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Demon Hunter

Discussion in 'Role Play Central' started by Domino, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Domino

    Domino CGO

    Dust swirled around her feet with every step. In this desert, not many souls survived. The people living here were not as advanced as her people, and thus she turned heads everywhere she went. She could feel them, teaming under the surface of the city, just waiting for the order to strike. Then she stopped, her eye caught by the brilliant blue hair.

    “There is an unbalance in Kiragia. I will be going ahead. Meet me there when it is time,” Faythe explained telepathically.

    “I will be there when I feel they are ready. But you know my place is here for now,” Gloria replied in the same fashion.

    A moment later, Faythe vanished, and Gloria kept walking, making her way through the village, past the outskirts of town and to the camp. She slowed to a halt, her cape swaying a little as she did. Gloria held her hand up to what seemed like nothing, as if she were a mime touching the side of an invisible box. Red spots lit up where her fingers were, turning green after they were satisfied with her identity. A doorway shaped hole appeared in the mirage, and Gloria stepped through to the camp that was on the other side.

    “The city is festering with spawn. If any trainees are ready, let me know, and grab your gear. It’s time to hunt,” she said, as the sun began to set in a blaze of red.

    A few of the new comers volunteered their efforts. In the belief that they were ready to head out to the training grounds, they hastily grabbed their things and gathered around Gloria. One, however, lazily dragged behind.

    "You there!" she shouted at the man. "Get in gear or get out of my camp." The man simply looked at her and kept dragging. To the group she said, "All of you have papers, so hand them to me now. In case you don't make it back, we'll know who not to expect for dinner tonight." She smirked a bit at her own joke, extending her hand for the papers. Everyone had theirs at the ready, except the one that was dragging behind. She began reading.

    "Mercy Jordan, 19. Glenn Black, 20. Mifune Fontana, 22." It was at this point that the last of their group handed his paper over to Gloria. "And Van Eston, 32." She tucked the papers away for safe keeping and noticed the large cat that had been lingering around the girl, Mercy. "The panther stays here. This training is for you, and you alone." The panther growled at Gloria. She ignored the cat and looked at the man of 22. "Your weapons are too obnoxious. They will only slow you down. My advice is to bring one scabbard, and make good use of it. And you," she said, focusing on the lazy man,"if you want to stay alive, I suggest you get in the right mindset, or you'll be eaten alive, driven mad, and begging for death before the night is done." Gloria turned to the camp entrance, placing her fingers on the panel that opened the door. "You have five minutes to get ready and meet me at the well." The group was left watching Gloria fade into the darkness.
  2. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I let out a sigh as I turned to follow the woman. I heard a familiar voice coming from behind the small group, and I could only drop my head. "Hey! Wait for me! I'm gonna help too! I have a gun, I can fight! I'm Van's bride, you have to let me help!"

    "WHAT?!" I shouted at what's her face. She simply stopped, turned red in the face, and shouted back at me.



    "I KNOW....half of it!"

    "Half is no good!"

    "Then I'll study the rest."

    "And who the hell is going to teach you?! Me? I'm a virgin!"

    "WELL I AM TOO!!"

    "OH GOD! THAT'S TOO MUCH! I AM NOT DOING THIS WITH YOU AGAIN! It isn't even up to me....what about your parents? How would they feel if you were marrying me simply because you thought it was the right thing to do....to justify your bothering me this entire trip? Come if you want, but it isn't up to me." I walked in after the woman and met her face to face....she didn't seem happy, which just made me sigh again.
  3. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    I was reading a book when he heared Gloria ask for trainees to step up. He looked up then back at his book.
    He put the book away in a bag and grabbed his large scabberd full of blades and walked up to Gloria with the others.

    "Your weapons are too obnoxious. They will only slow you down. My advice is to bring one sword, and make good use of it." Gloria said to me.

    I took out my best blade from the scabbard and trew the scabbard back to where the rest of my gear was with precision.
    "I guess i could use a challange," I mumbled to meself and put the single sword on my shoulder.
    I took a toothpick from my pocket and put it between my lips and walked after Gloria
  4. Domino

    Domino CGO


    "The girl stays at the camp," I said to Van. The girl following him stopped and looked into the darkness in the direction of my voice. She couldn't see me, apparently, because after a moment of searching, she gave up and looked down at the ground.

