremiah as she walked." SO tell me vampire slayer who is of what he hunts." She emphazised the bit aabout Jeremiah being a vampire. " Tell me why is this hunt for Lassiroth so important to you that you would let others of your kind live just to wage war against one?" She continued walking in the open night obviously without fear to be out in so wide open spaces.


    Without being able to pick up Tarlee's trail Kira decide to head towards the giant cathedral hoping she would come across Tarlee along the way. But she remebered a crypt in the graveyard that had looked interesting and she decided she would check that out first. She thought to herself perhaps she will find more to report to Tarlee and maybe even earn a praise from her mistress.


    I heard Tarlee's words, "Where would I put your slaves? I never HAD any of them, I simply found Samuel in an area that he was sure to find something if it didn't find him first. I brought him with me, but told him to stay put before he got himself killed. You know, you should give him more credit....he's the most loyal you have. And as for Kira," I could sense her a ways back, heading towards the crypt, "I wouldn't worry too much about her, she's about to stumble on to something that will please you oh so much."

    I walked by her and pushed Tarlee out of my way, walking back to where Samuel was. "Here, here's your Samuel." He jumped down and over to me. "Tell her what you found. And Tarlee, you're not the queen you once were, and remember who you're dealing with. Take your pompous and all-knowing tone with me, and I will prove to you that I am not what I hunt....but a new breed of vampire." I began walking towards the cathedral Tarlee was headed for.

    Mika made a move to go check on Azriel but Lily stopped her, "He's taking this harder than you think sister." she said as Mika looked back at her, "Just let him be." Mika nodded her head an sat back down, still a little shocked at the recent events, Lily went to sit in a corner by herself and took out the locket.

    She could hear the curses an hisses from the rest of the clan an her sister but kept to herself, she opened the locket with a picture of her and Mika. Azriel's right. she thought, This isn't our fight an yet we were dragged into this. Suddenly Lily stood up, grabbed her jacket and walked to the entrence. "Lily where are you going?" Mika asked as she grabbed her sisters arm but was hissed at. "Dont follow me," Lily snapped suddenly getting upset, "I may be your sister but I will take you out if I have to, just...leave me alone for right now." Lily quickly left the crypt ignoring a few protests from the rest of the clan, once outside she could feel the night air around her.

    Keeping her guns to her side, Lily began to wander around till she got to the park that was not to far from the crypt and sat on the swing.


    She hastened her walk as her need to get to Tarlee and her protection increased. But because of Kira's fear she did not pay attention to her surrounding as she stumbled into a park and was face to face with a female sitting on a swing. Then it clued into Kira the scent on the air. It was the same scent from much earlier when, the same scent Kira had tracked from the bar. A small subtle scent of perfume.


    Tarlee didn't have much tolerance for others. Still in human form and with a large growl. She grabbed Jeremiah by the back of the neck before he had time to react. Easily hoisting him off his feet she sent him flying a few feet above the ground across the way about 50 yards. In his flight he slammed into Samuel taking him along for the ride until they hit the ground in a heap of flying dust. " Mock me will you? I am still queen of my clan and very little of that has changed you would do well to remeber it Jeremiah!" her last words came out with a snarling tone as her form rippled and took to her silver wolf form in a matter of seconds.


    As soon as Jeremiah flew into him the air was pushed from his lungs. fear entered his mind in an instance. Whatever was about to happen he wanted no part of it. The ground met him with a hardeneing thud. With jeremiahs flight being cusioned by Samuel Jeremia was merely startled but unhurt. Unfortunatly as they hit ground Samuel could hear the crunching of bones and feel the pain of it as well. But he dare not scream out. He scrambled away from the rising Jeremiah and took refuge in an alley where he was out of harms way and could still see what was happening as he nursed his broken leg and snapped it back into position and let his lycan powers slowly mend the wound. He could help but think" this injury is gonna take at least a week to mend grrrr."

    After there meal they al returned to the cathedral. on there way lassiroth looked towards the moon who was only partly visable.
    "Soon, my brother your hunt will be over." He mumbled with a tone so low even his folowers couldt hear it.

    As they walked inside the catherdral Lassiroth stood stil like sudden froze came over him.

    "My children. Please hide inside and don't show your face until i say so, tell the others aswell. We seem to get some company."

    Joxer and Leena vanished and took refuge behind poles on the top floor. All the other vampires went into hiding aswell and Lassiroth stood alone.
    He walked to his large chair and sat down.
    "So you have finaly come....Tarlee, and you aswell brother. This will be interesting." he said.

    He heard footsteps outside the large doors of the cathedral. "Felios narandum" he said as the large doors opened and showing him sitting in his chair.

    "And so the story continues as the acters enter the scene." He said with a smile on his face and putting his left hand on his leg and his right hand on the chair.


    I stood up and dusted myself off after being thrown into Samuel, seeing Tarlee transform. I started walking in her direction. "All that means is that we're going to need a bigger body bag. I am not in your clan, and you will do good to remember that. You do not own me, nor do I owe you anything. Very little has changed, you say? Look around you, Tarlee, EVERYTHING has changed....including you. You are not the queen you once were, feared by all, loved by none. Thus, you fail to forget who I am." I drew my sword from it's sheathe and lifted up off of the ground. "I don't like to be pushed around by some queen from the past who has a superiority complex." In the twinkling of an eye, my foot was in her gut with a bang that resounded through the park. With a quick and powerful uppercut to her maw she was in the air. Again, as quickly as she had realized what happened, she was back on the ground, laying on her back, the hilt of my sword digging into her chest.

    Lily glared at the female that stood but a few feet away from her, she got up from the swing an smirked. "Let me guess, your one of Tarlee's followers." she said now circleing the female being cautious that she could tell that the female was indeed a Lycan, "I've heard on the wind that a Lycan was looking for me, I just didn't know who." Lily stood in front of her to let her answer, being full aware of a fight that was carrying on not to far from the park.


    She pushed Jeremiah off her with the force of her hind legs sending him several feet in the air and backwards. Quickly righting herself she ran to where Jeremiah was landing. She then grabbed him with both claws and threw him in the dirrection of a tree. With a thundering crash and then a shuddering explosion, Jeremiah went through the tree with the force of Tarlee's throw. "I am still queen and it matters not if you are of my clan Young Jeremiah! You are still a vampire slayer or not! I do not fear you as others may!" She began to charge towards the tree that Jeremiahs tossed body had gone through demolishing the trunk in the process.


    As I started to come down after crashing through a tree, I spun backwards in a backflip and landed on my feet, my left hand on the ground, and skid back a few feet. With my sword in my right hand, I had no way to grab my hat as it flew off. "You need to realize that those not in your clan are not under your command. I don't fear you for anything, and if you keep this up, I will kill you." As Tarlee came at me, she jumped up a bit. I slid under her and put my sword straight through her stomach. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it out, so as she came down I lifted my back legs into her face. She let out a massive huff of air, I knew she was injured. I stood up and began walking over to her, unlatching the shotgun I kept on my back under my jacket.


    The pain in her stomach was like burning fire so much that the kick in the face was nothing to her. She barely heard the words coming from Jeremiah. She pulled the sword from her stomach which started bleeding more. She tossed the sword of to the side as Jeremiah was aproaching putting on hand behind his back for some reason. " Now Jeremiah you have gone to far!" In one fast leap Tarlee was face to face with Jeremiah looking down at him growling and breathing hard her eyes narrow and intimidating, her hands coming in towards his head, claws out!


    I was a bit taken back by how quickly Tarlee recovered from the sword in her stomach. As she jumped at me, her claws shot out at my head, but before she could get them into my skull, there was a clicking sound. I had pulled the shotgun out of it's holster and put it up to her chin, cocking it ready to shoot. "You rip my head off, my finger slips, don't lose your head over your attitude." I could feel her claws running down the side of my face, cutting in to my skin. "Listen, this is pointless. You need to understand that I am not in your clan, you are not my queen, I do not take orders from you. I haven't given you any orders to follow, and I won't, but don't mistake me for one of your lackies. Make the mistake again, and I won't play around with you like I was now. Now we need to go, so let's get going." I put my shotgun away and shoved Tarlee away so I could move. I started walking towards the cathedral.


    She did not say a single word as Jeremiah tried to shove her and walk away but she did let her claws down. Once his back was to her she reverted back to her human form. Once in her human form her robe was stained with her blood from her stomach. Sweat covered her entire body as she went and sat under the nearest tree. She needed time to meditate and focus on healing at least enough to close the wound. It had been a very long time since Tarlee had been wounded as such. She took another quick look at Jeremiah. He had won her respect this day but he still underestimated her. There was something else about him too that she could not quite place.


    As soon as Lily spoke and started to move Kira tried to transform. Although unlike Tarlee the process took much more time for Kira. She issued a low growl in the process.

    "Your powers have grown my brother. Stil you rely on those weapons man made, it will be hard to convince you but i will try." He said while watching the fight from afar. With the doors open he could see the two fight.

    "This is going to get interesting, ha ha haha ha haha ha ha He laughd loud it could be heard ringing across the streets.

    Meanwhile in the upper area of the catherdral.

    "Why is he laughing so hard?" Joxer said to Leena.
    "it seems he is enjoying himself with the upcoming events. Though i find it strange that he hasent moved since the hunter came close to our home. A normal vampire would strike at the time the hunter is unprepared." she replied.

    "Though Master aint a normal vampire. His ways of thinking are strange but have something appealing." Joxer said.
    They both knodded.

    "We will help if trouble finds him." they both said.

    Lily could hear Kira growl as she sat back down on the swing, "Calm yourself Lycan I have no trouble with you." Lily said not even bothering the fight that had just ended a block away, "All I want to know is why is your kind so pissed at us." Lily could see in Kira's eyes that she was changing an knew if she didn't try her best to calm her they both would end up fighting.


    Mika was gettin restless, Lily hadn't returned and she was getting worried, "Lily where ever you are just please be safe." she said to herself as she sat down by the wall.


    She stopped her transformation and looked at the vampire suspiciously. "That is not my answer to give only my mist


    "So, brother, how goes the family business?" I walked up to Lassiroth and put my arms out to meet his hands, waiting for the embrace that has been due for hundreds of years.

    "It's been a while, has it not? What...300 years? I believe you know my associate, Tarlee."

    ress Tarlee can answer that." Her gaze never leaving Lily's.


    "So, brother, how goes the family business?" I walked up to Lassiroth and put my arms out to meet his hands, waiting for the embrace that has been due for hundreds of years.

    "It's been a while, has it not? What...300 years? I believe you know my associate, Tarlee."


    I cut Lassiroth off, I didn't have much time for formalities. "Brother, we shall catch up some other time. As for now, you and I have some serious business to talk about. Before we go any further, I heard from....well.....I heard from her. Things are getting out of hand. This war can't happen, and the Malkavian clan must wait until things have settled down." I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. "Brother, see reason. You raise the clan, all hell will break loose. Your clan will have no food, that is if they aren't destroyed. The slayer's legion has gotten word, and they're coming for you if I don't take care of you. Let us go out for a drink....and not of that."

    Lily smirked before leaving, "Well when you do see you mistress, give her the message." she called over her shoulder. For an odd reason she didn't want to be aound the female Lycan, Lily made her way to the farthest part of the park an coming up to a old tree, even in a dress she climbed it with ease. "Why must things go so wrong?" she said to herself as she let her legs drape off the side of the branch she sat on an laid back on the trunk.

    Lassiroth turned his face towards Jeremiah.
    "Slayer's Legion...ha...ha..ha" He started to laugh instantly

    "Those fools don't know who they up against. They where lucky we where almost whiped out in the old days but im not gonna let that happen again. My plans have a timewindow i cannot exceet therefor i can't stop this."

    Meanwhile above in the catherdral Joxer and Leena where watching the conversation.

    "He has them both in his grasp. he ca take there blood and where almost there!" Joxer said.
    "Did't you listen, That hunter is his brother....how could that be.."

    "Don't trust him....kill him....take his blood..." The voices came inside lassiroth's head again but stil he ignored it.

    "I will talk with you later brother, i wish to talk to Tarlee first. We have alot of cathing up to do."


    She walked weakly into the Cathedral some short time after Jeremiah. The wound to her stomach was mended and a dark red scar was in its place. But it would take much longer to maintain the healing until it was healed all the way through her body. The pain was nothing new to her she new pain before this. As she stepped out from behind Jeremiah and laid eyes on Lassiroth a flood of emotions hit Tarlee. Emotions she had not felt for centuries of her life.

    She stood lithe in the moonlight coming through the open cathedral doors. That outlined her in a silver radiance. He light robe which again was somewhat torn from her fight with Jeremiah barely covered her and left very little to one's imagination. Although it was stained red with blood. Her Silver eyes danced as well in the moonlight.

