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Final Fantasy IV (Domino Review)

Discussion in 'Member reviews' started by Steel, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Final Fantasy IV

    Time for my review of Final Fantasy IV, or Final Fantasy II (U.S.). I never understood why we had to be so complicated when it came to the order of these games, but I think it's probably best if I'm kept in the dark about it. So, on to the actual review.

    I must say that I was a bit disappointed at the oh too familiar similarities between this game and Lufia. Steel introduced me to the world of Lufia, and shortly thereafter, we played FFIV together. He warned me that it took some of the aspects of the Lufia games, but I just didn't know it was as prominent as it was. There are certain parts of the storyline and the graphics themselves that seem almost as if they were torn straight from the pages of the Lufia manuscript. However, there are major differences as well.

    The battle system for FFIV leans more towards the system that we have all come to know and love in the Final Fantasy series. Well, up until the later games that is. You have your basic FIGHT, MAGIC, and ITEMS commands, but now they have added a few new abilities such as the JUMP ability (which will scewer any monster, great or small!). Or maybe you'd like to AIM with a bow and arrow combo. This later ability I didn't find as useful, but it can do some hefty damage, as long as you don't mind having to replenish arrows. There are plenty of arrows to be found throughout the game, so it's not that big of a headache. However, once your characters get to a certain level, it tends to become a little obsolete. There are just a couple of other abilities that I didn't mention, and that's because...well, I just didn't use them. There's the COVER ability, and the SNEAK ability, neither of which I used at any point in time.

    As for the graphics in this game, I really enjoyed them. For it's time, the graphics were quite impressive, and so were the animations. We no longer just had one animation set for attacking or magic using. Different weapons yielded different animations, and so on and so forth. The world map was rather large, in my opinion, as I never fully grasped where the hell I was on the map. This would be one thing that I would have loved to have. A little map that let me know where I was in relation to other things, especially since there were about three different planes that you move through in the game. I was constantly asking Steel, "Which way am I supposed to go?" But, I tend to do that with all Final Fantasy games in general...

    I did really love the story, though, and there were major twists and turns to the plot that the player really doesn't expect. There was a wonderful little poem that was threaded throughout the whole story...that was never really explained. Classic Final Fantasy. Always leave the player asking more questions. And the characters had LOTS of character thanks to the wonderful script writers. They each had a personality all their own, even the NPC's. Nice touch.

    Overall, I really did enjoy this game, parallels aside. There were some times when the story was a bit dry, and play slowed down a bit, but I'd play it again for sure. It was a challenge, as most in the Final Fantasy series tend to be, and I like that in a game. Leveling up is definitely a good idea, but of course if you want to try your luck, try beating it at a low level and see how that works out for ya.


    Story: 6/10
    Battlesystem: 8/10
    Graphics: 8/10
    Acting and Dialogue: 9/10
    Character Development: 9/10
    Art: 9/10
    Soundtrack: 10/10
    World development: 10/10
    Overall Gameplay: 8/10
    Replay value: 9/10

    Overall Game Rating: 86/100

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