    "But I can fight, too!" she protested, stomping her right foot.

    "You are too weak, and too slow to hunt demons, child. Besides," I said, turning away from the two of them,"the cat's going to need someone to play with." I was satisfied with my decision, even though the panther and the girl were both clearly unhappy with me. "And a real wife knows how to feed her family. So why don't you help with the cooking tonight?" I wasn't sure if that cheered her up or not, but the girl was not my focus. I could feel the surge of demon power coming from the well at the center of town, so I started moving swiftly in that direction.
  5. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    She continued to frown as she pointed back to what was her tent and told boots to stay. he of course growled a protest. She then gave him the option "Either ya stay with the tent boots or ya can go play with that girl if your so intent on watching over someone I will be fine I promise." With that she strapped her katana to her back and quickly followed after Gloria.

    Boots stood in the same spot for awhile watching Mercy go. He did not like being seperated from her. He perked his ears and turned his feline head towards the girl. Then slowly stalked after her.
  6. Domino

    Domino CGO


    The panther and the girl stayed behind, watching as their companions faded into the darkness with the others, the door closing after the group. Wendy looked at the cat, timidly wondering if it intended to protect her like Mercy said, or if he was considering a more violent pass-time. Wendy swallowed hard and turned towards the camp. Boots just sat there, staring at the door as if it could somehow make it open. Then, after several moments, he decided that Mercy was in fact not coming back for a while, and took it upon himself to follow the girl. To anyone who looked at them, he growled, quickly turning their glances in a different direction. Wendy stopped at the would-be mess hall of their camp and peered inside. Boots stopped as well, ducking his head under her hand to get a better view. At the touch of his fur, Wendy shivered a bit, but realized that the cat had no ill intentions, towards her at least.

    "Alright, you. Stay here at the door. The cook probably wouldn't take too kindly to a panther being in the kitchen. Just make sure that no one comes in before dinner's ready, alright?" Wendy smiled down at the cat, and he looked back up at her, a knowing look in his eyes. He turned around and sat down in the middle of the doorway, ever watchful of anyone coming close. Whenever anyone stepped too close, he would bare his teeth, his muscles tensed to pounce, sending the person quickly in the other direction.


    In the darkness of the city, the five could see but a foot in front of them. The sky was now overcast, the light from the moon and stars veiled by the clouds. They stayed together for a few paces before Gloria halted the company.

    "Your trial starts now. As I have stated before, you are to meet me at the well in the center of town. I will be moving ahead of you, towards the mass of demon energy. A demon hunter is no good if they cannot sense that energy. Given that you have had limited access to the city thus far, you will all have to utilize your other senses in the blackness. Make me wait too long, and I will send you back to the camp until I see that you are fully ready for this challenge. One last thing...stay alive." When she was satisfied with her instructions, she was gone, without another sound. The four of them were left to make their way through the blackness.
  7. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    I walked on the plains trying to find my way t the well. Just minding my own business. Out of the blue I felt a blade coming down from behind me only to be met by my own blade. "The skeletons, pain in the ass undead."

    I quickly turned around an parried another blow from the skeleton and then knocked his left arm off, dodging his attack again and dashed right through it with multiple slashes making the skeleton crumble.

    I concentrated myself tying to find a way out of this evil place, after a view minutes I saw a small path shine infront of me. On this path where dark spots where creatures appeared each time I walked true it. When I made a mistake and took one foot f the path another monster showed up. After some time I saw the aura of other people gathering together and followed the path towards it.
  8. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    She walked alone in the darkness of the now deserted vacant street. The darkness was overwhelming almost as if it was something tangible and solid pressing down on her. It was like a silent grave around her, the building desstroyed and vacant devoid of life. She crept along like she was stalking something staying light on her feet. She smiled to herself as she pictured what she must look like in the dark. Thinking boots is probably the biggest influence on how she now stalks.

