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L.A Noire (Xbox360, PS3)

Discussion in 'Member reviews' started by Jerich, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Jerich

    Jerich New Member


    (Quick note: Rockstar may have stamped their name all over this game but it's not GTA and it was not created by Rockstar. The company is that developed it is called Team Bundie who just used Rockstar's game engine instead of creating their own.)

    Story: The story in this game has, thus so far, been very hit or miss for me. It's broken up into 5 parts: Patrol, Traffic, Homicide, Ad Vice, and Arson unit. Patrol was the tutorial unit and got you into the grove of the game, Homicide was my favourite story so far with Ad Vice feeling very lacking in comparison.

    Battle System: In my own humble opinion the hand to hand combat in this game is more fun than the gun play. The hand to hand is smooth and is so enjoyable. The gun play on the other hand is kind of awkward and tedious. I play a lot of FPS shooters on the 360 so I have become adapted to playing on sensitivity 10 and being able to smoothly glide my crosshairs to where they need to be. Having said that, the gun play in L.A Noire feels clunky, slow, and unresponsive. The cover system works so I will give points for that but breaking cover can be a pain in the ass if you need to be quick.

    Graphics: Graphics are basically GTA IV in 1947 L.A. Haven't run into any texture issues or frame rate lag and it's all presented to the player in a true to the times manner.

    Voice Acting/Acting: Team Bundi matched up actors to voices very well in this story, no cheesy accents or anything of the like.

    Character Development: In L.A Noire you play Detective Phelps, and as the story progresses you learn more and more about your character. Without going into it too much let me just say that they did a wonderful job of matching his personality to the experiences he has had throughout his life.

    Concept Art: Didn't see any, sorry.

    Soundtrack: There isn't much of a soundtrack to this game. When you are searching for clues they have some nice classical music playing to alert you to the fact that you haven't found all your clues yet or a dramatic piece for the action sequences. Other than that you can listen to the car's radio in your vehicle (Much as with GTA titles) but I haven't really been paying too much attention to the radio since I usually have my partner drive for me or if I am driving it's a chase scene so the sirens drowned out the radio. Since I played violin for 9 years I do enjoy the classical music when I've heard it.

    World Development: The streets of L.A as depicted in this game is very well done. The weather effects and lighting are slightly improved upon from GTA IV but do well to create the over all atmosphere of 1947 L.A. You have free access to drive anywhere in L.A from the start, which let me tell you is huge, and there is plenty to see and do.

    Overall Gameplay: While after playing for many hours in a row the detective work all starts feeling the same I would like to state this game actually feels new and fresh in an era of first person shooters and generic RPGs that feel like the last one you played. Searching out clues, questioning witnesses, interrogating suspects, and bringing your perp to justice all feels very rewarding if you get into the story surrounding your case. Here is my beef: Street crimes. Street crimes are side events that you don't have to do (Unless you are like me and trying to 100% the game) but are random and annoying if you are driving to each location during a case. I remember one case I got hit up with 3 random street crimes before even making it to my first location. (A jumper, a bank robbery, and a shoot out) While I do like that Team Bundie wanted you to feel more immersed in a cop game you are not a cop, you're a detective. It's not your job and it's even less of your job when you are so close to cracking a case. I don't like street crimes and at the end of the day, to me, it feels like it's just trying to distract you from the case but it was nice of the developers to give the option to have your partner drive which skips any chance of getting a call about them.

    Replay Value: None unless one day you are sitting around and think to yourself, "You know. I want to play L.A Noire again." While Team Bondi will more than likely keep hitting us up with new DLC every so often I don't see much reason to play this again, even from a completionists stand point. If you want to 5 star all the missions all you have to do is drop to the main menu and select cases, which will allow you to play them stand alone from the over all game.

    Final thoughts: I love this game, it has given me so many hours of entertainment and may yet be my game of the year. If you've been thinking about trying it do so, it may surprise you.

    Reviewers comments: Sorry about my grammar, it's probably atrocious but I need more practice writing and this is a good way to do it. I have a couple more games that I will review (new games) and that I could review. (Old games) I have shelved and needing to be played: Resonance of Fate, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean 4, and a whole slew of other games.
  2. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    I loved the review, Jer. The grammar was a bit off, but it isn't like it was difficult to follow, so it didn't bother me. I have been rather hooked on watching L.A. Noire videos on youtube lately, and wish I had the money to go and just look at it in the store :p

    As for your other reviews.....Star Ocean 4 and Lost Odyssey are definites for my vote.
  3. Jerich

    Jerich New Member

    I lucked out in getting this game, like I've said else where I am out of work right now so I collected all the loose change in my bedroom and cashed it all in at my bank. Came out to $60.40 and I cut into my bus fare fund a little bit and bam, L.A Noire.

