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Monster School: The First Year

Discussion in 'Role Play Central' started by Dante Chaos, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    It was a cloudy day, looking down on students gathering on a school square in an unknown place.
    People from all over the world came to this place for it was a known school for a special kind of people.

    This school is known as Yokai High, School for monsters.
    Creatures from all over the world join this school to learn the ways of the world in seclusion of the humans.
    They learn how to work with them and how to hide their identity from them.

    In front of the school building was a small podium and on top of it stood a mysterious man wearing a cloak which made you unable to see his face.

    "Greetings everyone, I welcome you to this school in name of its founders and its faculty. You shall see and learn many things here and i hope you all shall enjoy your time with us.
    Without further ado i would like to remind you students that it is strictly forbidden to use your ability's within school ground and any transformation is not allowed as well.
    Well now lets start the new school year shall we. Please everyone go to your assigned class posted on the billboards in front of the school.

    With this the gathering ended and the students went to look wich class they where in and proceded to it.
  2. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I stepped out of the car and waved bye to Sophie's parents. They knew that today was going to be a rough day for me; first day at school, and I had to go visit my dad tonight for his monthly visit. They wished me a good first day at school and made me promise to not start any fights the first day like I did last year. I jokingly promised "I'll at least wait a week or two. See you guys later tonight..." I helped Sophie out of the car and threw my bag over my shoulder. I turned and faced the school and slowly started walking. I found the board with all of the classes and saw which one I was going to. I looked at Sophie and was happy that she was in the same class that I was. This meant that I could keep a closer eye on her, protect her better.

    I fixed my backpack more on my shoulder and began walking around the board but was nearly run over by a girl who was falling. I caught her with my arm but quickly dropped her as soon as I realised that I was touching her. I quickly drew my arm back, dropping her straight to the ground. "Hey, why don't you watch where you're going? You could cause someone to hurt you pretty bad, airhead."
  3. Domino

    Domino CGO


    I still couldn't believe what I was seeing. All kinds of creatures around me, 99.9% of them I thought were mere myth. Even though I'd been in this world for a week, I still felt my pulse race at the sight of a lot of the monsters here. I had discovered that, like myself, several kinds of monsters looked relatively human. I listened as closely as I could to the man speaking, and when he was finished, I attempted to make my way over to the billboard. I became exceedingly nervous about what class I would be in, who my teacher would be, and what class would actually be like in this place. I can't do this... I thought, and a huge gust of wind rushed past me, knocking several papers out of my hand. I reached for a few of them, catching a couple, but one flew right out of my grasp.

    It raced towards the billboard, and I went after it. However, on my way my toe found seemingly the only rock around, sending me towards the billboard much faster than I had anticipated. I shut my eyes tight, expecting to have my face plastered on the board, but to my surprise, I felt an arm instead. Before I had time to even open my eyes, I was on the ground.

    "Hey, why don't you watch where you're going? You could cause someone to hurt you pretty bad, airhead."

    I finally opened my eyes and rubbed my leg a bit where I had landed. "Yeah, I guess...." My cheeks turned a bright shade of red as I stood up and dusted myself off. "Unfortunately, this kind of stuff happens to me all the time." I didn't even notice when the wind stopped blowing, but I did feel a gentle breeze now. I spotted my last paper right behind the boy that was in front of me. "I'm sorry, but I need to get that." I really looked at him for the first time then. His eyes seemed to glow like fire, a slight look of concern on his face.

    "Well, I'm not stopping you."

    He stood there, while I reached around him and grabbed my paper. I stood up and headed straight for the board, trying to distract myself from the fact that he was still glaring at me. The girl beside him looked as though she had a softer, more friendly expression on her face. I smiled kindly at her and looked at the board. “Shizuka Nekonome,” I said, sounding out the name to myself.

    "Awesome, we're in the same home room...." the boy scoffed at me.

    “Um..yeah....awesome.” I groaned. "I really hope everyone else is as nice as you are," I said with sarcasm.
  4. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I was about to turn and walk to class until I heard her say something. "I really hope everyone else is as nice as you are," she was extremely sarcastic, and I felt the fire burning hotter inside of me. A small heatwave could be felt around me, climbing the 70 degree weather to almost 100 degrees around me and the bulletinboard.