    The was some sound immediatly to her left. She jumped pulling her Katana out in a fluid motion into a defensive stance. Holding still like a statue she waiting realizing the sound was just a part of the decayed building crumbling. Her heart was thundering in her ears as it raced and pumped blood full of adrenaline through her system. She had been holding so still waiting for something that she wasn't sure if she was even breathing or if she was holding her breath. After several moments she lowered her sword and decided it was safe to move. She chided herself for being so scared and jumpy. After this she started repeating her teachings at the training camp to herself.

    " Come on Mercy get yourself together. Your jumping at your own shadow. Remember, stay calm and focused. Clear your mind cause they can feel things like that. Boots is waiting patiently for you to return."
    She took a couple more solid deep breaths before moving long the alley way. No demons had presented themselves. She wasn't even sure she would find one or even be able to find the well. She wa supposed to sense the energy to track it. Yet she had no clue what that might feel like. After moving slowly onto the next street she couldn't help but start to feel like this was getting pointless. She was cold, alone, even felt like she was getting more and more fearful. Thoughts of dying horribly passed through her mind, thoughts of never seeing boots again! The darkness seemed to feel like it was getting thicker and more cold around her if that was even possible.... She thought of her parents and how they must have felt in those final moments.

    A tear found its way down her cheek. The sense of hopelessness and despair was taking hold. Her mind raced with such thoughts before it locked on something. She thought about the stories around camp about the champions and angels. How they were real and with the right training and insight one could actually see and talk to them. She thought of boots and how he was her best friend. She said a prayer in that moment asking for courage and strength, for determination and blessings to one day witness such a miracle as an angel. It was then that the darkness almost seemed to get lighter, like it was withdrawing.

    That was when it clued into her she was not alone. This must be what Gloria was talking about she thought. Then she heard a growl of anger. There in the shadows she saw glowing red eyes. She raised her sword and took stance calling once again on God and his blessings. The creature though growled again and appeared to take a step forward. Then it turned and fled faster than Mercy would have been able to catch it. She frowned that the creature, if it even was a demon had gotten away. She was not happy she had not been able to kill it and prove her skill to Gloria but she was happy she had survived. Had she not overcome the overwhelming sensations from the demon she would have been dead and not have even seen it coming. Then it dawned on her if it could project such emotion then maybe that was something to sense. She followed a couple more streets heading in the direction where it seemed the coldest and darkest. Where her mind tried to tell her it was the scariest.

    After a few more moments she came out into an area where she saw the well. She then saw some of the others. She kept her sword ready though carefully approaching. The trainers had mentions some demons could take shapes to lure you in making you think they were someone you knew. She called out to them using words she was taught at the camp words only demon hunters or trainies would know the answer too.
  9. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I looked into the nothingness that lay before me. I heard nothing but the voice of the woman, telling me to feel my way to the well, follow my senses, and all that other nonsense. I had no idea what any of that meant, and I couldn't see a thing....so I started walking, having absolutely no idea where I was going. "What did she mean by all that crap? What am I supposed to sense? I don't get it....whatever."

    I kept walking until I found a wall.....by walking into it. I took my hand out of my pocket and walked along the wall, my hand guiding me along the building. I found a corner, turned it, and came face to face with a......either a skeleton or an extremely ugly guy. We stared at each other for a moment, unsure of what to do. My face touching his, I could feel the cold breath coming from him....and the stench of pure decay. Next thing I knew, I felt the cold sting of metal slap me in the left side of the face, putting my right side into the building that had become my guide. I fell to the ground, and again was alone.

    I could hear the thing breathing, but had absolutely no idea where it was coming. I pulled my sword from my waist, the cloth falling limp at my side. I stood up, unaware of how badly I was bleeding, or that I was bleeding at all. I began to look into the darkness for whatever it was that had attacked me, but there was nothing. I was certain it was gone, until I saw hands coming from the darkness at me. I began to swing my sword at them, sending electricity through it and making it's steel sharp and deadly. I took another hit, again, one that I was not aware of. I fell to the ground and began to get angry. I stood up and charged the last location of....whatever it was...the demon. I began spinning and swinging my sword around until I finally hit something. It made the clanging noise of steel on steel, and I knew it was him. I began spinning my sword at a blinding speed, knocking the sword from it's hands, then removing it's hands, up it's arms, until I saw it's face for a split second before the swinging of my sword sent it flying off into the darkness. The body dropped to the ground, and I knew I had won....this time.