    As she stared at Lassiroth her eyes narrowed. He did not look much different. His features were still the same as she remebered. Except his eyes which showed her his true age. There was something else but she could not figure out what it was. " Lassiroth long time no see!" Her tone was biting and full of sarcastic anger. Her rage was beginning to build. where the hell had he been all this time, and why? In a more calm tone she added. "Yes we have much catching up to do."

    "Ha, i had that one coming." Lassiroth looked at Tarlee, she looked as stunning as he saw her the last time. Time has not changed both our body's he thaught.
    "Please have a seat dear. You probaly want to know where ive been now don't you." he said with a soft voice. He walked back to his chair seeing Jeremiah stil standing there.

    "Brother, i will talk with you soon please take something to drink." he said while waving his hand a kindred came from the room behind with 3 glasses of blood and handed one to Jeremiah, Lassiroth and as last to Tarlee.

    "I hope you stil drink blood my dear. if not i can get you something else." He asked Tarlee.

    "Well where shall i start now. Well you know it started when both our fathers found out about us. Rules where set and we stil broke them by seeing eachother, When this stupid war broke out my father put me in a secret chamber in a casket and nailed it shut not allowing me out and only be able to sleep. What i did't knew back then was that he put a enchanted blood pendant on the chest masking my presence to anyone and generating blood inside my body.
    I couldt get out to warn you, Years been past and i was finaly strong enough to break out of the casket. When i came out of the crypt everyone and everything was gone. A new world was there i did't knew off."
    He stopt for a moment and took a sip of his glass.
    "At first i tryed to look for you, but soon after looking for several years i gave up thinking you where dead. Then it came to me, i was the sole survivor of my clan and i had to build it up again. Years i spend searching for the right place and time, it let me to here. And now after all these years i hear that you are alive again, only problem is that he is aswell. The one who betrayed his own clan." Lassiroth looked at Jeremiah.

    "If you didt knew my dear Jeremiah the Vampire Hunter is a Malkavian vampire and my brother aswell. My thinking is that he is also responsible for destruction of my clan. But i will speak with him about it later."

    "My dear Tarlee. It hurts me to see you like this feeling anger inplace of our lost love. Soon when my plan succeeds we wont have any problem any more we will rule over this planet, over the humans and everyone who stands in our way will be crushed." he was thinking while talking to tarlee.


    She responded in her sarcastic tone like venom dripping from fangs"yes I still drink blood I am a Lycan, We live to hunt!" She could not help the anger in her voice no matter how hard she tried. She had been fueling her anger over Lassiroths supposed death for centuries. She had even killed her parents over the war only to see her lost love standing before her now. " You will have to excuse my...." She held her arms out as an explaination to her waredrobe. " I am not that presentable." She thought to herself regardless of her anger she was to weak right now to pick a fight. This aloe angered her as she let a glance of glaring fall over Jeremiah. In her glance she could see the remnants of her claw marks and the odd small tears in his outfit a well. "Good" she thought " At least I got in some licks" She kept her thoughts to herself. Jeremiah had earned enough of her respect. But to heed his warning was causing some confusion. Although it had been many centuries she could not help but feel some of the lost love she had for Lassiroth. She would have to keep her feelings in check till she knew more. Surely Lassiroth had feeling for her still. Her eyes narrowed again, but she could not ignore her anger at his absence all this time regardless the reason.

    Lassiroth looked at the barerly dressed Tarlee infront of him.
    "Ofcource my dear, Leena could you come down please." he said

    A shadow appeard from behind his chair and leena appeared.
    "What can i do for you mylord?" Leena asked.

    "Please get one of your finest dresses dear and give it to our guest."
    Leena knodded and dissapeared only to come back later with a silk ruby red dress in her hands, she presented it to Tarlee.

    "I hope you like the dress. if not il see if another suits your needs dear."

    "I know i deserve your anger, being gone all those century's must been a impact on you. Please tell me what has happend during my absence."

    Meanwhile outside on the roof of the cathedral.
    Joxer was looking at the sky.
    "Why does he let a lycan and a hunter enter his own house. Aren't they our enemy's." he kept mumbling on to himself.

    Listening to the night life Lily felt better than what she did eariler in the night, "Feeding Time." she mumbled as she looked at her fingers then went into a dark alyway. She hated feeding on the homeless but at the moment it was all that was out at the moment. Lily had found a fairly young looking man that was sleeping in a makeshift tent made out of a box, she could tell he was close to entering a drunk coma as she picked up his arm and looking at the veins in it, she knew she couldn't drain him completly from his arm but she could get what she needed as she bit down an took her fill.

    Getting all that she wanted Lily wiped her mouth am left the man laying on the ground, "Echh never again." she said as she continued to wander, things had settled down for the moment, "But for how long?" she said out loud as a cat started to follow her, she stopped an knelt down infront of the cat then sighed. "I guess you can join me." she said as the cat twitched its ear in responce an continued to follow as Lily left.

    azriel opened his coffin and slowly slid out. he left ali inside. she was still asleep and wasn't going to move for sure. azriel sneaked out of the crypt and caught the scent of lily in a heartbeat.

    after a while of walking the streets he came across lily. he walked behind her quietly, trying not to make a sound. "so how do you feel tonight?" he said, trying to surprise her a bit.

    Lily continued to wander, not caring where she was goin. Suddenly the cats ears twitched an looked behind them but stayed quiet as they kept walking, "so how do you feel tonight?" a voice said, Lily gasped as she quickly turned and saw where the voice came from. "Honestly Azriel are you trying to get yourself killed?" she sighed before looking an picking up the cat. "And you didn't say a word." she said to the cat as she let it drape over one shoulder before turning back to her friend. "I'm feeling a little better now that I've gotten out of that crypt." she said, "Its just that its gotten quiet as well, I'm just not sure what will happen if anything does." Lily silently fingered the locket on her corset before asking, "How bout you? I know things don't seem to go as planned and...." she paused, "I'm sorry for your lose."
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    zriel frowned when lily reminded him of azaell. "i will be fine. i got over it hundreds of years ago when jeremiah betrayed my clan and me." azriel looked at the cat and added, "little thing looks like it trusts me more than you." remembering how it didn't act when azriel sneaked up on lily.


    After watching and getting hurt in the fight between jeremiah and tarlee, Samual dragged himself in what appeared to be an abandoned home and began his healing, Knowing it would take several days to mend his broken leg.

    After her run in with Lily, Kira decided to follow her at a distance and see what she could learn. She lost sight of her as she entered an alley only to see another man moments later enter that same alley. This had her curiousity peaked.


    With a flick of her wrist, Tarlee's torn robe fell away leaving her nude in the moonlight. It was obvious she was not a shy person. She accepted the dress glaring at leena as her eyes went from Lassiroth back to Leena. With her agility she slipped on the red dress which fit her slightly snug in her more feminine areas. She then focused back on Lassiroth." I see you have been keeping yourself company" as she said it her glare fell over leena again. then she stopped and tilted her head slightly up. I see you have more than on concubine I smell another beside this on you and Jeremiah. "Another cohort or a mistress perhaps?" with the blink of an eye Tarlee was then standing only a foot away from Lassiroth the rustle of her dress the only indication that she had moved and not performed some feat of teleportation. She the ran her slender hand and fingers down Lassiroth chest until they reached his stomach. " So tell me dear Lassiroth just how much have you missed me?" Her voice was overly seductive .... and then it came in a flash. She Hit Lassiroth full force in the chest with both fists sending him sprawling through the air spinning end over end till he hit the wall landing on his feet. Dust and debris rained down from the ancient wall as Tarlee advanced slowly walking emphasing the sway in her hips. " Or have you forgotten me with your little pets here?" Her growl was audiable as she looked again at leena to make sure she was aware of where the vampress was and then back to Lassiroth. " FOR CENTURIES I WAITED FOR YOU!!! I EVEN KILLED MY OWN PARENTS BECAUSE THEY FORBID MY SEEING YOU!!" Her anger was more then evident know and one could see the unnatural flexing of muscles under Tarlees skin but she did not alter form except her wolf fangs set dangerously in her mouth as she yelled at Lassiroth.

    Quickly recovering from the attack he puts his hand in the air signaling his minions not to meddle with this battle dusting off his robe after it.

    "Uhg.. Now that i did't expect. I hoped your anger would have been not this strong but alas it can't be helped."

    He stood straight and puts his robe straight again.
    "My children are loved by my yes. But mine for you has not deminished one bit. Owell it seems you want to battle to settle this reunion of ours then so shall it be."

    Lassiroth looked at Jeremiah and said:"Do not meddle in this brother. This is my fight alone."

    He grabbed one side of his robe and pulled it off revealing his inner wardrobe, A large sword could be seen hanging on his back that strangly wasent visible with the cloak on.

    "My dear Tarlee, i such hoped this would't happen and you could rule next to me but fine then i shall fight you until you understand my cause." He said calmly while stredging his body.

    "It's been a while but prepare yourself my dear!" he added.
    He suddenly moved with great speed putting himself infront of Tarlee grabbing her by the neck and trowing her into the air, he jumped above her and kicked her back to the ground.

    "My dear please stop this sensless fighting i dont wish to hurt you." he said while bowing over her slightly.

    Lily grinned a little as she pet the cat on her shoulder, it purred when she rubbed its ears. "I think he knew you were coming because he has better hearing than I do at the moment." she said. "Only after feeding off that homeless man earilier, I made the mistake of not knowing he was severly intocicated so my sences are a little off." Lily laughed a little trying to make light of a semi tence moment, "Besides he just started following me and I let him join me, kinda gotten attached to him I guess." she said then sighed. "I'm surprised that Mika hasn't come looking for me."


    As she was tossed into the air and kicked back to the earth, it was all the fuel she needed. Previous injuries where forgotten. Before she even reached the ground she was a wolf on landed gracefully on four paws. She was easily Double her size and with the moons light filtering in she appeared ghostlike. She was so angry with Lassiroth not even she had realized just how much until he was infront of her. He had been her entire world she had fought her own parents because of him. As soon as she had landed she took to her hind legs standing like a human and grabbed Lassiroth by his sword arm before he could release his sword. She had enough of swords for one day. she used her other paw and swiped the sword clean from Lassiroths side and off to the side on the dusty ground. She then Turned back to Human form as quickly as it took to blink. But her hold was not lessed as her strengh did not diminish. She then grabbed Lassiroth by the throat almost chocking him. "Who said anything about fighting?" She then laid a hard kiss onto Lassiroth's lips, hard enough that blood trickled from their mouths. After a moment Tarlee then eased her grip and before Lassiroth again knew what hit him she kneed him in the groin and dropped him to the floor. Then moved over to her glass of blood and drank deeply. A sly smile playing across her lips and her eyes alight with fire.

    azriel grimaced. "i can't believe you couldn't smell the alcohol in the first place..." he could smell alcohol eminating from her breath as she spoke. "i much rather prefer the blood of a female virgin." he walked alongside lily with his hands in his pockets. "mika hasn't really said much back at the crypt. i am not sure she likes it there."

    Letting the comment slide as they continued to walk, she just grinned. "You always go for the pure of hearts." she said as she rubbed the cats ears then looked over at Azriel, "You never change, I usually go for the younger males but I'm not really picky." she laughed a little before her smiled slightly faded, "Maybe she has been a bit distant from everyone but she's my little sister and I dont think she's ever been in somthing like that." she said as she looked up at the starless sky an bit her lip hard, tasting her own blood then narrowed her eyes as she felt the cats ear twitched against hers, "Lovers quoral." she mumbled as she heard crashing in the distance.

    "i believe its my natural born instinct to like them. i don't know if its natural for born day walkers to be as picky as i am, but i know what i like and i stick with it." Azriel said.

    "Ugh...Lucky i don't need those anymore.." He said while quickly recovering from Tarlee's attacks.
    He stood up straith and holded his hand out controling his blade to moving across the floor back to his back.

    "hahaha, This is how i remember you my dear, always playing rough game's".

    He whiped off the blood from his lips and walked back to his chair putting the robe back on.

    "Mylord! Are you alright?" Leena asked while rushing towards lassiroth.
    "Im fine dear, just a little shacken up. Please let us be and join Joxer and do your thing."

    Leena knodded and dissapeared from sight but just looked towards Tarlee with a tough look before she left.

    "Well now dear Tarlee how can i let you forget the anger you have against me?" He asked


    I walked over to Lassiroth with an evil smile on my face. "You should know by now, I couldn't care less if it's your fight or not, I will jump in when I feel like it. You'll do good to remember that one. The next time you decide to tell me what to do, I will not hesitate to put you in your final resting place." I downed the glass he had given me and dropped the glass and broke it on the floor. "Listen, catch up later. I've given you a warning, but I haven't given you the whole thing. I'm the one they sent after you. Laugh all you want at the Slayer's Legion, but remember who works for them. I give you three days to decide on how this ends. But I have been working the entire time you've been sleeping. I'm much more experienced than I was last time...do not underestimate me." I saw a gleam of something out of the corner of my eye and shot my hand out, catching a vampire by the neck, clearly of the Malkavian clan. "Hmph, teach your younglings who I am, before they lay at my feet gasping for air." I threw the vampire to the ground and walked out of the cathedral. As I walked passed Tarlee I nudged her slightly, "Remember who he is, don't stay too long."