    I turned and looked at her with a sharp look in my eyes. My eyes were burning...literally. There was a literal fire burning in my irises. I glared at the girl and raised my hand in a fist. I snapped my middle finger and my thumb together, igniting an immediate flame that danced at nearly a foot into the air."Yeah...me too..." I sneered.
  5. Domino

    Domino CGO


    "GEEZ!" I practically yelped when I said this. My feet started to back peddle as the flame burst from seemingly nowhere. Not surprisingly, my feet found the same rock from earlier. This time, I slipped and no one was there to break my fall. I landed square on my bottom, adding to my already bruised leg. Students around me started laughing and snickering at me. Some things can even cross into other worlds... I thought as tears welled up in my eyes. I picked myself back up and pushed past the boy who was now laughing hysterically at me.

    Somehow or another I found the restroom and ducked inside. I stood at the sink, turned the water on, and splashed a bit on my face, tears now fully streaming down my face. I wasn't going to make it to my first class in time, but I didn't care. Now more than ever I just wanted to go home.
  6. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Rune & Saiya

    A white car stopped infront of the schoolyard and Rune and Saiya stepped out.

    "Bye Daima, see you soon."

    Rune just waved at walked up to the schoolyard his sister in tow.
    "So, this is going to be fun right brother! I can't wait to meet all the new people here."

    Rune did't respond to Saiyas words and walked on. Listened to the words of the principle and walked straight towards the billboards, his sister following him the whole time.
    "Class 1A, homeroom teacher Shizuka Nekonome"
    Saiya looked on the board aswell and was dissapointed she was not in the same class as her brother.
    "Ah, im in class 1B. Il be sure to visit you between lunchbreaks brother!"

    "Yeah yeah, il see you later."

    Rune walked off into the school building looking for his classroom, after he found it he already saw some students inside but chose to ignore them and took the seat in the corner in the back. The students who where inside felt a sudden chill on their back as Rune walked past.

    Saiya ran off to the toilet as she needed to go.
    "I should't have had that orange juice in the car. ughh"

    When she opened the door she saw another student who was crying.
    "Uhmm, are you ok?" she asked her.
  7. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    She had all her classes figured out and was wearing her backpack with both straps. Then again she loved school and learning this was like being made to have holidays for her. She watched as Dio almost ran over a small girl and by the smell of her a human one at that or at least has been in direct contact with lots of them. Sophies sense of smell was acute due to her being a dragon.. Sophie was now very intrigued. A human girl with monster gifts extrodinary she thought. She found humans to be curious things. She peeked around the board keeping somewhat behind Dio just incase. She frowned at the interactions and even flinched when Dio dropped her right away.

    She was used to Dio but he was a red dragon after all she felt he had done a decent job of not threatening her right away. But then sarcasm rolled in and sure enough Dio drew his lines with his display of fire. As she watched this girl run in haste Sophie frowned and blew out the flame from Dio's hands before giving him a frown. Dio merely rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders at Sophie. He knew what would happen next as he turned and left for the class room. Sophie did not need to say anything. They had done this song and dance before. She was overly friendly and tended to cool Dio off if her reacted to quickly. Under most circumstances though she was the only one he tolerated interfereing if he was focused on something. She was off to go tend to the girl Dio had given the warning too.

    She trailed her to a bathroom where another person had just entered, Sophie walked in to the newcomer asking if the girl was okay. As Sophie walked in even further she could see the tears rolling down the girls face. She knew enough about humans to know crying usually ment hurt feelings of some kind and high emotions. "I would like to apologize for my brother. Social interactions are not his strong suit I am afraid." Both girls turned to look at her. The crying girls eyes widened a bit as if she was expecting Dio to walk in behind Sophie. He is very protective and does not process sarcasm very well. He was merely drawing his lines of warning. Please do not take it personally. I assure you he really is alot of fun when you get to know him."

    Sophie's calm demeanor was infectious as was looking into her silver, mercury eyes. The whole time as well she had a slight smile on her face. "Oh dear me and I have also been rude. I am Sophie Silvinesti. The guy you had the run in was my brother Dio. We are both dragons. You are human yes? Sophie could not help her curiousity she had to know. That and maybe switching the conversation she could get this girl to calm down and talk and maybe even be her friend. Sophie smiled bigger at the thought of making a human friend. She looked to the other girl though not sure of what to make of her yet. Sophie extended her hand. "Care to walk with me to class. I assure you no one else will bother you. Your friend here can join us if she likes." Sophie looked to the other girl as she made her offer. She was always open for more friends.
  8. Domino

    Domino CGO


    I was slightly embarassed that this girl saw me crying, but even more so when the girl from before showed up. Then a slight tremor of terror gripped me before she assured me her brother was not waiting for me outside. I sniffled a bit and wiped my eyes, listening to what the calm one had to say. Dragons, too? Oh man...I really don't know if I can do this... I thought, and I felt the color drain from my face. But somehow I was beginning to feel more relaxed. This girl....Sophie....she seemed so calm and gentle compared to her brother.