    I stopped spinning the sword and it remained sharp for about five seconds before it went limp again, the cloth falling once more to my side. I snapped it like a whip and wrapped it around my waist, much like the belt it had once been. I turned and walked away, again with no direction. Sooner or later, I came upon an opening. I had no idea how long I had been walking, but I was certain that I had passed this place at least once and was walking in circles. I started walking until I came upon one of the people from the previous group....and another one who was holding her sword up to him. "Hey...hey....put your weapon down. Sheesh, you're acting like we're the demons here."

    I walked over to the well and stood there, waiting for.....whatever to happen.


    OOC: Just so everyone knows, this is Wendy's "theme song." This is what plays in my head, or on my computer, everytime I post for her. And I think it will set the mood everytime you read what she's doing.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OZzl3ew ... re=related


    I walked into the kitchen and looked around, seeing an apron hanging up on the wall. I grabbed it and put it on. "She says that a wife knows how to cook for her family, so that's what I'm going to do!! I'm going to cook something for Van that he will never forget. Van of the Dawn will love me and let me travel with him eventually!" I started going through the counters and grabbing ingredients: flour, sugar, milk, eggs, stuff that made sense, and started mixing it. I soon found myself in quite a mess.

    I realized that I had never cooked.....anything....ever. I was just putting stuff into a bowl and trying to figure out what it would make, how it would taste, so on and so forth. The panther that was outside the door kept looking in to see what I was doing and I could've sworn he had a confused look on his face. He even shook his head a few times, and covered his eyes with his paws.

    I put salt in, then pepper, then some other seasonings, and put my mixer in to mix it all together. A flip of a switch and there was an explosion. I quickly found myself on the floor, my back against a cabinet, flat on my butt, and covered in flour, sugar, and milk. The giant panther was licking my face....well, the flour and stuff on my face. I shooed him away and stood up...stretched and went at it again, "I can't let Van down...I will succeed."

    The cook then walked in to see a disaster scene...the kitchen was covered in my concoction, but not nearly as much as I was. But, I had succeeded, I had made something. And I was so proud of myself. Blushing through the flour, I held up my patented "Wendy-cake" to the cook....who studied it and said "If that's what you want to serve to them....then we'll see how it goes." I let out a sigh of relief and happiness....but the panther growled in slight disapproval. I stuck my tongue at him and made a humming noise, to which he did the same.
  10. Domino

    Domino CGO


    I whistled a signal to relax Mercy's nerves, then lit a torch I had laid at the well earlier today. Mercy seemed to relax a bit, I have been keeping tabs on you all throughout the trial. One of you has done exceedingly well," I nodded at Mercy,"And you other two, made it here on blind luck. You two will go back and start the trial over, or go back to camp and wait for another day to train. Still, there is one missing. We will see if he can make it, and soon. My patience is growing thin."
  11. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I sighed and dropped my head a little bit. "Well, I'm hungry. I am a little tired too....wouldn't mind just taking a nap." I shifted my weight and turned to the well, sitting down in front of it. "And you tell me that I need to go back and do it again? I'm not here for you to make me some kind of a punching bag....I get enough of that everywhere else. I did what you asked. You said to get to the well, I made it to the well. Just because I didn't use the feelings of where the demons were, and literally felt my way from building to building to get here. I'm not doing it again, I already did what you asked and survived to tell you no." I looked up at her and sighed again. "You really aren't impressed with me, are you? Meh, oh well....what am I supposed to do about that?"
  12. Domino

    Domino CGO


    Gloria narrowed her eyes at Van. He was right, he did what I asked. "Indeed, you got here. There must have been a little more than luck on your side, but not much." A few low moans came from the shadows just beyond the light from Gloria's torch. Mercy and Mifune turned in the direction of the sound, weapons at the ready. Van, however, just sighed and slowly got to his feet.

    "Dispatch these demons and the trial will be complete," Gloria said, leaning against the well to watch the fight, a smirk touching her lips. Three X-Crusaders were shuffling over to the group, fires of Hell glowing in their eyes.