    I won't be long Jeremiah. She then put her focus back on Lassiroth. Much has changed dear Lassiroth. But some things I feel may never change. But something is very different about you and before I can commit to anything I will be sure of what that change is. I am not as Niave as I once was. Granted my temper is the same. But now I have a clan to lead and I must consider them as well. Perhaps you can discuss with me this bit Jeremiah talks so frequently about but won't give me details. I can see why I was summoned now but does Jeremiah know the extent of our History? I would like to know why he has sought the help of the Lycans after so long. She then walked up to Lassiroth giving him a long passionate kiss before walking out the door where Jeremiah had previously disappeared into the night............ On the arm of Lassiroths chair was laid a gold ring inlaid with a strange language and inset with a ruby. Lassiroth recognized it as the Shanari family ring something he had never seen Tarlee remove when he knew her in the past.

    Lily laughed a little, "Well we're all not that picky." she said finally glad the alcohol ran its corse an her sences where back to normal, for once in all her years she felt at peace whenever she didn't have to worry about anything. "It gotten quiet out, quietter than normal." She let the cat jump from her shoulder to walk infront of them. "And I'm gettin the feelin that we're being watched." Lily narrowed her eyes as she stopped walking an turned slightly to look behind them, "Come out...come out...Lycan." she hissed.

    azriel got ready to fight if the lycan chose to attack from any direction. he was ready for anything at this point. with his senses narrowed and his awareness brought to attention, he tried not to let his anger turn into rage as the memories of azaellia ran through his mind and what it must have been like to watch her die.

    "come out lycan! if you want to live! if god forbid you to, i suggest you come out of the shadows and show yourself!"


    I stepped out of the shadows, my eyes burning with a red flame surrounded by darkness, not a single bit of white shown within them, nor did any emotion or feeling of any sort. "Lycan.....hmph, Lycans are the scum of the earth. Even more so than your kind. But you are the lesser of the two evils, so I have decided to come to you and lend my aid where needed. I am what they call a hybrid...of sorts. I am not Lycan, nor am I a vampire. I have all qualities of each race...except I'm not weak to sunlight, garlic, a crucifix, silver, or wood. And I can change from my so-called werewolf form to this form to a Vampiric form when ever I so choose." I walked over to the male vampire, clearly the clan leader. "I sniffed you out as easily as if you were standing in front of me. I advise you take my help, for you do not want me against you in the upcoming war." An evil smile shown upon my pale face, the vampiric fangs showing brightly. "I also hear you have been having issues and frequent visits from the Van Helsing child...I can help you with that as well. And before you tell me you don't need any help, think on this. I know his only weakness."

    I turned and walked towards the female. "My name is Cortez. The eldest of the now thought to be extinct Corvin clan. Yes, Corvin...the one's who started it all. Like I said...be smart and take my help, fore I bring your clan to the ground and bury you all in this tomb you call home." I grabbed the female by the neck, not hurting her or squeezing, just lifting her head slightly so I could look at her neck. "You're weak....I could fix that."

    Lily held the cat in her arms when the man came from the shadows and stood next to Azriel. They listened to him explain himself as she thought, 'How could I not sence him when I senced a Lycan?" but he had answered her question when he said that he was a hybrid and announced his name was Cortez. She silently mouthed 'Corvin' then suddenly dropped the cat when he grabbed her neck saying she was weak an that he could fix it, it was the first time in two hungred years that she showed fear on her face before quickly masking it when she found out that he wasn't hurting her. "I'm...I'm fine." she said in a low voice, "I just haven't fed in a while."

    The cat hissed but Lily motioned for him to calm, "You said you know about Jeremiah." she said dare not moving, "How do you know of him?"


    I let Lily put her head back to a comfortable position and brushed her hair back. "Such innocence, I'm willing to guess that you haven't done much of your own killing, but had a many other courteirs do it for it. And the reason I know of Jeremiah....the youngest of the 3 Van Helsing boys. I know of him because I am the one his father was after when he died. His oldest brother is the leader of the Malkavian Clan, the middle brother.....let's just say that he makes a great hat rack." I looked at the cat who was hissing at me. I laughed and hissed back, but when I did so, my size grew and my wings were visibly enlarged. The cat scattered behind Lily and hid from me. I turned to Azriel. "Well, are you out of shock enough to give me a decision?"

    I walked around the two of them for a couple of minutes while waiting. I smelled Lycan on Lily and made it apparent to Azriel. "You have been around a Lycan, with in close proximity of one...but yet, I don't smell the blood of one on you. Why didn't you kill it...and why didn't it kill you?"

    azriel wasn't really in shock after the hybrid had explained himself. he had heard of him, but it had been so long that azriel wasn't sure he was real or not, or still living. "the lycans, what seems like, are being controlled by jeremiah. though i haven't met tarlee yet or any other lycan, my clan members have witnessed her strength. she is strong, but i doubt she wants the war more than jermiah."

    azriel looked at corvin, studied him, and confirmed that indeed he was an ancient. "so you are the prince of the corvin clan. i am sorry if i had doubted you. so much has happened in time's past. i feared that the deadmoon clan was the only surviving clan in tis world. being that we are shadow seekers and do not tend to kill many, its only common sense to me why my clan has survived longer than any other." azriel paused, he looked at lily and then at cortez. "i believe its time for a change in the deadmoon clan. with the loss of a valuable friend and a sister to jeremiah, the rage inside my heart is ready to burst out and bring rage against the slayers."

    "My..... This is a sudden turn of events" he picked up the ring and looked deeply into the roby set into it. A large smile appeared on his face.

    "I see now, thank you my dear. I shall not forget this." he said while he saw Tarlee leaving.

    Sometime later..... Leena and joxer where out on a mission Lassiroth gave them.

    "And where do we supposed to find that so called chosen one?" Joxer asked Leena while traversing over the rooftops.
    "He said we should reconize her the moment we see her... A daywalker." She replied

    "I stil don't know what he wants with a vampire that can walk in daylight".

    Back at the cathedral... Lassiroth was sitting in his chair looking at the ring Tarlee left behind.

    "Things are getting complicated now. And time is something that i aint got much off now." He spoke to himself when he suddenly raised his head. "So you have finaly found us have you.".

    "My children, go out and fasten my plan's for time is short. Now go and gather the things i need." He said out loud as the malkavian vampires listened to his will and left the cathedral.


    She had waited a long time on the otherside of the alley and still the two vampires had to emerged. Perhaps the had wandered out the otherside and she missed it. Without thinking other than with the time that had passed she may have alot of catching up to do she ran for the alley. As she ran into the blackness she tried to skid to a halt. They were very much still in the alley but so was someone else. He was large and with wings no less. Kira lost her footing sliding into a pile of refuge and falling over. She cursed loudly and tried to regain her footing, she was in serious trouble and she knew it she had made a very fatal mistake.


    After leaving the cathedral she let a smile play across her face yet again. She hoped Lassiroth understood the meaning of leaving her ring. She did not owe Jeremiah allegiance by any means and she needed to find out more of what was happening. But her lost feelings had come back to her and she was still very much in love with Lassiroth. Perhaps the fates where giving them a second chance....perhaps.


    ........laying in an empty house still in a deep healing sleep.......


    Faster than the twinkling of an eye, I was in front of Kira while she stood up. As she was about to stand all the way up, she was quickly lifted off the ground and gasping for air. "It seems we have been stumbled upon. I would ask your name, but I can smell that you are neight human or Vampire, you were once a Lycan, but now you are dead." With a quick snap of my wrist, Kira's lifeless body fell to the ground, her neck wide open and my left hand dripping with blood. I had slit her throat, but did it quick enough that none could see it. "I think you should be more careful, Azriel. You seem to have followers you're not aware of. Now then," I was now in front of him, again as quickly as I had been in front of Kira, "your decision, if you will."

    "my decision? i believe i had said it before." azriel was usually a sarcastic fellow, but seeing as he was dealing with someone 500 years older than he was, the sarcastic jestering left his breath. "i will follow you. do whatever is necessary." he looked at lily and said, "this is my decision. you can do what your will tells you to. if you side with lassiroth, then i will no longer be able to see you. this war will change history, and possibly wipe the vampires and lycans off the face of the earth. so choose your side. i have found mine."

    Lassiroth walked trough a series of hallways deep under the cathedral, there where so many hallways that you could get lost easyly as they all looked the same but lassiroth knew where to go. After some time he reached a large open space with a large circle in the middle.

    Inside the circle where 7 large pillars with strange simbols around them. In the center there was another symbol, the symbol of the Malkavian clan.

    Dark priest walked from behind the pillars and stood infront of it, Lassiroth walked onto the center of the circle and raised his hands. Both he and the priests began to speak a spell.
    "Bangkarok, Pargon, Redgemor, Pargon, Anterbok, Pargon, Mantarok" As they said the words the glyphs around the circle began to glow bright purple, a large shield was casted over the room inner circle so no other than Malkavian vampires could enter the room without Lassiroth permission.
    A large smile apeared on lassiroths facec as he saw 7 female humans being dragged in and binded to the pillars. "Good these virgins will do just fine. Keep them alive and healthy until the ceramony. he said while walking into the maze again back to the upper levels trough a secret passage to the main chamber again.

    "Now all we have to do is wait, Bring her to me my children, bring me the daywalker."

    azriel looked at cortez and said, "well, i guess its settled. our liegance is yours cortez." azriel waited for a reply from cortez.


    I looked down at Azriel and then over to Lily and smiled with a bit of a chuckle. "Good, that means you just may survive this war. But first, we need to fix how weak you both are." I flicked my hand and huge claws sprung out of my finger tips. I cut into my skin and began to bleed. "Drink until I tell you to stop."


    I was walking along a darkened street, the sun just barely peaking out over the horizon. I could hear laughs coming from behind me, familiar laughs, but I couldn't see anyone. Suddenly, everything went black.


    Having left the cathedral sometime after Jeremiah she was still aways behind him in the pre dawn darkness. She knew he was up ahead she could pick up his faint scent on the wind. But there was something else other scents and some oddly familiar. She continued ahead keeping to the shadows so as not to be seen. She then heard voices and laughter. Something was not right about this laughter usually never followed in Jeremiah's wake or at least from what little she knew of him and from the stories told around the underworld. She had to smile for a moment as she thought of it, her reputation in the underworld was large and nefarious. Most wouldn't even dare to say her full name for fear it would curse them and bring her wrath down apon them. As she aproached the sound she could start making out a large contingiant of what appeared to be leather clad and heavily armed men. At least 20 of them by her count.

    The it hit her, It was the slayers legion. Jeremiah was out cold on the ground. Appearantly they had managed to ambush the Vampire. Well not liking Jeremiah much but still he was an ally in this. She stepped out from cover into the open as quietly as the soft breeze blowing in the alley. " Well hello their I see you have managed to sac a companion of mine." Her declaration of her position did little to startle the men. Proof they were indeed Slayers as they did not frighten easy or surprize very well. As soon as the men were done looking her over she could see in their eyes exactly wwhat was on their mind. She was still in a overly tight red dress and the way the oogled her was not promising. Some raised swords and others raised guns all ready for a battle to take her down. She could only smile, there were scents among the men she had indeed recognized and those of the slayers smiled amongst themselves. One man gave a whoop and charged Tarlee thinking he could easily subdue the beautiful woman. As fast as one could draw in breath Tarlee changed into Lycan form. She grabbed the charging man at his throat and ripped it out as she flung him over her head. She let out a loud Howl. The men now realised what they faced and they all began to form up for the fight with a Lycan. Only one problem as they did thes several of their own members started changing into wolves as well and began to tear apart their own ranks. In moments the wolves and Tarlee had killed the remianing humans except for one which was obviously the group Leader. The wolves and Tarlee returned to human form just as quickly as they had become them. One man appraoched Tarlee and knelt before her. " Your Highness we did not expect you her what is your bidding and what of the human and the vampire." Tarlee only smiled.

    azriel bit down on corvin's wrist and began to drink the blood that was flowing in his mouth. the taste of the blood was fiery and like nothing he had ever felt or tasted before. azriel waited for corvin's call.

    Leena and joxer where watching from above.
    "There she is" Said Leena towards Joxer.

    "Good, lets grab her and get out of here." Joxer replied.
    "First raise your blood shield, that guy whos with them is not a good sign."

