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Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Discussion in 'Member reviews' started by Steel, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Story: 7.5/10
    Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals follows the story of Maxim (no, not the stupid magazine), the hero of Doom Island (remember that from the first game?) Him and his three friends are the ones who stood up against the Sinistrals the first time they showed up, and they did it with style.

    We start out with, of course, meeting Maxim, and the woman who loves him and will follow him to the ends of the Earth....even though she does almost get them killed a few times. After going through the tutorial cave, we find out that the cave to Sundeltan (obviously our next town) has been blocked because of a monster who stole the key. Now, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you really think about it. How did the monster get the key? There's a guy at the opening to the cave, why didn't he stop it? If he tried to and wasn't able to, why is he still alive? If he didn't attempt to do anything to stop the monster, why is he still working there? Lazy bastard.......ahem, anyway. So, after defeating the monster, Maxim chalks it up to the monsters getting smarter and more daring....because in the world of Lufia, monsters are stupid, timid creatures who keep to themselves and don't eat the first traveler they see simply because they thought they smelled chicken in the inventory bag. We defeat the monster and meet an interesting woman by the name of Iris. Now, Iris is there to help us through the entire game, so to speak. She is a very important "pusher of plots" and makes the game very interesting, especially at the very end. Iris tells you that you are destined to destroy the Sinistrals, and sends you on a journey all over the world to meet ineteresting people, and have them join your party to kill other interesting people.

    Compared to the first game, we actually change party members quite frequently....well, actually, compared to the first game, we change party members.....in general. This game gives you nine different party members through the game, ultimately ending with the four from the start of the first game: Maxim, Guy, Selan, and Artea. The story twists and turns and things are made abundantly clear and everything, as far as I'm concerned, is explained. Between the first and second games, there has been no story like the one that Lufia is written across.

    Battle System:8/10
    Ah, the battle system. Much like the first one, it's random turn-based system is difficult to master. However, adding yet another challenge, is "monster leveling." Getting to 99 is no longer a guarantee to beating the game, especially when facing the Sinistrals, who will completely demolish you if you are not fully prepared.

    Back to the magic thing. You can now buy the spells in stores. I feel that you get a better idea what your characters can do, magical wise. I really enjoy walking into a magic shop and being like "Hey, check out this spell! Awesome!"

    Another thing that I really enjoyed with this game was the addition of "Capsule Monsters." These adorable little creatures join your party and are AI controlled beings. They will join the fight and actually do a considerable amount of damage, depending on the one you choose. They all eat certain items that you feed them, and with that, they level up and change classes, becoming more and more powerful, almost exponentially.

    All in all, the battle system in this game fixes all of the problems from the first game, so this section gets an 8/10.

    Graphics: 8/10
    Built on the same graphics basis as Final Fantasy VI, this game offers quite an amazing set of landscaping. It's a very bright game, allowing for more colors to shine through. The developers of this game show their pride by creating such an amazing and beautiful game. However, there was only so much they could do, so people who like the 3D graphics better probably won't be able to appreciate the old school style as much. The old school style is a preference of mine, but I think that they could've done a bit more with it. Good job, none the less, awarding them an 8/10

    Acting: 6/10
    Again, no voice acting, but this time the dialogue was slightly more childish than the first. It was still entertaining, but there were parts that you just wanted to slap the characters because of how stupid or stubborn they had become over the period of just a few seconds. While this game still has one of the best scripts in the genre, there were times where I wished they just cut the whole part out. Pointless to plot twists, 0.4 seconds. Still, better than other games I've played.

    Character Development:8/10
    This Lufia game found the problem with the linear characters in the first game....and destroyed it. The characters in this game are...well...characters. Each with their own personality, indentity, and even flaws. Stupidity, over-confidence, jealousy, you name it, they have it. It's incredible what a little bit of writing will do for a character. From simple one liners to full blown conversations, the characters in this game never cease to be themselves.

    Art: 10/10
    By far the most beautiful concept art I have ever seen for a game. I needn't say more than "Please....go and look this up for yourself." You shan't be disappointed.

    World Development: 7/10
    The development that went into the world of Lufia II was.....regretably....the same as the first. However, unlike the first, there were much more things to do in this game. There is actually an entire section of map dedicated to a sidequest. So, while still linear, for the most part, it does have parts that you don't HAVE to go to, unlike the first game.

    Overall Gameplay: 8/10
    Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, just like the first game, is one of the best games of it's genre, let alone it's generation. From the awesome story line, to the battle mechanics, to the actual difficulty in the game, it's amazing. The puzzles in it are extremely difficult, but so easy that you will kick yourself once you figure them out....if you figure them out. Overall, this game is an amazing classic to add to your collection, and, again, you can't call yourself a true RPG fan unless you have played it at LEAST once.

    All in all, the game has proven itself to stand the test of time, awarding it an 85/100

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