    Across town, Glenn Black was lost in the maze of buildings. The darkness seemed to overwhelm him at times, and he made frantically hurried decisions, causing him to end up in a more populated part of town. The few windows that were cracked were quickly closed by the tenants, and Black was left once more to his own devices. A chill began to settle on his spine, and the darkness seemed to close in around him. Thoughts of tormented souls and screams of anguish filled his mind, and he cupped his hands over his ears, dropping to his knees. His twin pistols remained in their holsters as he tried to shake the sounds and now images of horror, from his mind. Then he saw them, the red glowing eyes in the shadows. After finally regaining some control, Glenn drew his pistols and fired two shots from each gun at the eyes. But before the bullets hit their intended target, the eyes vanished, and in their place was a man laying on the ground, four bullets in his midsection, the flask of whiskey he was drinking from still in his hand as he bled out. Glenn dropped his pistols, his eyes wide with shock and self-loathing. "What have I done?" he kept mumbling to himself, unaware of the presence that still lurked in the shadows. A deep depression weighed heavy on his mind, and feelings of grief and sorrow the likes of which he'd never known overcame him. It was only when he could see absolutely nothing once again that he began searching for the eyes. He found them, right behind him. But it was too late. The Soul Splitter opened its mouth and as Glenn tried to escape, a white, smokey form of himself began to tear away from his body. He choked and gagged as he watched his soul being taken in by the demon, his own hands reaching back for him as his soul tried to escape the demon's clutches. When the demon took in the last bit of Glenn's soul, it sighed a sigh of satisfaction as the now lifeless human body of Glenn Black slumped to the dirt. There were more footsteps close by, and since the demon had had its fill, it shrank away.
  13. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I pulled the sword from around my waist and looked at the three monsters that were walking towards us. I waited until one of them came close enough and snapped my cloth at him. It wrapped around his forearm, much like I planned, but I didn't anticipate him being so much stronger than the last one I fought. It was terrifying how much stronger this one was, and my over confidence was to be my undoing.

    He pulled his arm up, which pulled me to him. I was met immediately with the hilt of his sword in my stomach, dropping me to my knees. He kicked me in the face which put me flat on my back. He flung my sword away from us, in the direction of Gloria. I stood up and backed away from the swing of his sword, nearly getting hit by it. I stumbled backwards, over-corrected, and fell forward on to my knees. I looked up and saw the skeleton standing above me, his sword held in both hands above his head. His eyes glowed brightly, and there seemed to be a twisted smile upon his mandibles. I thought this was the end, so I closed my eyes and raised my hand up to the sky, but death never came. Instead, the skeleton simply fell to the ground, a knife sticking out of it's head......which was on the ground. A man dressed in a green tunic and brown pants walked up and pulled the knife out, then looked at me. "If you don't wanna fight, then give up somewhere else. If you want to stay here, then get off your ass, stand up, grow a backbone, and fight. But, I promise you now, if this is all you got, you're better off dead, because you will be of absolutely no use to anyone.....ever. And if that is the case, then she was better off without you." He turned and walked over me, to where Gloria was and said something in her ear.
  14. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    She did not have time to watch what the others were doing. She faced off her own crusader. He was easily twice her size. Though it was obvious this creature was large and strong its lumbering size didn't seem to slow it down. Though its obvious lack of intelligence made up for it as it was easy to run around the crusader and confuse it, which only made it more angry and added to its already current state of stupidity. She swung her katana in quick strikes at the things knees and legs. As she did so she was in a constant deadly dance of dodging the skeletons swings and kicks. Too many times the skeleton came to close to catching her as she would roll out of reach only to dart back in.

    Bone flew in all directions as she chipped away at one of its knees. Then as she made her leap and roll to safety the angered creature did not miss. He extended his reach far enough this time to catch her with a backhanded fist. This sent her rolling a good ten feet across the ground nearly taking out Van who was now pulling himself up off the ground, his adversary clearly dead. The crusader lying face down in the ground from the strange newcomer having thrust a knife of some kind into the back of its skull.