    They both chanted a spell that coverd there body in blood making them faceless and completly red. They then jumped down to the ground behind Lily while Azriel was drinking the blood of the new guy. Quietly they moved closer to her then they grabbed her.
    "Sorry dear, but we need something off you" Leena said while cutting her wrist and taking blood from her while Joxer was holding her.
    "Good this is enough" she said while jumping back up the roof with joxer following her.
    "Well we have to go now cya." she said while running off again

    Meanwhile Lassiroth was taking a stroll trough town. He could see the sun rise in the distance. "Tonight will be the last time we meet brother." He mumbled as he walked towards the edge of town.
    With his robe on and the hood down noone could see his face but what he saw when he reached the outer limits of town. Countless lights of tents could be seen, Surely this was the legion Jeremiah was talking about.
    " Hahaha, so this is it huh. Good they make great exercise."


    With her Lycans keeping watch over the bound and gaggged patrol leader, Tarlee walked over to the unconcious Jeremiah. From their she could see what brought him down so fast a quickly. A large dart was protruding from the back of his shoulder. Removing the dart she took a light sniff at it. " Bah!! So they have upgraded their poisons." The dart was a speciallized knock out agents that works on vampires. But thankfully the one who shot the dart was a horrible shot as the dart had not fully penetrated so the poison injected was very minimul. See Jeremiah's eyes flutter, she stood and nudged the vampire with her foot. then tried to fix what was left of her dress from her transformation." I go through more clothes blast it to hell anyways!"

    As Lily stood by an waited as Azriel drank from Cortez' wrist she let her cat sit by her feet, but she was suddenly grabbed by two vampires that she couldn't see. She stuggled as best she could as the male held her an the female grabbed her arm an cut her wrist, "Let me go." she hissed as she felt blood flow free from her wrist.

    "Good this is enough" she heard the female say before jumping back up the roof, Lily fell to the ground when the male following her. "Well we have to go now cya." she heard them say before running off again.

    Lily held her arm close to her as she began to feel weak, the wound on her wrist was taking a lot longer to heal than before as blood covered the front of her corset. The cat, who she named Neko, quickly came over a tried to calm her with his purrs but all Lily could do was look up at Neko then over to Azriel an Cortez before blacking out. Neko could sence that Lily had fell unconcious an meowed as loud as he could before curling up to her.


    I noticed what happened to Lily, and a smile crept across my face. "Enough, Azriel, too much of my blood will not only kill me, but you as well. Lily has been attacked....but I'm not sure from where or what. They were apparently aware of me, which is why I couldn't sense them. Stand her up and force her to drink of my blood as well. she will heal faster."


    In the blink of an eye, I had awoken, pulled my gun and put a bullet hole just above a new Lycan's head. He froze and nearly fainted. "What the hell.....where am I?"

    azriel let go of cortez' wrist. he felt more alive than usual. his eyes that usually glowed that soft blood red in the pitchest of night was now making his eyes stick that way. he went over to lily and picked her up with no effort at all. it seemed that the blood of corvin was taking its effect already while it coursed through the veins of azriel.

    azriel dragged lily over to cortez and held her head under cortez' wrist and let the blood drip into her mouth. it would be a few seconds before she would feel alive and bite down on cortez and continue to drink his blood.


    Looking at Jeremiah without the slightest surprize at his reaction. she nodded at her men to continue their watch of the road and then turned to Jeremiah. Her silver eyes glowed unusally bright. Solid orbs in the sunlight that was now cresting the horizon morning was fully apon them. " You my friend where abushed. But unfortunatly for your ambushers they were not expecting me to be following behind or the fact I had spies among their ranks. Much to my fortune as well. I have a gift for you Jeremiah behaps it will help bind our fates in whatever lies before us." Her gaze lead Jeremiah's over to the group leader who saw that Jeremiah was now awake. As he saw this one could see the sweat building on his forhead and his eyes go wide in fear.

    Jeremiah did not thank her but merely gave her a small nod as he swiftly yet slowly walked over to the captive as if enjoying his mounting fear and vain struggles against his bindings. Tarlee expected no thank you the nod was plently she smiled as she watched jeremiah play on the man's fear. She could smell it clearly it was sweet to her senses. She looked up to the sky her eyes still radiating their own light. she thought to her self it felt good the morning before a full moon. It would be a good night for hunting.

    As soon as the blood touched her lips, Lily's eyes fluttered open which were a pale grey as she slowly reached up an grabbed Cortez' wrist an bitting down as she drank. She soon started to feel her strenght come back, the wound on her wrist quickly healed, Lily opened her eyes fully to that they were now a pale blue.

    She then forced herself to let go of his wrist as she took a deep breath and looked around, her scences were higher an sharper than before. "Neko." she said as the cat walked up to her an jumped into her arms. Her eyes seem to glow as she looked off to the edge of the allyway and her black hair framed her face, "Those two are followers of Lassiroth." she said before looking at her wrist, "Why they wanted my blood I have no idea." 'But next to Azriel I'm the only female daywalker.

    "that hax monkey could have something evil going on in his mind. i fear the malkavian empire was something more than just a clan of vampires." azriel felt like he was on a high. from so much ancient blood coursing though his veins, he didn't know what to do, or what to expect now.

    Lassiroth walked back to the catherdral and sat down in his chair awaiting till his children came back. Some time later Joxer and Leena arrived back at the catherdral.
    "Did you get it?" Lassiroth asked

    Leena took out a bottle with Lily's blood in it and gave it to Lassiroth.
    "Perfect! Thank you my children, now we got everything we need to perform the ceremony. Ultimate power will become ours!" he said with a big smile on his face

    They walked into the inner area's of the cathedral and then trough a secret passage down the stairs.
    "Mylord, when we took her blood we saw a strange looking man with them." Joxer said.
    "Did he had blue hair and a red cloack?" Lassiroth asked him, Joxer knodded.
    "Azriel was feeding off his wrist, that was our window to get her blood." Leena added.

    "Damnit, he already found me this quick. This is going to bring trouble to both me and my brother." he said while walking trough the maze and into the inner ritual chamber.

    The woman that where captured where stil in good condition. Lassiroth inspected them all and said:"Good now we only have to wait till nightfall, the lunar eclipse will start tonight and so will our reign of power." He walked up to Leena and said:"My dear, i got a small mission for you, Please find Miss Tarlee and my brother and tell them that Cortez has found us. Jeremiah knows what to do, just dont stay tolong my brother has a anoying trigger finger."

    So said so done while running in daylight Leena searched for Tarlee and Jeremiah to tell them about Cortez.


    I walked over to the captive with a large smile. "So, captain, you found me have you...and you come packing with lycan poison. One thing you didn't count on is my business partner." I took my coat off and removed my hat and guns. My long black hair flowing as I moved, it began to change. "Tarlee....leave me, I have some business to tend to." She knodded and turned around, closed the door, and began to hear blood curdling screams...which quickly came to an end. She came back to see me in my vampire form...the captain's face completely flushed of all colour. "So, where's the other task forces? I know they wouldn't send one hunter clan after me, considering who I am."

    He didn't say anything, frozen from fear. "We....we.........we.....weren't sent.....to kil...kill you. We......were sent.......because.......C...c...c...c..c..c...c..........Cortez Corvin has risen again. We were to bring you back and warn you." I raised my hand, and the captain raised from the ground, chair and all, as I did so. "Liar, you were sent to kill me, I know better." He fell to the ground, lifeless at my feet. I turned to see Tarlee with a rather large smile on her face, apparently trying to hold back laughter. "Let's go...we've got some very large trouble heading our way, if it isn't already here."


    I pulled my wrist from Lily's mouth, and the wound closed immediately. "That's enough, take refuge in your tomb of a home. I have something to take care of." I lifted from the ground and flew off towards Lassiroth's scent. Quickly finding the cathedral he called home. I broke through the doors and let out a ferocious howl mixed with the hiss of a vampire. "LASSIROTH! I'M HERE FOR BLOOD!" A small group of vampires came out of the shadows, all hissing and smiling evily at me. "Our master is busy, we're here to welcome you."

    I smiled back. "This is the welcoming commitee? I'm disappointed. Do you know who stands before you?" They all looked at each other and smiled back at me with the response, "A dead vampire?" I laughed and flipped the cloak from in front of me, letting it rest on my back. "Nope, wrong answer. I am death incarnate....Death of a particular name. Death...namely yours." I swiftly moved through the room, leaving behind me a series of horrble screams.


    After watching Jeremiahs work and listening to what he had to say tarlee moved to her men. She may be hot tempered but she was not stupid. Her caln had survived and grown under her rule for centuries. She had spies everywhere she could, information was power. After briefly speaking with her men she walked back over to Jeremiah. " They will return to the woods and watch for any patrols and inform us immediatly of any news. Unfortunatly they were assigned this task different from the main group. If this really is the cortez of Legend....She paused thinking silently to her self.. I do not like this Jeremiah to many knives in the shadows for my liking. We need to be cautious."

    Lassiroth turned his face around when he heard a familier voice. "No, not so soon. Joxer protect this room with your life, do not let anyone in here. Your hereby alowed to use blood magic." Lassiroth said to joxer as he left the inner sanctum and went trough the maze like wind.

    Once back in the catherdral he felt that his childrens life where decreasing. In the distance he saw Cortez walk trough the hallway leading to the grant chamber he stood in.

    Stil having his robe on and his face hidden he said out loud:"Took you a while to find me Cortez. Getting old?"

    He started to whisper an enchantment: "Seltak, Pargon, redgomor, Pargon, Chartur'Ga" when he finishd his spell red orbs started to float around him creating a protective and offensive barrier.

    "This time you will be the one that goes into hiding my friend." he said with an agitated voice.


    I lifted my hand and repeated the incantation backwards. The orbs began to disappear from in front of Lassiroth. "It took me a while to find you because I wasn't looking. But you need not worry about dying here. I'm not here to fight with you, you're no use to me dead. I'm here to make an offer to you. Pledge yourself and your clan to me, and I won't be forced to kill you. And remember, you die....your clan dies with you. And you are not invincible to the pure power of the oldest living vampire and lycan. I give you one chance to think about it. If you side with me, together we will wipe out all opposition. And you will join my ranks as not only the Malkavian Clan leader, but the leader of all vampires world wide. Anyone who stands and rises up against us, we will crush them under our thumbs. Decide with me, and you will have more power than you have ever dreamed of, you will become the second most feared person in the world. And when I decide to pass, my legacy will become yours...and your every dream will come true. Imgaine, the most powerful beings in the world, together, we will be unstoppable. But you can not get that power with out me."

    I stood back and raised the protection field he had up before, with no incantation. "I control the elements with more power than you can imagine, join me or suffer. Think about it, and I will find you when the time is right." In the blink of an eye, I disappeared.

    azriel had vanished away and had reappeared in front of the door to his little sanctum. when he opened it, his clan members had greeted him in the hallway before he got fully into the crypt. aisen looked at him and so did everyone else, giving azriel a strange look. "you have changed master." azriel nodded and replied, "that i have aisen. we have been called by our new master to join an ancient legion." aisen, who was the philosopher of the clan thought about what azriel had said. he studied his new look, the way his eyes glowed and replied with almost a gasp on his face. "he isn't back is he?" azriel nodded his head. "indeed, aisen. cortez corvin has returned and i now serve in his legion of daywalkers. so does lily." azriel looked back at mika who had raised her head slightly when she heard that lily had join also. "i am a bit weary right now and need to rest. when the time comes, i will offer you the blood of the corvin, the original vampire who bred us all into existence!"

    azriel retired to his chambers and crawled into his coffin. the blood he had drank was indeed worthy and true. it made his veins boil with power and lust. he was at a point of hyperness. he couldn't lay still in his own coffin. ali had followed him in again and was standing off in the shadows. azriel could sense her right off the bat. he spoke into the darkness, "what are you doing here?" ali replied softly, almost with a fear in her voice, "i am a little worried about you and this war. ever since we got back to alora, you have dragged yourself into this war. this isn't our war azriel." azriel laid in his coffin, thinking about what she had said. "its our war now ali. i have chosen to become part of the corvin clan. the deadmoon clan is failing. it was once the biggest clan of vampires alike. but now we are dwindling with only 4 members including me. i believe its time for a change in our future." ali wouldn't argue with him. she understood his reasoning for his decisions. she waited in the darkness for azriel to say something.

    azirel could still feel her presence. "do you wish to ask me something else?" he added. ali didn't know what to say. she had a question on the tip of her toung, but was too afraid to ask it, being that azriel was in a state of hyperness with the new blood flowing in his veins. she wasn't sure how he would react. azriel sat up in his coffin, his red glowing eyes pinned in ali's direction. "you want to know what its like having the blood of a daywalker and the blood of corvin flowing through your own veins, don't you?" he smiled, almost evily. she looked at him, then looked down, feeling out of place. "yes..." she replied. azriels' smile was still on his face when she answered. "i am sorry, but i can't offer you my blood. it will overwhelm your body, possibly kill you." she frowned, having had thoughts run through her mind of what it was like. "but don't worry... tomorrow i will let you get a taste." she smiled and then left the room. azriel laid back down in his coffin and went to sleep. when he would awake, the blood in his system would blend with the corvin blood and he would feel more alive than right now.

