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Kingdom of Innocent Blood

Discussion in 'Role Play Central' started by Steel, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    In the same instance that Lex touched Thalina's hand, Lex disappeared into nothingness. The group simply stared at where Lex once was, in shock at what they just witnessed. "Fear not, she is nowhere, and everywhere. She is dead, but remains living. She is in the present with us, yet she is in the past as well. I will bring her back when she is ready."

    Cassius stared in complete amazement at the Oracle's power. "Where....did she go? Did you send her there?"

    "I did send her. I sent her where she asked me to send her. She is looking at the history of your people. Who's next? What do you wish to see?"

    "What do you mean our people? She isn't Arcanite...I am certain of that."

    Thalina's giant hooded head turned towards Cassius, slowly and methodically. "Are you certain that this is the question you want answered, Cassius of Belethren?"

    Cassius' eyes opened wide and he pulled his giant hat off his head. "How.....how could you possibly know that name? You...you aren't just a Legion Oracle, are you?"

    "I am what you make me out to be, Cassius of Belethren. You already know what I am. I am, as you call me, a Legion. My occupation, for lack of a better term, is the Oracle of Ages, passed down from Millenial Student of Magic to Millenial Student of Magic. I am more powerful than your dreams have ever told you I was, and yet I am weaker than a toddling with an injured arm. I am everything, and I am nothing. I am all of the knowledge you desire, with all of the power you fear will end your life. She's back..."

    Lex slowly materialized next to Cassius, in her original seat. Her eyes were closed and she was crying. She looked up and went to speak, but Thalina stopped her. "My name is Thalina, Lex. You are a rare breed of Arcanite, known as the Desert Dragonkin. They are a human race who bred with the dragons aeons ago. In the Desert Dragonkin Arcanites, there were three subgroups. Your subgroup was known as the Mage's Gems. Your mother and father are both like you, Mage's Gems. They had their powers drained from them for many, many years to give power to the Magi race of this world. They aren't completely drained though. Are they dead, you ask? I can't say yes or no, for it relies too heavily on you, child. Your history will come in time, but now you know what you are and who you are." Thalina looked down and began playing with her fortune teller, giggling to herself. "Isn't this fun?" she mused, softly to herself.
  2. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    She now looked upon the Oracle Thalina with new respect. She had witnessed years of her peoples past including her own birth and the ritual of her power and anscestry. She had been marked as a great Mage's gem even by her peoples standard by prophecy. Also she had watched the Mages annihalate what was left of her arcanite race. They wore black robes with intricate drawings of dragons. She had watched as her power controlled only by fear and instinct had melted several mages untill they had subdued her by knocking her out. Then they stole off with her as she was no longer able to defend herself. Indeed Thalina had shown her a great many things. Her fear of mages though had been replaced with that of bitter hostility. She knew now what her people could do. She knew now waht her enemies looked like.

    She had wept tears for her people as they were all slaughtered. She then wept for her parents having not been shown what happened to them. The visions had stopped abruptly as if it was a game she had to find the answer too. But she felt this is exactly what this Oracle wanted. She gave what was necessary waiting for the game pieces to do the rest. Thalina had created a now complete game piece in Lex. It now made so much sense to her. It was then she opened her eyes and she was back in her seat in the Tavern. Many eyes where watching her. She was about to ask where to start before Thalina had stopped her from asking. The Oracle though seemed to be enjoying the transpiring events like a child with a new toy wanting to play more as she asked who would like to be next.
  3. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I huffed loudly, "Fine, if no one else wants to go next, then I guess I'll go. What's my fortune, little kid? What can you show me that will make me break down in to tears? Is this your idea of a game? Playing with people's emotions and preying on their reactions? What?! What can you do to me!!??" My questioning rant was cut short by Thalina's giggling. She began to play with her paper oracle game, before holding it up to me,

    "Pick one, Locar." She raised her arms to me, the oracle now at my face. I watched as the pictures on the paper changed. I pointed to one. She began to play with it, and stopped to reveal the first inner circle, giggling a little bit. "And another..." Her voice seemed a bit more dark this time. I picked another, only to have the same event unfold. "One more, Locar...you're almost to the end." I picked the last one and Thalina lowered the toy to her own face. She opened the paper and turned around and read something to herself before sitting down. The gravity of the situation didn't hit me until she looked at me, a sadness crawling over her lips. "This is a fortune that I can't tell you. You ask a question too painful and deep, desiring the answer....but the answer you are not ready for. Several questions fill your head, and I can answer them all but one. I know this is not what you want to hear, but as an Oracle of the Ages, I am bound by certain laws to not answer these questions." She smiled softly and giggled, "Isn't this fun? Who's next?!"