    Just as she came to a stop, an explosion of shattering bone could be heard. The skeleton that had socked Mercy across the ground had over extended his reach and put to much weight on the knee that Mercy had been chipping away at. The bone now weakend shattered and exploded under the weight. With the knee gone the skeleton toppled to the ground in a dusty heap, further roaring its rage at the humans.

    Mercy with renewed determination to please Gloria picked her self up and marched raggedly over to the sprawled skeleton. Which was now trying to also get back up but failing. It saw mercy approaching and began to swing his sword at her from his prone position. She glaced to the already dead skeleton that was lying on the ground and the third one still standing. She remebered the stranger killed the one by stabbing it through the skull with a dagger which seemed like a good clue of how to kill these things. She pulled out her Kukri and ran at the skeleton dodging its off balanced swings and was finally able to get an opening. She pounced the skeleton like a cat and drove the kukri straight into its skull until it remained lifeless or at least without movement and the glow was gone from its eyes.

    She was sorely bruised and bleeding from her date with the pavement but she was alive. She felt tingly. She made sure she was not in immediate danger from the third skeleton before she uttered a prayer for salvation and thanks in her victory and her continuing life before she rose ready to meet the third one if needed. The tingly sensation though made her feel somewhat lighter on her feet and she was not sure if the feeling was a good one or not. Thoughts passed through her mind that she felt elated for the kill or perhaps it was exaustion or her injuries, maybe even a demons work of spells.
  15. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    Mifune was sitting with his back against the well when he heard the creatures approach. He stood up and readied his sword. Seeing how the others fared against the creatures he knew he should not take his enemy lightly.

    He readied his sword and charged at the creature only to be met by its blade that he evaded but got grazed by its tip on his shoulder.

    "Tshh, damn skeleton." he mumbled and took a different stance.
    He took a swing at the creature that got blocked. He took another swing that got blocked aswell.
    The creature took a leap backwards and then charged at him. Mifune could dodge the attack barely getting cut on his left arm.
    The creature attacked and managed to land a blunt hit on Mifune's left arm damaging it further.

    "Hmpph. Infinite One-Sword style Hakuzen!" Mifune said and changed his stance again, took a deep breath and slashed right trough the skeleton making it fall down.
  16. Domino

    Domino CGO


    "You're sure? We secured the perimeter ourselves." Gloria asked in a hushed whisper. Rays simply nodded. "Alright, then. Plans have changed. Our target is now this Soul Splitter."

    As the recruits picked themselves up, checking their wounds and dusting themselves off, Gloria stepped away from the well and towards the three. "Congratulations. You three have passed your first trial, and may now be considered trainees, if you choose to continue on this journey. She pulled out a leather pouch from her belt before unwrapping a piece of leather from her right forearm. Holding the pouch in her left hand, she held her right arm up for the three to see. On her gauntlet was an orange jewel, reminiscent of a cat's eye, its dim glow pulsing slightly. "This is the first half of your reward for completing this trial. It is a Demon's Eye Jewel. It collects demon energy, and harnesses it for the wielder's use. You can perform special attacks with this energy. However, improper use of this jewel," she said, looking in Van's direction,"will result in a kickback, where the jewel throws the energy back at the user. Depending upon the amount of energy required for the ability, the effects can be minor injuries to fatalities. I suggest you all just focus on the collection of the energy for now, if you use it." Gloria gave a jewel to each of the three trainees. "You can attach it to any part of your armor that you like, however it is most potent where your special ability is most effective. Choose wisely. Once the jewel is attached, it's there permanently." The three examined the jewels, and Mercy said a small prayer before continuing to look at the jewel, perplexed at how it seemed to somehow be alive.

    "One of you did not make it to the well earlier. Rays has explained that a Shadow Demon is still lurking around. I was unsure if I noticed it earlier, but one of you here encountered it and survived," she said. "Our mission is to find this demon and eliminate it before it consumes more souls." When Mercy prayed once more, Gloria grabbed the hand that Mercy was using to hold the demon's eye. "I need you three to listen carefully and consider what I have to say before we move on. Being a Demon Hunter means that you will be outcast from society, Hell...and Heaven. Humans hate us because we use demon power. Demons hate us because we are humans they can't manipulate and we use their power against them. And if you're looking for God's blessing, don't bother. He has his Champions to fight for him, so he does not condone what we do. Pray all you want, but He will not answer the forsaken." She let go of Mercy's hand and walked in the direction that Glenn Black was last seen.