    Soon after both Cortez and Azriel disappered, Lily took a deep breath as she smelt the dawn air as she and Neko made their way back to the crypt. Pushing a strain of hair behind her ear Lily entered the sanctum, "Sister..." Mika said in a softed voice as she quickly ran over to her an hugged her. Lily hugged back an smiled as Mika pulled away to get at good look at her, she could tell that she was different just like Azriel. "Your different...like Azriel." she said, Lily's eyes still held the pale blue but soon changed back to the original honey gold when she blinked an her hair was longer than before. Her an Mika talked for a while, letting her know that Azriel explained what had went on, as they sat down in a corner where they had been content to most of their stay.

    "Things are gonna be different little sister." Lily said as Mika sat behind her an started to braid her hair in a french braid, she could tell that Lily's sences were on a high, "I just worry about you sometimes." Mika replied as Lily laid her head on her lap when she was done with her hair, "Things seem to not work as best as we want but since this Cortez Corvin came in the picture, this may be a good thing. But if this war keeps going," Mika paused when she looked down to see that Lily was drifting off to sleep an sighed, "Who knows what the outcome may be."

    "J.j.Join you?" he mutterd. How could this be an offer to join his ranks, last time we met we fought till we both couldt handle our body's anymore.

    Lassiroth stood by as he saw Cortez dissapear before him. He took off his hood clearly seeing his eyes burn with hatred.

    "Just watch me Cortez, tomorrow will be the turning point of your legacy. I got everything i need and i dont need my incantations anymore. Tonight will be the start of a new legacy, the legacy of Lassiroth Gemini the Malkavian GOD! ha ha ha haha.

    The laughter could be heard troughout the whole catherdral and outside for a couple of blocks. He walked back towards the inner sanctum deep under the cathedral.
    Joxer ran towards him and asked:"Mylord are you ok?"

    "Im fine Joxer, there's been a sudden turn of events today. It's seems our friend Cortez is recruiting members to his once extinct clan. But soon even his power wont hold us back." he said with a smile.

    "Is everything ready for tonight?" he asked Joxer.
    Joxer knodded and the smile on Lassiroths face grow even larger.
    "Now only to get my lost love to my side and my brother aswell. I think he will like this new power of ours."

    Meanwhile Leena was stil running to find Tarlee and she finaly did find her. She landed behind her and said:"Miss Tarlee? I have a message from my lord Lassiroth. He send me to warn you about an old enemy of his Cortez. He wishes you and Jeremiah to visit him tonight before midnight."
    She awaited Tarlee's answer.


    Tarlee turned to face Leena as soon as she started speaking. She was not surprized to see the vampress." Tell Lassiroth I will indeed meet him this evening as the sun melts intot he horizon. As for Jeremiah I cannot speak for him, ask him yourself he is over there." Tarlee nodded in Jeremiah's direction where he was taking time to decide on his direction.

    azriel woke up from his slumber. when he awoke, he felt different. he got out of his coffin, stumbling across the cold stone floor and then bracing himself against a stone pillar. he rubbed his head and then looked in the far corner after smelling a familiar scent. "ali" he called out. she came out from the shadows. "i'm sorry for being in here... i was just worried about you." azriel looked at her and she tensed up a bit. he could sense a fear in her, and also by looking at her. "whats the matter?" she didn't say anything. "i asked you a question!" his temper rose a bit, something that was definitely not his usual ways. she hesitated a bit and replied, "your eyes are different. they look hostile." she backed away from him as he moved closer to her. he stumbled off to a mirror that had hung on the wall in his chamber. he had never really used it, but this time he wanted to see what she saw.

    azirel pulled the black veil off the mirror, and before him stood an unfamiliar face. his eyes were silver, and his body was a little more muscular. his face had a sadistic smile curving around his cheeks. he turned to face ali who was still in a bit of fright and said, "so this is the blood of corvin. i feel so much alive!"
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    I looked up to see Leena, one of Lassiroth's followers. I immediately shot my hand out at her and grabbed her by the throat. Fear filled her eyes and she gasped while trying to explain herself. "I will meet with him, but not for his sake. I'm interested in what he has to say as long as it benefits mine and Tarlee's plans. Go tell him that we will, but make haste, for if I catch you before you get to him, you die." I dropped her and she scurried off.


    I slowly walked the catacombs of Azriel's maze home. I soon came across him and the female Ali, who was fear stricken from Azriel's new found life. "Incredible power, isn't it. Trust me, it gets better. How does it feel to finally see yourself after so many centuries? Now, step outside and let your powers go to their full potential, you'll never want to return." I said this with a smirk on my face, knowing that Azriel would be completely under my power.

    After some time Leena returned to the cathedral and said the reponse to Lassiroth.

    "Figures, Alright we must prepare for tonight, but rest first we need all our strenght by that time." He said.
    Later they all went into there cript with only a handfull of gaurds around the inner chamber and a strong containment field shield protecting it.

    "it feels different." he replied in a deeper tone than usual. "i feel more powerful then i did before." ali was still fear stricken to see azriel's new look.

    Lily had been awake for a while as she stayed around Mika, she had noticed that Lily never talked much after she woke but Mika didn't want to bother her on the issue. "You have a look in your eye that you didn't have before." Mika said as she fixed a tear on Lily's dress. Lily just looked over at her with a slight grin on her face, "Thats because I'm not the same Lily anymore." her voice seemed to float through the air with a slight sedutive feel to it. "Whatever this blood has done to me, I haven't felt like this in three hundred years." Neko came over an sat in Mika's lap when she was done with Lily's dress, she hadn't sown much over the years but she was happy of how Lily's new dress looked. Lily still wore her corset but the bottom was different, it was made to move with her as she walked or fought if need be.

    "Its beautiful sister." Lily said as she ran her fingers over the fabric then through her hair unbinding the braid. She could sence that Cortez was with Azriel and stayed with her sister, Neko and the others, she had a feeling that there might be a long talk ahead.

    As the day went by without any trouble the night quickly took over and coverd the sky in a black blanket decorated with bright stars.

    Lassiroth stood up from his coffin and stredged his arms.
    "Huaahh, that felt nice." He scratched his back for a moment and started to feel hungry. He didt have to look far as Lucy already had brought a girl for him to feed on.

    "Ah as thoughtfull as ever Lucy, thankyou." He began feeding on the girl and when he was done he asked lucy if the others are awake aswell.

    "Both Joxer and leena are on the roof MyLord."

    He knodded and left his tomb to get up on the roof and see Leena resting against Joxers shoulder.

    "Well my lovebirds, its time. Tonight the lunar eclipse will begin so we gotta prepare, please make sure everything goes as planned.

    Joxer and Leena looked towards Lassiroth as he said that and then stood up and went on there way.

    "Tonight will be the birth of a new god. And a god needs a goddes." he said with a smile on his face.

    Meanwhile inside the Inner Sanctum the Malkavian priests began to start with the enchantments required to start the ceramony.


    I walked over to Azriel and put my hand on his shoulder. Come, let us roam the night and put the fear back into the world. The fear that once was. Let us begin again the true reign of the creatures of the night. We will no longer stand in the shadows in fear of being seen and hunted, but we will now go among the people and be the hunter. Are you with me, Azriel?" I squeezed his shoulder lightly, getting his attention.

    azriel left his room, with cortez. he looked at lily as he came out and said, "me and cortez are going out." he smiled and left his crypt.

    after he was outside, he looked at cortez and said, "if you were the first vampire to walk this earth, how were you created?"


    She sat in the darkness, her eyes never leaving the cathedral in the distance. She could feel her body growing stronger. Tonight was a very special night. The power from the moon would be complete. Only once before had she felt the power from the moon like this. It was many centuries ago when the war between Lycan and vampire had climaxed. It was the time of her and her love with Lassiroth. She smiled at her fond memories of the days past. then her visage changed to a frightening snarl.. she thought to herself " I will let know one come between me and what is mine again, I hope the other feels the same."

    Lassiroth was standing ontop of the cathedral watching the town in the night.
    "It will all come together tonight, This time everything will go as i have planned. I will gain my strenght again, my love and perhaps even my brother."
    He began to smile.

    "Yes tonight will be the dawn of a new age. Vampire's will rule the night." he added after.

    "My Lord, excuse me but the preperations are complete." Lassiroth heard from behind.
    "Good, il be right down." He replied as the minion left.

    Later he walked down into the Inner Sanctum of the cathedral.
    Joxer and Leena where standing against a wall.
    "Joxer, Leena could you wait for Tarlee and Jeremiah and bring them here when they reach the cathedral?" Lassiroth asked.
    "Ofcource My Lord." They replied as they left the room

    Lassiroth stood in the center of the room when the ritual began. It was stil 3 hours away till midnight.


    I walked outside with Azriel, and upon hearing his question, had to think for a moment. "Creation....is a loose term to use with me. I'm what you would call a "freak accident." My two brothers, as you are well aware of, are the first of both races, Lycans and Vampire. I was the only human son to my father, and I was young and enthusiastic....and stupid. I went after my brothers, and was attacked by them both. When all was said and done, my brothers thought that they had killed me. But because they had worked together and passed their.....'disease' on to me, and I soon lived again. I crawled to the nearest hospice, which is where I tasted my first flesh being." I paused a moment, reflecting on the experience, like that of a first fight, the adrenaline driving me more and more.

    "Of course, at that time, they were concerned solely with Vampire and Lycans, they never expected a mix of the two. That's when the Slayer's Legion began. I couldn't let them find my brothers, it was my revenge and not theirs. So I searched for them....and I found them. I found them, and then I killed them. By killing them, I had caused all the vampire and werewolves to die, but then I found the secret to the TRUE immortality of both races. Killing your master, and taking his blood, gives you the powers he possessed. My thirst for power, gave me a thirst for knowledge, which gave me the power to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted." We came to a clearing and I finished telling Azriel my story. I turned to him with an evil smile on my face. "Understand that when I say 'kill your master,' don't think you will ever be powerful enough to kill me. My powers are centuries older than yours, I will crush you if you turn on me. Now feel your new power surge through you." As I said that, the full moon revealed itself, and I could feel Azriel's power growing, but I felt a new sensation, something inside me rebelled against it...."No, it can't be."

    azriel's eyes began to glow brighter as he tensed his muscles; felt the newly found power course through his veins. he was a new man now. and he had remembered what cortez had said about killing a master. even though he wouldn't have any intentions of disobeying his new master, he wondered why he had even told him about it.

    they were both now on the streets, in the dead of night. the moon was full and had influenced azriel. he bent over and cringed, the pain of the transformation had left him kneeling on the ground, screaming and howling from the pain. the new blood was now finalizing and transforming him into what he was truly supposed to be. his eyes were now a solid ebony and his teeth had grown significantly. he looked at his mast er and sniffed the air. with a low toned snarl he looked at cortez and said, "i can smell the lycans from here. and... that old man. the malkavian." his breathing was heavy which was accompanied by low toned growls as if he was breathing through his mouth.


    With the coming of the full moon his regenetive powers had healed his leg enough that he was now able to walk again. He tentatively left the empty house he had been hiding in and started to make his way to the bar they had come across when they had first come to this town.


    Jeremiah was not far off, he had said he wouldn't be that long just long enough to check and service his equipment and to meditate for the coming events of the full moon. Though Tarlee was still currently sided with Jeremiah she was not the most patient of beings. Her love was within reach and she wasn't crazy about the thought she may lose him again. She knew Jeremiah would read where she went from scent or tracks so she left hastening to the cathedral. She wanted to be near Lassiroth.

    In the distance Joxer and Leena saw Tarlee coming towards the cathedral.

    "Hello Miss Tarlee, Lassiroth is downstairs in the sanctum." Leena said.
    "If you would follow me then il show you to Lord Lassiroth." She added.

    Joxer stood against the door when Leena and Tarlee went inside. He knew he had to wait on Jeremiah.

    Some time later Jeremiah came insight of Joxers sight.

    "So, we meet again huh." Joxer said towards Jeremiah.

    No reaction came from him so Joxer turned around and walked inside.
    "Follow me if you wish to gain strenght." Joxer said while walking further.

    Jeremiah followed him inside and trough the large maze below the complex.

    Once infront of the Sanctum he met up with Leena and Tarlee.

    "Please behave yourself infront of our master." Leena said with a calm voice as she opend the large gate with magic.

    Before them stood the ritual chamber called the Sanctum. In the middle stood lassiroth controling the blood flow around him.
    Next to each pole a Malkavian priest stood chanting with an woman attached to the pole and blood coming out of her eyes and ears.

    "Ahh you both finaly arrived. Welcome my love and ofcource you aswell my brother." Lassiroth said while keeping control of the blood stream.

