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Discussion in 'Collaborative Writing' started by Steel, May 12, 2011.

  1. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    14mm is a pretty big bullet, but it isn't anything compared to .50 caliber, or .45, even. I was just curious lol, you didn't have to fix that part. As for the rest of it, I'm curious to see how your character unfolds.

    Now the big thing here is this: How do you want to bring Alberto in to the story? You can PM me with your ideas and I'll ensure that you get an opening. I will be the one posting the opening when the time comes, so give me the ideas and we'll see what we can come up with.

    New rotation: Steel, Domino, Valkyrie, Dante
  2. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    K il PM you later then
  3. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator

    Okay edited my char sheet added just a tweek here and there for bio and appearance. As well added the only pic I was comfortable with for her to depict as close as possible my image of her. Unfortuantly for what I was looking for it was the only pic so far that I could find where the toon was not strapping a thong of some kind. Or a bikini for that matter. yeesh finding pics is troublesome. As well added a pic for the gun and I thank you Steel but I found a pic of a bike i liked and changed that as well.
  4. Domino

    Domino CGO

  5. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Name: Casey White

    Age: 22

    Weapon(s): basically anything other than custom weapons. Has a solar powered armored car to store it all. Got it all from an abandoned military base with most of the gear still functioning.

    PhysicalDescription: She is about 5’6” and weighs about 150lb. Her body is mostly covered in tattoos and her hair is many different colors. The base is a light blond, almost with and she has streaks of red, green, blue, purple, black and pink in her hair, which goes down to about her shoulder blades. She usually wears a tank top and shorts.

    Biography: Orphaned at the age of 6, Casey has been making her own way in life. She is a very good thief and rarely gets caught. At the age of 8, she got caught during a theft and got beaten. Ending up with a bleeding wound on her forehead, it stained her hair. A couple days later, after the blood had dried in, she decided that she liked the color and started dying sections of her hair different colors.

    Around the age of 10, Casey got caught and beat up again, this time with a gash just above the lip. This is her first taste of blood. Now she commonly has blood to drink as she doesn’t want to go through the effort to get water from people in the different towns, as she is wanted in many.

    At 11 was her first kill, when she was attacked by a mugger. She ended up accidentally killing him, and noticed that she could get blood from him. Since then she has been killing people and using the bodies as a blood supply so she doesn’t have to take water from any of the towns or hope for oasis.

    At the age of 16, Casey stumbles onto an abandoned military base with a cash of functioning weapons and vehicles, along with a map of other military bases. From that point on, she hops from military base to military base in her solar powered armored car full of weapons from said bases. If someone gets in her way, she kills them, and stores the body for the blood. Currently, she is wanted in almost every part of the world.

    (Basically, she is a complete phyco with a taste for blood)
  6. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    So, your character lives on blood? Well, if she's comin' to Locarion, she won't have to worry about being wanted or anything like that. So, she can learn to live on water like normal people lol. It is a fantasy story, but it's based in reality. So, Casey is highly malnourished and has issues holding on to reality....at least for a little bit. She'll be taken care and brought back to the land of the living. Does this sound suitable to you?
  7. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    I guess, but she will still have some form of blood lust. She has been having it for the last 12 years. a habbit like that won't go away in a post or two. Also, she will always be at least a little insane, same reasoning, it's been forming for 12 years, that is not something the is let go of.
  8. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Oh no, of course not. Her blood lust is going to be a focus point for her, like you said. And that will be something for everyone to pay attention to. Casey is always going to remain "not all there" because of her issues with living on blood for so long. It will always be there, her insanity and need to taste blood, which will drive her more insane when she can't have it.....oh this is gonna be good.

    What I was saying was that she will be able to get meals that will nourish her the way they're supposed to....which won't go very well for the first little bit because she would have lost the taste for regular food. And water.....all I have to say is that you've created quite an interesting character, and it's only going to get more interesting.
  9. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    She's a theif, she can get regular food, just the water tends to be a lot more gaurded, or have a lot more people at it than the food due to the lack of it compared to the water. She's been eating good this whole time
  10. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Okay, I understand now. Then she wouldn't be malnourished, just crazy lol.
  11. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

  12. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Where will i fit into the cycle?
  13. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    I could have sworn I posted the new rotation, so I apologize. New rotation is in the Tavern.
  14. Domino

    Domino CGO

    Soooooo....I have found Bella's car.

    Mclaren F1

    Have fun. And, if you have her driving it, she knows how to drive.
  15. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Name: Carl Evanson

    Age: 34

    Weapon(s): .45 Pistol, holds 12 rounds with one in the chamber.

    PhysicalDescription: No noticeable marks. Detective Evanson

    Biography: Evanson is a highly decorated member of the homicide division of the Locarion P.D., though he is the only detective in the whole precinct that will take on investigations dealing with the Family as well. Receiving numerous marks and citations, awards and medals, recommendations, the list goes on; Detective Evanson has made a name for himself as the one to get any job done. There hasn't been a single case that he has worked on that hasn't been closed and someone brought to justice.....and it isn't just anyone, it is always the right person who is brought down. The Organization has a slight problem with him as he is the cause for most of their smuggling operations.

    There isn't much to Carl, to tell the truth. He is an honest cop, will never take bribes or be pushed around. His sense of justice is nearly sickening...and he will take the law as far as he must to ensure that it is protected. Coming from a very long line of police officers (his father and mother were both cops, his grandfather, his great-grandfather....you get the idea....for 5 or 6 generations) have all been on the right side of justice, never faltering and always instilling a great sense of right and wrong in their children. Carl, however, hasn't a family...at least not that anyone knows about. To the very best of everyone's knowledge, Carl lives alone.....but that isn't true, he has his work to keep him company.

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