    The sound of several demons moaning could be heard coming from the well. However, the group's attention was now directed towards the Soul Splitter. Rays brought up the back of the group as they all followed Gloria to the other side of town. The demon energy it was emitting was greater than before when it had tried to attack Mercy, and everyone could feel it, if even just the tiniest bit. The shadows seemed to dance around them in the light of the torch that Gloria decided to bring with them. "Stay alert, and watch out for the shadows." Just as Gloria said this, the bright red eyes of the demon appeared in the shadows behind Rays.
  17. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Van and Rays

    Van was visibly angry from the comment that Rays said to him after taking his kill. He clenched his fists and turned around to say something to him. He opened his mouth, his eyes got wide with anger and fear, but the only thing that was said was "Hey moron! Behind you!" Before Rays could react, he was enveloped by the darkness, pulled into it by an unseen force. As everyone was turning around, Van jumped into the shadows, only to be kicked back into the light, a boot print on his face. "That son of a bitch! He kicked me in the face! Fine then...rot in there for all I care."

    Just as Van stood up, Rays came walking out of the darkness. "He's gone. And there's more than one. They're keeping their energy signatures close to each other, making them more difficult to sense. But there are certainly, at least, three. Also, this is near where Black's body was found. But I can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong he-" Rays stopped in mid-sentence, his eyes became wide with fear. "W....what just happened? We've been diverted. Something else is going on. I can't get a fix on it, Glor....where the hell is it all coming from?"

    Van turned to Gloria and looked to her for instruction....but didn't wait very long. "If no one else is gonna do anything..." He pulled his sword from his waist and readied it for an attack. The town was soon filled with alarms, and people began turning on lights, which sent the streets filling with shrieks, shadows darting back and forth.

    "God DAMMIT! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!" Rays yelled....but then stopped for a moment, contemplating something as his hand reached for the patch on his forehead, above his left eye, hesitantly.
  18. Domino

    Domino CGO


    I eyed Rays with a contemplative look. "You sure you want to do that? You don't know what toll you'll have to pay, or if you'll be able to withstand it." This surge of energy definitely meant that the demons we were keeping in the well had been released. "Maybe it would be better if you took Van and informed the city officials that we have a Code 3 Alert. By the feel of it, it seems we're dealing with Soul Splitters and Shadow Demons, PLUS all the X-Crusaders you and I gathered earlier that have now been set loose by...whoever the unlucky bastard is." I was clearly not happy that this stunt had been a diversion to put the city at risk. "Mifune, Mercy and I can investigate what's going on here. Unless you have a better plan, of course."
  19. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I shot a look at Gloria and pulled the glowing jewel down over my eye. "I can't be afraid forever, right? The unknown can only cause harm." I closed my eyes and began to focus the energy. I didn't know what was going to happen or how it was going to effect me, but I was no longer scared of it. Time stood still around me as I felt my body leave the physical plain and enter the spirit world.

    I opened my eyes to see a red world before me. I was standing on a mountain of some sort. The sky was red, the ground was red....everything was colored in different shades of blood. A man stood before me, the only contrast in this world. He wore a long, torn, black cloak which covered his head. He pointed at me with a trembling, crooked, bony finger and hissed a demand. "I require payment for your return to the worldly plain of the living. My demand..." he reached out to me and I was unable to move away from him, as if I was completely paralyzed. His entire hand stretched out of the cloak and went directly in to my face. I felt his hand wrap around my eye.

    A flash of light and pain the likes of which I had never felt soon invaded my mind as I was thrust back into my own world. I dropped to my knees, unable to stop crying. The pain was unbearable, and it drove me insane. I could hear demonic screaming around me, but I didn't seem to take notice. In my tortured, agonized state, I began ripping at my left eye and the left side of my head, doing all that I could to get the torment out of my body. My hands were soon just slipping off my face as if they were gliding through water, but soon became sticky and I knew that it was blood.