    Lily stands behind tree watching everything that happened to Azriel, "Looks like everything turned out good." she said to herself as Mika climbed down from the tree, Lily could feel that she was getting stronger herself. "Come Mika." Lily said, "It looks like we are not needed anymore." She walks away from the tree and at least a few miles away around Azriel and Cortez, "But sister I thought we were gonna help with this stuff thats going on." Mika said as she tried to catch up with Lily. Lily kept walking and all she said was, "We will when we're needed." as her eyes glowed in the moonlight.


    I walked up to Lassiroth and put my hand on his shoulder. "Before you finish this, we need to talk." I forcefully pulled him aside out of ear shot of everyone else. "Cortez Corvin, you know he's back. But I'm not sure if you're aware of his position here. He's already made Azriel drink of his blood, I can feel it. He's creating a new race of hybrids, stronger, faster, better than we. We won't be able to fight him alone. I ask of you brother, let us put aside our differences and defeat our mutual enemy...if not, then the war will start earlier than expected." I reached into my coat and grabbed one of my guns, Lassiroth could most definitely hear the hax monkeying of the weapon. "Make your choice, remember I fear not death."


    "Yes, Azriel, feel the power surge through your veins. But the time for getting used to your powers is not now. The time is upon us to take apart my opposition. Lassiroth has begun his ritual, if he completes this ritual, then not even I will be able to easily kill him. We must hurry." I lifted my hand and pulled Azriel to the ground in front of me, him landing on his feet. "I do control you, but I will not do it often. Because you have transformed, your clan should have as well, let's go collect our new muscle and set this world ablaze!"

    The bloodstream calmy flew around in the circle while lassiroth got pulled out by Jeremiah.

    "I know brother, first i didt want to share this with you but when i saw Cortez come into the scene everything changed."

    Lassiroth walked back into the circle and started controlling the blood stream again.
    "Ive known about the hybrids for a long time now ever since father told us about it. But dont worry brother everything will change to the better for us."

    He raised his arms higher and the stream of blood began to flow faster and faster.
    "Behold brother, our ancient ritual called Maelstrom. This ritual will give us greater power and can only be done by a full moon with a special type of eclipse."

    "If we complete this ritual than even Cortez wont be a problem anymore. Now please stand aside and watch as the ritual will enter its final stage."

    Leena stood next to Tarlee and said to her:"Lord Lassiroth said this will only effect Malkavian vampire's normaly but he told me that he changed some things to enhance your strenght aswell. He told me about you and i noticed that he stil loves you."

    The priests raised there arms and the body's that hang on the pillars began to shake heavly. Lassriroth began to lift in the air with the blood around him swirling faster and faster making him being surrounded by a ball of blood.

    "Pargon, Santak, Redgormor" Where the first three words Lassiroth spoke. The blood in the chamber began to glow brightly.

    azriel felt his body limply fall to the ground and kneel before his master. he felt angry by the way cortez showed authority over himself. he felt like he had acquired a new friend, not a master. he bit the anger off and stood up. he focused all of his anger on lassiroth instead of his new master.

    azriel ran with haste, trying to get to the cathedral as quick as he could. he knew he was going in the right direction after catching the scent of tarlee and her fiends a block in the opposite direction. he wasn't sure if cortez was following behind. as he was running, he had a sense that lily had left. just a weird feeling someone gets, but to have it happen to him while in the middle of this chase was making him get side tracked from his mission.

    i wonder what she is up to. she would be under control of cortez if i am too. i wonder where she is at the moment. azriel was thinking to himself. he stopped when he reached the door to the cathedral. without hesitation he opened the both doors, letting them slam on the inner walls of the sanctum. he could still smell the others, and had to get to where they were fast.


    She smiled at the words from Leena. " I have waited along time to hear those words." she then turned her attention to Lassiroth. He was still as handsome as she remebered. She then her the sounds of doors slamming. With the imminent eclipse. Tarlee's powers had already increased greatly. She could no longer hide her heritage. Her fangs where appearant in her mouth and as sharp as ever. Her eyes had become solid orbs of glowing silver. although she was not in wolf form. her musles moved with their unnatural squirming underneath her skin periodically. With this night her sensed where extremely sensitive and the slamming door sounded closer than normal. She then looked to Leena. " we have company and I am thinking its not the welcome kind. We must do what we can to buy my love time to finish his ritual. It will only aid us if he finishes." She then looked to Jeremiah, and Evil cruel smile played on her suple lips as she looked from him to Lassiroth and then back again. With her powers her wolf form and human form were one she would not look like a wolf this night. " Shall we cause some trouble ..Brother." After her words she laughed in Jeremiah's direction then disappeared into the labrinth of lassiroths cathedral. for her it was home it was where Lassiroth and her would escape to when privacy was wanted and where no one could find them. The darkness was like home and anytime she came close to a torch she smiled as it blew out of its own accord keeping her stealthed in darkness.

    Leena knodded at the words of Tarlee. She called Joxer and went following swiftly and silently behind Tarlee using there blood magic to hide there presence to others except Tarlee.

    Grunts where dispatched all around the laberint gaurding every passage while hiding in the dark.

    "They will have to find us first and trust me Miss Tarlee this maze has it's own magic" She said with a soft laugh behind it.

    Meanwhile in the Sanctum...

    Lassiroth began with the second part of the enchantment as he spoke:"Antorbok, Pargon, Tier" The moment he said the words the swirls of blood began to glow even faster.
    The body's of the female sacrafices began to move violently towards the ball of blood and got loose from the poles they where attached on. They hoverd in a circle around Lassiroth and glowing with red light from there own blood.

    The priests started to chant even harder as it was only 30 minutes left till midnight. Above the cathedral the moon started to glow crimson red.

    Lily felt a pull in her chest as they stopped at a nearby tree, He must have control of us. But not so much on me since I'm so far away. she thought as she drapped an arm over one knee as she sat on a low branch and Mika sat on one above her. They could hear the booming sounds of the doors of the cathedral being forced open. "Should we go now?" Mika asked, "Don't be foolish." Lily hissed, "Going in without knowing what is going on is the quickest way to being killed."

    Lily knew that she shouldn't be upset with Mika, now that she was stronger she had to look out for Mika a lot more now. She was hoping that once she had changed Mika would change as well but she did not, she remained the same when everyone else changed. It's only matter of time. Somehow Lily could tell that someone was worried about her and it wasn't Mika.


    I saw Tarlee run into the labyrinth and look back to me as if wanting me to follow. But I had a better idea. In a quick motion, my jacket was on the ground and covered in my own blood. "If they get to this point, they will believe I am either dead or close to it”

    I let out a blood-curdling howl, and took off into the maze and stayed hidden from anyone's sight, until the right moment. I couldn't turn on Azriel, I made a pact with him and my word is my bond. But Lassiroth is my brother....I had alot of thinking to do.


    I could sense Lily and Mika, and they weren't very far away. I couldn't quite control their bodies the way I could Azriel's, but soon I would be able to. I walked into the cathedral and then into the labyrith. It was dark, and my eyes began to glow a bright silver. I could smell the Lycan princess, and the blood of virgins, and then Lassiroth. I knew the ritual was over, but it didn't matter. I yelled at the top of my lungs and my voice rang out through the maze, "LASSIROTH!! I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU AND YOUR CLAN, I'M HERE!" With that, I quickly moved thorugh the labyrinth at blinding speed.

    It was only 3 minutes till midnight as Lassiroth said the last 3 words of the ritual.

    "Santak, Pargon, Mantorok!" When he spoke the last words a ray of red light came down from the crimson colored moon into the ball of blood channeld trough the tunnel in the top of the cealling.

    When the light hit the blood it exploded into a large ring and spreaded troughout the cathedral and maze when it hit Lassiroth and all of the other Malkavian vampires they hit the ground and started to shake heavely.

    "Arrg...Yes...this is it...the powers of the blood god Mantorok flows trough me. GAAAAGHH" he flew up and hoverd in mid air. From his back grew demon like wings that shredded his cloak and let it drop to the ground.

    When the wings where fully grown he cryed out a bloody roar hearable throughout the whole cathedral and he dropped to the ground again, but quickly stood up again. he trew off the rest of his torned cloak to the ground. The females where turned into hidoes creatures more demons than humans.

    "Ha,Ha,hahaha Behold the Malkavian Blood God has rised!"

    Meanwhile in the maze Joxer and Leena also dropped to the ground.
    "Aghh, this power...it...it's so WONDERFULL!" Both joxer and Leena flew mid air and like Lassiroth demon like wings grew on there backs and then dropped to the ground again.

    "Hehe, now i know what you ment master." Joxer whisperd.
    "Yes, the world will be ours." Leena added.


    Tarlee could sense more beings in the labrynth. They were not normal beings either, they radiated immense power. Tarlee began to think to herself on what her next course of action should be. Then a loud roar could be heard blood curdling to a lesser being, and shortly after that two more animal like roars could be heard on either end of where she was. One was Lassiroth and the other was extremely unfamiliar yet familiar to her all at the same time. Her only assumption was that Lassiroth had finished his ritual. She had not noticed any changes in herself as Leena had said would happen but perhaps these things took time. She was not sure what to expect she knew she should be wary of Jeremiah considering she was making obvious her intentions towards Lassiroth. But she had little time to Dwell.

    Bigger matters where obviously at hand. She made her way back the way she cam and found Leena and Joxer on her way. They had both sprouted wings. Indeed the ritual was complete. " Ah Leena I see you wear power well." she spoke with a genuine smile of respect toward the female but did not give Joxer any notice physically. What Tarlee did not notice is that because of the ritual she had indeed increased in size and strength as well her pure silver orbs now glowed a deep lavender. She also did not notice because of her even growth her clothes were not exactly fitting properly but mere shreds hanging loosly over her feminine form. She continued walking past towards Lassiroths chamber.

    azriel followed cortez, just as fast as he was running. he could smell close by, though didn't know if it was the blood from lassiroth or someone else's blood. he followed closely behind cortez. soon they would reach the chamber where lassiroth lied.

    Laughter could be heard from both Joxer and Leena as they flew trough the maze back into the Sanctum.

    "My children, You have witnessed the birth of a new and improved race of vampires. Fear of hunters is no more, crosses wont work, holy water is futile against us."

    The demon vampire's where flying in a circle around Lassiroth waiting his command.

    "Go my demonic children, Go and bring me Cortez his head" Lassiroth added. The 9 creatures quickly left the room and flew with lighting speed trough the maze searching for cortez and anyone else that did't belong in the maze.

    "Your to late now Cortez, i achieved my final form now and with this even your hybrid powers wont help you out." He said while spreading out his wings.


    Looking at Lassiroth now that she had made her way back to the sanctum She smiled and replied. " Well my dear Power sits well with you tonight. Although the wings are abit of a new one for me but I am sure we can work around it." She kept her smile on as her eyes swept the room staying alert for danger from anywhere. Theere is so much commotion in the labrynth that he senses were all over the place unless she chose to focus on anyone in particular.

    Lassiroth looked at Tarlee.
    "Thankyou my dear. It seems the ritual gave you greater powers aswell.
    Cortez and his new kindred are already in the labyrint and on there way here. We will go trough the north exit into my chambers and leave my freshly made Succabuses to entertain our guests." He said with a smile.

    Lassiroth looked towards Joxer and said: "Joxer, Please find me brother. I wish to speak to him."

    Lassiroth said with a deep voice, just as said joxer flew off to find Jeremiah. The only thing he could find was a cloth full of blood that belonged to jeremiah. As sson as he came back Lassiroth smelled the blood on the cloth.

    "Hmm, this aint right. Joxer and Leena please go with Tarlee towards my chambers i will catchup later."

    Without hessitation he walked trough the east exit and rushed trough the maze to find his brother by his bloodsent.

    "What did you do, brother." he asked himself.

    "Smell that?" Mika asked as they watched from a distance at the things that were going on. "Yes but its faint." Lily said. "Things are getting more chaotic than I thought."

    From where she sat, Lily could hear the different yells an screams coming from the building, "Are you sure we are safe out here sister?" Mika asked, Lily closed her eyes. "Yes we are...Cortez and Azriel dont need our help." Lily said, "They have their own problems right now and if and when they do need out help, we will be near."


    I came blasting through the doors that lead into the sanctuary, but I knew it was too late. I could see the sword stuck in the roof, surrounded by the markings of the Malkavian clan. I let out a massive roar that shook the very foundation of the maze. I could smell blood, familiar blood. And I decided to follow it, when I caught the scent of Lassiroth. I let out another fierce scream that would chill Lassiroth himself. "you're mine, Lassie. You won't escape me....."I caught the smell of something else, very close by. I spun around and heard the door to Lassiroth's quarters creaking closed. I flung the door open only to find a bloodied jacket, which was Jeremiah's by the smell. Joxer and Leena were facing me, and Tarlee had her back to me. I grabbed Joxer by the head and pulled him out before slamming the door shut tightly and blocking it with my body. I proceeded to rip his body to shreds and feast upon his blood. It was strong, and I could feel myself thriving on the power, but it was nothing like my own. I threw his lifeless body aside and was just about to turn around and open the door when I was knocked aside.