    Lost Odyssey has the best chance of being next.
  4. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    I had only heard of Lost Odyssey, never had the money to buy it, even with all the scraped change lol. Star Ocean 4, I only had it for a 7 day rental....fell in love with the game. I am highly anticipating either review, Jer....you got me excited about them now.
  5. Domino

    Domino CGO

    Me too! Nice review indeed. I look forward to your other reviews, and possibly finally finishing up one of my reviews soon...*coughs* FFVIII *coughs*

    Almost giving it game of the year without replay value?! Surely you jest. Then again, one would have to consider what's been released this year.
  6. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    When Duke nukem comes out ima post a review on that.

    Great review btw, havent played the game but it sure looks awesome.
  7. Jerich

    Jerich New Member

    I don't know what's really all coming out this year since I have my favourite games and don't really bother with anything new unless I see some good stuff floating around.

    But it pretty much stacks up like this: I want Rage and I now I want Skyrim. I'll end up more than likely getting Modern Warfare 3, maybe Battlefield 3, and a slim chance of something else coming out that I'll want. Rage is going to be like Fallout 3 blended with some of the Borderlands feel, I like both games but I kinda know what to expect with Rage and Skyrim is going to be a better looking Oblivion. L.A Noire, as I stated before, just feels different and that is what is going to make it stand out once the year is over. That and Mass Effect 3 is coming out in 2012.
  8. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    I would tend to agree with ya, Jer. The problem with this year, at least for games, is that there is a plethora of games being released. I don't know many other gamers like me, and here's why: I don't look forward to game release years. Everyone schedules their releases for this year, and the seasons just get bogged down. Like you, I have my favorites (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Phantasy Star Universe, Forza) and there are a couple of games that I'm looking forward to: Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Skyrim. But, when you really get down to it, most of the games out there are just copying each other and trying to out do the rest. There isn't enough variety out there to keep my interest in E3 and all that. Thanks to Zero, I became interested in Oblivion, which is why Skyrim sounds so good....and it's unique. Assassin's Creed....yes, it's pretty much like the rest of the series...but the series doesn't reflect any other game that I've ever played. L.A. Noire reminds me a lot of GTA, but it's done in a way that GTA never thought of doing. I need variety, I need "new" games.
  9. Domino

    Domino CGO

    A very good point. New and different IS hard to come by in games, but they also have to be worthwhile, new and different. Don't know if it's true or not, just heard about it, but supposedly there was a big uproar with a game that was released because the object of said game was to walk into a school and shoot as many students and teachers as you could. While this game IS different, the content is incredibly shameful to me, if said game even truly exists. This type of game, however "entertaining" it might be to some, is just outright despicable to me, and not worth my time or money, or even this post. I suppose the point I'm trying to make is that game developers need to make "different" the "right" way.
  10. Jerich

    Jerich New Member

    Sounds like it may be a reference to Bully, which is another Rockstar game. That game caught a lot of flak for it's content but Rockstar seems to like being overly controversial.
  11. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Honestly, I hated Rockstar games. I enjoyed the first GTA, the one that was simple, without all the sex that today's society craves so much. Bully was an AWESOME game...save some HIGHLY perverted moments. Jer, you gotta tell me what kind of games you like the most. Is it RPG's in general, or do you have a wider variety of tastes?
  12. Jerich

    Jerich New Member

    My taste in games is like my taste in music. I seriously pull from so many genres of games that it's hard to say what my favourite genre is. If you want my gamertag to check out my game list it's Justin s88. Do note if I want recognize tag add RRS to it so I know, I don't add names I don't recognize to my buddies list.
  13. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    I will add you once I have LIVE connected again. I am currently running without a connection....however, I did bridge the connection from my laptop, which ran it for a little bit. We'll see what happens.
  14. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Now, this year’s game list is actually exciting for me, but there are a lot of games that I want, that haven’t been mentioned by you guys. Batman Arkham City I already have a preorder for, and am looking forward to playing. Catherine intrigues me to say the least, but I think it is a little adult for me right now, that is one for 2 or 3 years from now. The new disgaea, which will be for the PS3 also looks great, and I had a lot of fun with # 2 on the PSP.

    Now, with all that, I am excited, but that doesn’t include any of the portable titles. Resident Evil Revelations does show promise and looks to be one of the better 3DS titles of the year. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked is a game I know is just a port with a little extra, but having not played the first game, I am very excited. Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights is a French version of Professor Layton, a series which I love way too much. This one, while in the same vain, is a lot less point and click and more actual movement when getting around the environments. Also, the story that it is advertising looks very interesting to me.

    And, on top of all of this, we have the PlayStation Vita launch, which has many so far unannounced titles coming out on it at launch, which leaves me excited for the system and hopeful for a butt load of great games.

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