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Malicious (PS3)

Discussion in 'Member reviews' started by ggyppt, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Before I start, hi again, sorry I haven't been on, I've been making sure that I'll be able to graduate in a couple months, So, now on with the review, the first of a handful I'll be doing in the coming days.

    Story: While the story is rather fascinating to me, I can say it's not for everyone, especially with the majority of it being told through an in game book. In game wise, the story isn't explained much, if at all. You only get small scenes at the opening of each area, and moves the story nowhere. 4/10

    Battle System: The battle system is really fun. Each level you get dropped into an area with a boss and a bunch of minions. You kill the minions to get mana, which you use to make your attacks more powerful. By the end of the game you have 4 weapons that you can jump between. The combat is fast moving and requires you to be very precise, though the camera is an issue in combat. 8/10

    This game is freaking beautiful. It has this almost hand panted to the surrounding areas, while the characters and their attacks all look amazing in their anime style. Overall, this is not only this games strongest component, but it is also a great representation of what a specific artistic style can do with a game. 10/10

    Voice Acting/Acting: I didn't hear any, but that may have just been me. NA

    Character Development: In a story sense, there is none, because the story goes nowhere, but in a game play perspective, after you beat each boss, you get a new weapons or abilities, making it feel like the character is getting stronger as time goes on, and this use of mechanics as metaphor is very definitive in this game, and i think makes up for the missed development through story. 7/10

    Concept Art: I haven't seen any concept art yet for this game NA

    Soundtrack: I enjoy the soundtrack, and it gives each level the right feel each track has a very dramatic tone, and they fit each level's theme. 7/10

    World Development: While this game doesn't do much new or different when it comes to World Development, what it does do are a couple little things that makes the game stand out in my mind. The big thing for me that has stuck me with this game for some reason is how you always start off in a chair whenever you load it up, and how whenever the game is changing to a new level, it zooms in on your face before zooming back out and having the level unfold. I feel these small touches do a lot more than I think most people realize. 7/10

    Overall Gameplay: Over all, with the exception of the camera, this game plays great. 8/10

    Replay Value: Going back and playing the game with the new weapons is a lot of fun, and you can certainly get addicted to score chasing in this game. 8/10

    Final thoughts: having gotten this game for free with Playstation Plus, I was introduced to a game I probably would have skipped over otherwise, and while it has very little in the way of story, it's chock full of gameplay goodness. It doesn't try and hide that you want to play this game mostly for gameplay, so if you are looking for story, It's not here as much as many other has it, but if you want a game that is mostly gameplay, this game is really good. 58/80

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