    I saw what Cortez had done to Joxer and that he was turning around for more, but I decided that wasn't going to happen. I flew down as quickly as I could and, with all my might, knocked him away from the door. Unfortunately he got back up just as quickly as I had knocked him down. He rushed towards me and smacked into me with more pressure than I had ever felt. We went through a pillar or two before he threw me to the ground. I pulled my guns from their holsters, but he swooped down and knocked them from my hands right away. I heard the door creak open from behind me. I reached for my sword, determined to not let Cortez near Leena and Tarlee. I never let anyone know, but secretly I had a thing for Leena, and I knew she knew I did. And I was not going to let this maniac kill her. "Cortez, you're mine. I will not allow you near Tarlee and my love." At hearing this, Cortez spun around with a great smile on his face. And I realized what I had just done, confessing my love for Leena and giving Cortez the opening he needed to make me make a mistake. I pulled my sword from it's sheathe and lunged at him, forcing his attention to me.

    We continued to fight for a very long while, and I knew I was wearing him thin. He had numerous cuts and gashes on him, he was heaving heavily for breath, and his speed had slowed immensely. I had taken quite the beating myself, to the point that I was unable to use my right arm and I couldn't see out of my left eye. My shirt was ripped to shambles, revealing a muscular and bloodied body, worse than Cortez's. He seemed to be taking a short break, so I took that chance to turn to Leena, who was a very short distance behind me. I flashed her a smile and an apologetic look for not telling her before how I felt. And flew off towards Cortez with a scream. I drove my sword through his stomach and he let out a great hollar of pain. I removed it and drove into him again, and again, and again. He fell to his knees and began to bleed out on the floor. He stood up and drove his claws into my stomach with an evil laugh. He had me, and he knew it. He threw me over to Tarlee and Leena, I looked up at them and stood up very weakily. "Leena, I'm sorry I never told you before, but I love you. I have for centuries, and I will until the end of time. But now, I must ask you to leave. He is trying to get to you, to cause me to make a mistake, and so far it hasn't worked, but I don't know how much longer I can hold out." I turned back to Cortez and stood up as straight as I could....which wasn't very straight at all. My body was going numb, I was getting dizzy from the blood loss, and my strength was failing me. "Go....NOW!" I yelled as I flew towards Cortez for what I knew to be my final moment. I drove my sword into his chest and we both barreled to the ground. When we had stopped rolling and struggling with each other, he grabbed me and flung me through the nearest wall. I stood up, my sword still in his heart. "Cortez.....you can't win.........I can smell my brother, and you won't survive both him and Tarlee, not after what I've done with you." He let out an evil laugh and pulled the sword from his chest. "Boy, you can't defeat me. I am the oldest, strongest, fastest, greatest, and the best there is. Tarlee is nothing, Lassiroth means nothing to me. Azriel is now here, so even if I fall, he will take my place as the greatest of all time." He took my sword and pointed it at me. He flew into me and before i could react, he drove it through the middle of my chest. I fell to the ground, unable to feel anything. The strength fled from my body and my body drained of energy. "Tarlee.....take.........him........Leena............I'm sorry......I....love....." I fell to the ground, trying desperately to save my strength, to live as long as I could.


    Enraged at the sight of the battle between Jeremiah and Cortez. Tarlee's was growing in size. She puched the doors left on Lassiroth's chamber causing them to explode in a multitude of splinter's. At the same time jeremiah hit the floor almost dead and mumbling apologizes. Meanwhile Cortez was feeding his own ego. Tarlee Barreled into Cortez and with one backhand sent him flying head over feet across the room and in a split second she grabbed Jeremiah's sword from him and then threw Jeremiah ungraciously at Leena. "Feed him fast with your own blood Leena lest you lose your lover for good we need him strong and healed!!!" When Leena made no move at first as if she could not comprehend Tarlee snarled louder at her "Move it girl that man is dying NOW!!" After this Leena went to work. Seeing that Leena had gotten the idea Tarlee set of after Cortez who was brushing himself off and trying to laugh confidently but Tarlee could sense the strain in his voice. He was greatly weakended thanks to Jeremiah. She was not concerned with her ability to beat Cortez now. She knew he was her kill what worried her was where was Azriel." You better have something good up your sleeve my love" she wispered hoping Lassiroth would sense her thoughts. She then put the thoughts aside as she focused on Cortez. She faced off with him sizing him up cautiosly. She was raging but she wasn't stupid she had lived this long for a reason.


    I looked up at Tarlee, knowing I wasn't able to beat her in my present state, and chuckled. "Jeremiah has injured me to the point that if I fight again, I will lose. But fear not Tarlee, I will not let you down." In the blink of an eye, I was gone. I blinked out of the maze and behind the two sisters. "Your master needs you, what are you doing out here?" They spun around to find me hovering above them, a bit behind them. Blood covered my body and I was breathing heavily. "While you were out here, wondering what to do, Azriel and myself have been in the middle of the war.....the war which we need to win, lest we whither away into nothingness. Now rise and enter the battle, or face my wrath." I forced them into the building by using my Blood Control. Before we entered the maze, I forced them to drink of my blood, knowing that it would empower them under the fool moon.

    azriel had watched the battle from the shadows, wondering when to strike. and being that his skin was black, the only real noticable feature you could catch was his glowing eyes.

    after the battle with jeremiah and cortez had come to an end. azriel slowly came out of the shadows and walked so silently you couldn't hear him stepping behind tarlee, leena, and jeremiah.

    "poor fool. you were no match for cortez," azriel mumbled to himself in his mind. "now its my turn."

    azriel stood behind tarlee who was watching leena and jeremiah. he looked at jeremiah, who was holding his stomach and trying to prevent from the bleeding to death. "you poor fool. you knew you couldn't stand a chance against cortez and still you tried. now look where you are. pathetic...."

    azriel moved suddenly in a blink of an eye and was now standing next to jeremiah, bending over and looking him. "i can help you guys." again, he blinked away and was now to the side of them. he could see the welling tension in everyones eyes. almost ready to snap but not knowing exactly what do to because of jeremiah's situation.

    "i have seen the way cortez rules over his underlings. forcing them to do his bidding by using his blood magic. i may want power, as well as lassiroth, but if i have to be treated like a puppet to obtain what i want, then its nothing to me." azriel blinked over to jeremiah again, and bent over and spoke again. "you were never in this war and you never touched me because of a pact you made with me a couple days ago. i respect that, which is why i am not fighting you here, right now. you are too weak to do anything right now. even breathing is such a large task for you at this point."

    he turned to face tarlee. "you, the werewolf queen, whose ancient blood is so pure and rich as the bloodiest red rose. that blood also flows through me, so don't think about challenging me to a fight just yet. i have a proposal for you." he paused a bit, just to make sure she was listening. "at this state, cortez is weak, however, with every minute he is walking and breathing, he heals. lassiroth will be no match for cortez. so i come to you for help. help me kill cortez and we can end this war right here. being a puppet that i am, i cannot guarantee that i will be fighting cortez at all times, however, i noticed that when he got weak from that battle, his grasp over my life weakened. if we can get him to the point where he can hardly fight, i can step in and take his life from him."

    azriel waited for an approval for his propsed plan to take out cortez.


    Still enraged by Cortez's escape from her she nodded her head in acceptance to Azriel's offer. "One thing first Azriel you are not the only minion he hold's sway over. What of the sister's?"

    "i would imagine that he would also have control of lily, however, mika has yet to dine on his blood. and i would imagine that controlling two puppets at once would take a toll on one as great as he. with all of us on him, he would easily become overwhelmed."

    Lassiroth appeared infront of Jeremiah.
    "So you have found someone who is actually stronger than you."
    He raised his hand up and the blood surrounding Jeremiah began to swirl around him then trown back inside him healing his wounds.

    "You fought with blind rage my brother, that way you will never defeat Cortez. Leena please take him to my room and let him rest there."

    Leena pulled Jeremiah up fro the ground and carried him to Lassiroth room. "Jeremiah..." he mumbled.

    He then turned towards Azriel. "Only because of the pact you made with my brother i will let you go unharmed. Know this Azriel cortez is now not the strongest person around here anymore, now with the ritual done even he cannot withstand my powers. He only doesn't know it yet."

    He slowly walked into the maze looking behind him. "I will accept this proposal of you, but stil i wonder one thing. Since my arrival i heard that the Bruha clan would arrive anytime soon leaded by Deacon where is this person now?"

    Some time later...

    "My dear Joxer, how could this have happend." he whisperd as he looked over his lifeless body. all his blood was drawn from him and without it Lassiroth couldt not revive him. He picked up the body and went upstairs and then to the top of the church standing on the rooftop.

    "Your luck has just run out cortez." he said as he let out a bloodstolling roar that could be heard troughout the city.

    During this time Lily kept her mouth shut as she watched her sister feed off of Cortez, "She's still young, but I hope she can handle it." she thought. Lily looks over at the maze, she could sence there was something not right but she still remained slient when Mika walked up beside her, she could see that Mika had changed as they waited for Cortez to make his move.


    I grabbed Lily by the throat and forced her to drink of my blood as well. "Feel the power flowing through you. We need you now, my children." I shoved her aside and let my blood take the full affect. I began walking towards the cathedral, knowing they would follow me. "Fear not, you are unkillable now. The pain shall cease momentarily, and you feel renewed and more powerful than ever." I walked into the maze and began to walk towards the central hall where Tarlee was waiting. "I'm coming, Lycan queen, and I am going to kill you."


    I let out a slight sigh as I was having alot of problems trying to breathe. Azriel came up to me and commented on my fight. "You say....I didn't stand a chance.......and that.....I'm pathetic. Look at you......you jumped at the chance.....for more power........I stood up for what....I knew to be true.......I would have gladly given my life.......for you.......for Leena.....even for Tarlee and Lassiroth.......I may not have lasted, but I did enough damage to him.......that he will fall easily to even the weakest. Pathetic in your eyes, foolish in your eyes........true strength in mine." I grabbed my sword and put the tip of the blade to the ground. I used whatever strength I had to pull myself to my feet and face Azriel. "If you disagree with what I have done, then finish me now. By saying what you have, you have shown that you are no better than Cortez himself. Come, Cortez's Minion, I don't fear you, nor do I fear the end of my days." I awaited a response, knowing full well that if Azriel truly felt that I was pathetic, then it was all over for me.

    Joxers body witherd to dust and flew away with the wind. As Lassiroth looked down he saw Cortez enter the maze again.
    He quickly vanishes and withing a blink of an eye he was back in the central chamber where he waited until he saw Cortez walk into the room.

    "Not the one you expected now aint it. You have gone to far Cortez, you barch into my house kill my children and even treathen to kill the one i love not to mention severly injuring my brother."

    He strechted his wings and his hands began to change into huge claws.
    "For this deeds against my clan you will face death itself!"

    Feeling like a completely different person Lily stayed a step or two behind Cortez, hating the pull she felt in her chest. "Sister?" Mika asked, "Is that...?" Lily hissed as she saw Lassiroth, "Yes Mika thats Lassiroth." she said as she stood beside Cortez, silently thanking her sister for making her dress more battle worthy. "Mika and I will help as much as we can Cortez." Lily said as they watched Lassiroth change in form.

    "is that so now? then would you have gladly given your life for me a week ago? cause as i remember it, you wanted to tear my head off if i interfered with you, lassiroth, and leena." azriel paused as the memory of what happened to one of clan members sank into his mind like a stone in the ocean. "i guess you never thought about azaellia when you blew her head off." he waited till jeremiah was standing; the hilt of his sword helping to prop him up. "i jumped for power because i was no match for you at that time... and now look at me! i am more powerful than you, and i give the chance to you now for peace. don't ask me if i will accept because that is for you to answer now."
  6. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    I struggled to stay on my feet, my body borken and battered from the battle. "Stronger than me? Weaker than me? You've never been neither and you never will be. You don't seem to understand this, Azriel. Why do you think that we had to keep our alliance a secret, that we had to keep every meeting under wraps? Because it was against both our societies' laws. A vampire and a vampire slayer, allied for the benefit of each other...blasphomey in a way. We are and were the same, we hold the same powers, and as of right now the only reason you're stronger than I am is because I stood up to Cortez the moment I saw him. I am the one who made him bleed, I am the one who sacrificed myself to stop him, I am the one who felt his flesh rip as I drove my sword through him, I am the one who nearly killed him, not you. Never come to the conclusion that you are stronger than anyone, because you will never know their true potential. You come here, tell me how pathetic and weak I am, then offer peace. Forget it, I offered you peace because you were my best friend and I couldn't stand the thought of killing you. But also because you were the only vampire that would stand a chance against me. we allied out of fear of each other, and it has been that way for centuries. You're not stronger than I am, you just have the confidence to stand up now. Never mistake me for weak, Azriel, because no matter how strong you get I will always be able to make you bleed."