    I sat down and put my hand to my mask, "Thalina, just answer one question....is he still here?"

    Thalina turned her head to me, "Yes...he is, though I can not tell you where. You must seek out your retribution your own way. But he has a job working for the person you are looking for tomorrow."
  4. Domino

    Domino CGO


    This oracle made me extremely uncomfortable. I found myself pacing back and forth as far from her as I could get without being outside of our group. The other patrons of the tavern were particularly interested in our group now, agitating me even further. This girl could be the death of them if the wrong people were to overhear.

    Thalina fixed her eyes upon me now, giggling as a child who knows a secret they aren't supposed to share. I stopped pacing, and I could feel the blood pounding in my ears. "What question shall I answer for you, mercenary? Oh! I know!" Thalina laid her fortune teller on the table and reached into her sleeve, from which she pulled a deck of ornately decorated cards. She shuffled them a few times, causing the decorative gold leaf to shimmer in the dim light of the tavern. She then laid out several cards face down on the table. She smiled and said, "Pick one!"

    Though this girl was annoying and terrifying, my curiosity drove me to obey. I stepped over to the table and placed a finger on one of the middle cards and slid it towards myself. Flipping it over revealed a chariot. "Interesting...self control is a key on your journey. Pick another!"

    Self control? I had more self control than anyone I'd ever met, especially for not putting a dagger through this girl's head. Thalina frowned for a moment, pouted and said, "That's not very nice..." I decided it best to continue with this charade for now. Perhaps it would lead me closer to him... Her smile irrupted as I reached for another, turning it to reveal a woman with a pet lion. "Oh yes indeed. You are a strong one, especially with what you have to overcome. It will be necessary to tame the hatred in your heart, Onyx. Maybe turn over two this time!" I again turned two cards, this time revealing a moon and a high priestess. "Yes, yes, a mysterious one you are, and so is your past...and your people. I haven't had this much fun in a while! I'll pick one now. Let's see...." The oracle reached for a card and revealed an ace of swords. "Hmmm...." She looked at me, some kind of compassion and worry on her face. "Be careful what you wish for, Itumeani."

    I was tired of this game already, but at the mention of my name, I pulled a dagger from my belt and thrust it into the table, right through the middle of one of the cards. I didn't wait to see what it was. I left the tavern, waiting outside for the others to finish their game. This so called oracle wasn't helping me find my target, and I would be damned if some little girl was going to tell me how to live my life.
  5. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    She watched clearly the frustration etched into Onyx's demeanor. There was alot more there then Onyx had ever let on to. Lex though kept the observation to herself as she watched the assasin storm out of the tavern. Lex reached over and retrieved the dagger Onyx left slammed into the table. Of course this took more effort than she realized when it took a fair amount of effort to remove the dagger that was solidly planted into the hard wood. She pretended not to see the card that flipped over in the process nor the impish smile that played across the Oracle's face as Lex did so. The Oracle was having a party with them and soaking up every ounce of enjoyment from it yet in a way was giving them all a strange form of guidance. Lex was getting the feeling things were going to get very strange. After seeing the card of the fighter and sorceror Lex couldn't help but feel Onyx and herself may yet share in some of that adventure.

    Lex walked out into the rain where Onyx was standing stoically obviously lost thought but the body language screamed Onyx knew Lex was there. Lex pulled her hood closer. She merely held the dagger out to Onyx without a word. Like the whisper of the wind the dagger was gone leaving Lex with the impression that it disappeared on its own but knowing full well that Onyx had retrieved it reminding her of Onyx's lethal abilities and not to cross the deadly assasin.
  6. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    The Oracle gathered up her cards the same way a child would pick up playing cards. She looked up to Cassius from under her hood. "You will do well to train the girl quickly and in hopes that she doesn't lose interest in her learning and finds more interest in her freedom. T'is but a momentary lapse in time for me, but for the rest it will be several forever's."

    She then called to Lex, "Study hard, child, you have much to learn and Cassius will be unforgiving."

    She slid her cards into her robes and walked over to Onyx, "Isn't it wonderful how the stars shimmer in the sky? Almost as if they have been spawned from a dream. Careful...the sorcerer." With that, she vanished, leaving only a soft giggling floating through the air.

    Cassius walked over to the door and put one of his hands on Lex's shoulder, "That was the Oracle of Ages. She knows everything, about everything and everyone. Having the chance to meet her once in your lifetime is truly a rare gift....but for me, meeting one of them twice, nigh impossible." He was clearly shaken. "Our missions starts early in the morning, I am going to retire for the evening."

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