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Hush - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4 Episode 10

Discussion in 'TV Show Reviews' started by ggyppt, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Season: 4
    Episode: 10 - Hush

    Spoilers in black, highlight to read

    Plot: This is a very distinct episode in both its point in continuity and by itself. Now, the basic premise of the episode is that everyone in Sunnydale has lost their voice, so it is a silent episode. Now, this episode also holds a special place in my heart because it is the introduction of one of my favorite characters in the Buffy verse, Tara. Also, this is the episode where Riley and Buffy find out about eachother's jobs, Buffy being the Slayer and Riley working the the initiative 10/10

    Visuals: This is a great episode, and is shot in a very distinct way. Most of the episode is silent, so there aren’t as many close ups of characters, and with this episode, that’s a good thing. Along with that, the camera focuses on all the right things, and is static for the important parts, making the pop more than with a moving one. 10/10

    Recurring characters: This is a great episode for Buffy, Willow, Riley, Xander and Anya, all having some good character development, while Spike is all but pushed aside and Gilles is distracted for the most part with his friend in town, Olivia. This also has one of the most iconic scenes for, where her and Tara first meet and use their combined magic to move the vending machine in front of the door. A truly great moment. 7/10

    Secondary Characters: Now, the villains in this episode are one of the most iconic of the series, the Gentlemen, and are truly remembered. Sadly, this cannot be said for Olivia, Gilles friend in town, who is rather forgettable, and I only remember her name because I was watching the episode again while writing this. 6/10

    Acting: The acting in this episode is great after they get set into having to convey everything with their body, but that does take a slightly awkward scene or two. 9/10

    Writing: The writing is okay, but dealing as it is a mostly silent episode, it doesn’t matter as much. 6/10

    Mood/Tone: This episode is talking about communication, and it does that perfectly. 10/10

    Pacing: While it is a little slow for the part at the beginning where they can actually talk, the rest of it is paced perfectly. 8/10

    Special effect: They are, for the most part, subtle and few, which does this episode well. They are used especially well when making the Gentlemen float 10/10

    Impact: This is an episode which I remember for a many of reasons, but mainly for two, it being the silent episode and the introduction of Tara. 10/10

    Overall: This is a great episode, and this and the following episode, which takes place seconds after this one ends, are a great jumping on point for the series, and the point where I got really into it and watching Tara, Spike, and later Dawn, grown and become great characters. 86/100

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