    I blew the doors open that lead into the sanctuary, "Now then, who's my next victim." I forced the sisters to walk in front of me and clouded their minds with hatred for the others in the room. "Three on three......Jeremiah was an easy kill, the great Van Helsing boy, your father would be highly disappointed in you, just like he was when he died. I know this because he muttered it as I ripped his heart from his chest. You were never living up to your father's expectations, and you will die with the shame of knowing you were a failure. Just as your friends will." I crossed my arms when I felt a pain rising in my chest, the wound from Jeremiah's blade. "Jeremiah, what is your blade made from." He didn't answer me, but looked to Azriel for some reason.


    "Don't ignore me Cortez, you know well enough after your fight with my brother that it aint a wise thing to do." Lassiroth said while changing further. He was now completly changed as his feet and hands where turned into claws and his face turned to a more demon like state while his hair was flowing around by a breese that came from the maze.

    Leena grabbed Jeremiah to keep him on his feet, "Comon Jeremiah your to weak to fight them now." she said to him.

    Lassiroth began to hover in the air slightly. "Succubus, take care of the two sisters if you please." he said out loud.
    From behind him two succebuses appeared and flew straith at the sisters.

    "Now then Cortez, it's time to feel my true power." when he said that he let out a howl that sounded more like a demons battle cry than that of a vampire.


    seeing that Lassiroth called in succubus to handle the sisters and was facing off against Cortez Himself she moved to the side. She made sure though that she was still between all of them and Jeremiah. Her body was tight and taunt like that of a bow just waiting for the chance to spring and release her aggression. Sh ehad a feeling the succubus would not stand up long against the two sisters. But either way if anything came for Leena and Jeremiah they would have to go through her which she vowed she would make that choice extremely regrettable for the subject who chose that option.


    Still wandering around looking for his mistress for the last few days and finding nothing he finally heard the commotion at the cathedral and ran in that direction. His leg now fully healed he turned into his wolf form. As he leaped through the entrance he came to a skidding halt right behind Cortez and the sisters. But because he was in wolf form and his weight was to much for him to halt suddenly he slid into the back of Cortez's legs knocking him off balance to the point it looked as though cortez was about to fall over backwards. Scrambling with a yelp like a dog Samuel scrabbled as quick as he could to get out of the way and over to Tarlee.


    Lily lightly laughed, "Finally something to play with." she said as reached behind her and grabbed both of her guns and Mika's bow an arrow appered in her hands. They both jumped an dodged each attach from both succubus' until Lily emptied one of her guns into the chest of one of them, knowing well that it would take possibly more than that to kill them, Mika notched two arrows at the same time an let them fly. Nailing both targets in the head, Mika was proud of herself for her perfect aim as they watched both succubus' fall at their feet and they looked over to see what Cortez would do next.


    I stood up and grabbed Samuel. "Worthless scum, your run in me will be the last time you ever move again." I picked him up by his neck and lifted him up over my head, through all of his struggling, he was still nothing to me. I wrenched him and thoguht that I had broken his back. I looked over at Tarlee with a smile on my face, "Your entire race is worthless." I threw Samuel's seemingly dead body at Tarlee but heard a yelp as he hit her and sent them both flying to the ground. I looked over at the sisters and smiled. "You see, Lassiroth, your little magic tricks are no match for the true power of the Corvin Clan." I reached out my hand as if in a friendly gesture. "Your last chance to join me before I destroy you and your pathetic-hurr" A sharp pain in my left side...I reached my hand down to see what it was, blood. I looked down and saw Jeremiah's sword in my side. It was in deep, and I could feel the burn of it's holy powers. Jeremiah had flung his sword using his Swordsman skills, but how...he was dead. "This....can't be." I could feel my powers draining. "Azriel, kill him, end his miserable life." As I said that, I lunged forward for all I was at Lassiroth and drove my lycan claws into his chest, deep, trying to stab his heart, but I missed.


    Braced for the impact of Samuel hitting me I didn't fly as far as he did. His life fading fast. That was it now I was fully enraged. I saw the sword in In Cortez's side and I saw him charge into Lazziroth with his claws yelling at Azriel. I made a quick glance at Azriel as I leaped into motion. He was noticably struggling against Cortez's influence. I rushed around past the sisters to Cortez and sank my nails deep into his back ripping him away from Lassiroth. I through him back through the broken cathedral door and charged him. I jumped at cortez as he was still flying through the air and slammed him into the ground as I landed lightly on my feet a few meters in front of him.


    Azriel could hear the voice of cortez scream in his brain. he snapped out of a state-like trance after tarlee sent cortez through the cathedral door and was able to take part in the role of killing cortez.

    Azriel could feel the grasp on his mind weaken from the wound in cortez' side. he rushed over, passing tarlee with great speed and stood behind cortez. he bent over and dug his claws into cortez' neck. azriel threw cortez back into the chruch, ripping away flesh from his neck. before cortez landed on the other side of the cathedral, azriel reached up and caught him, again digging his claws into him, only this time in his side where jeremiah thrusted his holy sword.

    "your reign over my life is over cortez. you sought to give me power and failed to tell me that i would be your personal puppet. but over the past few days, i have felt those broken links in my mind. i could no longer feel or hear you, nor could you control me. this seems to happen when you get hurt. so tell me... would you rather die by my hands or everyone elses?"


    I stood up and grabbed Azriel by the neck, trying to squeeze for all I was worth. Blood began to trickle from his neck and he gasped slightly for air, but I could tell it was over. "Know one thing, everyone. You kill me, you shall all die as well. Thus the irony of killing the oldest of all living lycans and vampire. You can not destroy me for you will destroy yourselves." I felt the sword turn in my side and slide out, the blade stuck in my and my blood pouring from my side now. I heard Jeremiah faintly tell Azriel to finish me as he tried desparately to stay alive. I looked over to him and Leena and could tell he was fading fast. I looked back into Azriel's eyes, "You know, there's no saving him. He is too far gone, not even I could bring him back. Finish me, just don't allow Lassiroth to kill me." I braced myself for a painful, killing blow.


    azriel grabbed cortez' vice grip around his neck and loosened the grip a bit so he could take a breathe and say something.

    "quit with the lying and deceit. every vampire knows that if a saproling kills his/her master, the saproling will gain all of tht power. even i knew that when you decided to ask me to join you. of course, every underling is more scared of dying than challenging their master to a simple dual."

    azriel opened cortez's grip from his neck and lunged at him, meeting his neck. he bit down and let the blood from cortez flow into his mouth. cortez fell limp as the blood from his side poured out. he was losing too much blood, too fast, and slowly, he faded into an eternal sleep. when azriel was finished draining the life out of cortez, he threw him to the floor and tilted his head towards the ceiling letting out a blood curdling cry. azriel fell to the ground and cringed from the pain, not knowing whether or not he was going to die from the overwhelming power or if what cortez had said actually had truth behind it.


    Lassiroth just smiled when he felt Cortez his claws slash into him.
    "You fool, not even stabbing me in the hart will help anymore." he said as he saw Tarlee drag Cortez away from him.

    After watching the whole scene before him he let his form go and changed back to his normal self again.
    "Hmm, if i knew that this would happen i could have kept Joxer alive." he mumbled softly.

    "It seems that even the mighty Cortez has fallen by betrayel of his own blood. To think i even changed to fight him only to see him get defeaten by his own kindred." he said with a sarcastic tone.

    He quickly walked over to Jeremiah and said:"I can save you brother, you only have to allow me to send my blood into your veins." still keeping Azriel in the corner of his eye.


    Suddenly feeling the connetion break Lily looked around at what had went on then laid her eyes on Azirel. "Lily whats happening to him?" Mika asked as they both quickly went over to him an knelt down beside his pain raked body. But Mika's question had been answered when she looked up an saw that Cortez was no longer of this world.

    "Azriel dont fight it..." Lily said to him in a low voice hopeing that it will at least calm him to hear a familier voice, but more worried at what Cortez's blood do to her friend, "...this may be a good thing for you....for your clan."


    Lassiroth didt wait for Jermiahs reponse and told Leena to carrie him to Joxers former room.

    "Lily, no hard feelings i hope for that little succabus matter. I suggest you take azy with you for him to recover from his soon to come transformation." He said as he walked over to Tarlee and asked:"Well miss shall we take our leave?"


    I awoke with a start in what appeared to be a room. I jumped up and reached for my guns and sword, which were not there. I landed on my feet, but I was too weak to stand. I collapsed to my knees and caught myself with my forearm on my right knee and my left hand on the ground. I looked up to see Leena sitting in a chair. "Where....are my weapons?" I also noticed that my clothes were mostly gone. My shirt was no where to be found, my pants were shredded, my boots were gone, my cloak...missing. And my hat.....my hat....."Where is my damned hat? I don't go anywhere without my hat." I felt my strength slowly returning to me. I stood up but was met with Leena's hand on my shoulder, the look in her eyes told me to stop, but I was furious and felt something was wrong.


    "Please lay down Jeremiah, your wounds arent fully healed yet. You're safe here at the cathedral" Leena said
    She took Jeremiahs hat from the table and puts it on his head.

    "You slept for three days straight" she added.


    azriel layed still in his bed within the crypt in the graveyard. he had fed everyone the blood of corvin lineage and soon his clan of 3 were the same as him.

    lying in the silence of his room made him feel at ease. no more fighting, for the time being. but how long would it be? he tried not to dwell on the thought too long. and what about jeremiah? was he going to be ok? although him and jeremiah were not that great of aquaitences, he still felt a sort of friendship with him, deep down inside. and what of lassiroth? what will he do now that he was in the line of ancient vampires for power? would azriel be considered an ancient, now that corvin dwelled inside him?

    so many questions flooded azriel's mind as he tried to get much needed rest. the past events were indeed tiresome and he assumed that the town of alora would appreciate a time of peace from internal battles between mystical creatures and races that the average human only dreamt about in fairytales.


    I woke up again, after sleeping for another few days. My wounds were healed, and my strength had returned. I looked around the room, there was no with me. I got up and found my equipment. I dawned my coat and hat, followed by my guns and sword. I walked over to the door and opened it quietly. I peeked out and noticed everyone was sleeping. I swiftly and quietly moved through the sanctuary, making sure not to wake anyone. I had finally gotten out of the maze and outside the cathedral. There was something wrong, something in my gut told me that the fight had only just begun. It was time to return to the Hall of the Slayer's, they would know what was going on. I turned back one last time to the cathedral, knowing that this could very easily be the last time I would see them all. I began walking into the horizon with the sun rising in front of me, thinking that this was the last of the great Van Helsings.


    Lily ran her finger threw Mikas hair as they both rested in a corner of the hideout Azriel had let them stay in with his clan. She opened her eyes and sighed, she suddenly felt a twing in her chest, her former lover was approcing and at a steady pace. Shakeing the thoughts from her head she woke Mika and took off her jacket an put it over Mika's head as they left the crypt, "Somethings coming isnt it?" Mika said in a low voice as they stepped out in the sunlight an quickly headed to their home, but she never got her answer, all Lily did was stay silent as she opened the door to their home an let Mika in a quickly closed it....closeing off the memory of the recent events...and hopefully closeing off a chapter in her afterlife. 'What are you up too Deacon? Why are you coming here?'


    Standing on the parapets of the cathedral her silver hair blowing in the wind she watched Jeremiah leave the cathedral. She had helped watch over him wen he was knocked out healing. She had even been talking to Lassiroth the day before that she knew Jeremiah won't stay. Tarlee had chosen to stay she was not about to lose Lassiroth now that things had finally come to be. She wore his ring on her finger. She continued watching Jeremiah walk as he made his way towards the sun and the horizon. "Good luck my friend and may the heavens and hells watch out for you." she whispered into the wind. She would have to see to it that she kept track of Jeremiah from a distance with her agents.

    She returned to her chambers shortly after Jeremiah had disappeared from sight. Unlike the vampire she was not particular to sleeping in a coffin. She much preferred her soft bed and silk sheets. She layed around with a smile on her face. Her dreams of being with Lassiroth are finally come true. Her silver eyes glinted in the light adding to her brightness to go along with her imense smile of happiness.


    Standing ontop of the cathedral Lassiroth watched his brother leave town.
    His robe flowing smoothly trough the wind he looked towards the sun rising from a distance,
    "From this point on this town falls under my reign, vampires and humans alike will fear the name Lassiroth. Those who block my path will die by my power." he said to the wind.

    He walked back inside trough the rebuild cathedral and maze towards his chamber, he passed Tarlee's chamber and stopped for a second.
    "I have everything i have ever hoped for. I will never again lose you my love" he whisperd. He then moved on to his own chamber and went to sleep on his by satin covered bed.
    "Goodnight Deacon....."

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