    I let out a deafening, blood-curdling scream of sheer pain, torture, and agony, as I slammed my head into the ground. "Please God, make the pain stop!! Please..." I opened my eyes, tears of salted water and blood pouring down my face, and realized that I was completely blind....the only thing visible was the brightness of the white that now covered my eyes and the throbbing colors from the searing pain. My nose was soon filled with the smell of my own burnt flesh as I felt my consciousness slipping away from me. I felt someone grab on to me and pleaded with them. "Please, someone...anyone; just....just kill me." I felt my body fall back as I passed out from the pain.
  20. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    She was listening to Gloria as she was studying the demon eye in her hand. Everything around here seemed to be moving quickly. First Gloria going on about alarms, and demons loose, and splitting up and so on. She was not sure whether she should be excited or scared. This was really happening, an emergency situation outside of training, this was the real deal. Everything that they had been warned about was unfolding as they spoke almost as if it was in answer to new demon hunters being enlisted.

    She eyed the gem suspiciously. It was definitely demonic but what should she do with it? How could she judge what gifts it would grant her? How could she know what her special ability was so she knew where to put it? She decided she would keep it hidden until she had more time to reflect and give it more attention and prayer before making a decision. She decided to tuck the gem in her boot. As she did so the man named Rays pulled his gem down over his eyes and seemed to be focusing. She quickly blinked her eyes and Rays' face was smoking and he was letting out an unnatural scream that chilled her blood in her veins. Blood was pouring down his face. She rushed to him katana drawn.

    Something was wrong, she thought. Something went horribly wrong. As she skidded to a stop at his side she unsure of what to do, but she knew she had to help. He was clawing at his face wildly, his eyes wide open yet it was obvious, whatever was happening, he could not see them. That was when she noticed, under the blood, his face looked charred, shredded, and that the gem was now where his eye had once been. In the next instant he screamed for God to make the pain stop. Mercy grabbed him for all she was worth. He was much bigger and stronger than she was. It took everything she had just to keep her grip on him amidst his blood everywhere making it a slippery challenge. Then, almost as if he finally saw her, he begged and pleaded for her to kill him before he passed out cold from the pain.

    By this point Mercy was terrified. She kept mumbling prayer after prayer for God to keep this soul through his torment. She even considered his request for death but let her katana hit the hard ground as she held onto him with both hands laying his tremendous weight down as gently as she could. Then she felt a pain of her own. Her ankle at first began to feel warm then it felt as if it was on fire. She screamed in agony. Not nearly as bad as Rays but it felt as if someone was branding her ankle the pain was so intense. As she ripped off her boot there was a searing whiteness coming from the anklet she was wearing which was now supporting the demon's gem. It had shrunk in size to properly fit the anklet, and the anklet itself had changed to something metallic with runes.

    She attempted to grip the anklet to rip it off and stop it from burning her skin. The jewelry would not break and her hands began to burn from holding on to the anklet. Her screams turned to sobs as the anklet left her ankle scarred and burnt from the demon's gem seating itself. Now that the heat had died, she gingerly inspected her ankle. It was seared around all the way. It was left scarred and blistered from the heat. Even cold, the anklet was now unbreakable. Even with a quick try with her katana it would not break. So there she was on the ground, katana in one hand, her other one holding her ankle. Then she noticed a clasp. She felt it made no difference. There was no way after she tried to break it off that a clasp would work. Sure enough she tried the clasp and the anklet came off without further issue. Rays passed out on his back beside her. She looked up at Gloria who just looked at them disappointingly. It was as if she had seen all this before and it phased her not. Yet somewhere in that look Mercy could swear she saw at least a glimmer of compassion, but if she did it quickly disappeared.

    Mercy was determined not to let this experience set her back. This must be normal, she thought, as Gloria had seemed almost experienced with this sort of thing. She wiped her tears from her eyes. Then she gingerly slipped her leather boot back on. "Gloria if its okay, I will watch over Rays until either we can get him outta here or he wakes up. Of course if that's okay with you. Either way, your orders."As Mercy stood up, she gripped her Katana that much tighter against the pain. She clenched her Jaw and refused to show weakness. She said a prayer silently in her head asking for strength in this trial for she suspected darker roads still lay ahead of her.

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