    At the mention of her being human, Kaji looked to the floor. She didn't say anything until Sophie offered to walk her and the other girl to class. She took Sophie's hand and held her books close. The other girl said she would catch up in a bit, though she wasn't in the same homeroom. As we walked, I finally got the nerve to speak. "Yes, I am human....or at least I thought I was. I'm really not sure anymore. But I got a letter to come here, so here I am."

    We entered our classroom and I looked around to find any open seats. The room was surprisingly more cool than any other part of the building. Just then, the bell rang, startling me and making me drop my books. Some of the students snickered, but Sophie just helped me pick them up and lead me to an open seat right beside her. A lot of the other students looked at me curiously, some of them sniffing the air. Then, I was pretty sure my heart stopped beating. I was hoping that he would skip class or something, but in he walked, arrogant and as terrifying as ever. His eyes locked on me as he cracked a wicked smirk, and he began to make his way to his seat.
  9. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I walked into class a couple of minutes after the bell rang. I saw lots of familiar faces, some of which were on the football team last season. I fixed my bag on my shoulder and saw the sniveling little girl from earlier, sitting next to Sophie. I threw a really nasty smirk at her and cocked my head to the side, which made her tremble and quickly look directly down at her desk. Then I heard a voice as I started walking to the only seat left in the room, behind Sophie. "I assumed you would be running a little late, Mr. Biallo. Take your seat so we can get started. And don't be late for my class again." I turned to the teacher, bowed my head slightly, and continued to my seat.

    I put my hand on Sophie's shoulder as I walked passed her and sat down. I leaned forward, "Hey, I have about 2 hours to kill after school before I have to go see my father. Any ideas? You can bring your new friend to hang out with us..." I looked at the new girl and chuckled to myself. I then leaned back and dropped my head, the realization that I do have to see my dad...alone...today after school "I really don't want to see him...."
  10. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    Her mind had been on Dio most of the day as they endured orientation. There was no real learning to be done the first day so it did not enthuse Sophie as much as a day of learning even though her education was slightly more advanced than what they were teaching. She was a silver after all they loved knowledge regardless so school was still a treat. She keep her eyes on Kaji and as she had promised she stayed very close to her throughout the day. Kaji seemed to be slightly at ease near the end of the day but still unsure. Dio seemed to relax some as Sophie wasn't wondering far or seemingly finding trouble hanging out with this new girl so there was no alarms for Dio to be worried about. He only had the worry of his time with his father later.

    As the last bell rang Sophie was out of her seat quickly and beside Kaji in a flash. A large smile and big eyes greeted Kaji as she grabbed her own things. "Kaji want to come to my house now that school is over? I promise you will have a wonderful time and there is nothing for you to be scared of I double pinky swear promise." Sophie had grabbed Kaji's name easily when the teacher had gone through role call in the morning she was just hoping Kaji would not be spooked by her forward behavior. Sophie had a tendancy to forget Human nuances like being shy and how dreadfully painful it could be fro humans. Sophie was a young silver and an extremely energetic one most of the time. My limo will be here shortly to pick me up and if I know my brother he will be here longer checking out the sports. So you don't even have to worry about him right away. Also if he does bug us we can stay in my room where he wouldn't dare come in." Now Sophie was giving her an exceptionally infectious smile and big eyes that seemed almost too big to be human.
  11. Domino

    Domino CGO


    I threw myself into the orientation from our homeroom teacher. After the first thirty minutes or so, I barely even noticed her constant "Meow!" I took all the notes that were necessary and started packing my things when class was dismissed. To my surprise, Sophie was very adament about wanting me to come over after school, almost too excited it seemed. I had noticed her brother saying something to her at the beginning of class, which kind of worried me. But it did make me feel better knowing that he wouldn't really be home, and the thought that I had possibly made my first friend was really nice.

    I smiled and said,"Yeah, I guess that would be alright. It will certainly be better than having to sit in my room again tonight. And to tell you the truth....I've always been really interested in mythical creatures, especially dragons. I would love to know more about them, er, your kind." I really was curious about all of the creatures here, but dragons had always fascinated me, as well as wolves. "Oh, but what about that other girl, you think she could come too?" Kaji wasn't great with making friends, but she figured she should make some sort of effort for once. I really hope she's right about her brother....
  12. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    "A dragon? wow. i never seen one of those." she said to herself when the two other girls walked out of the bathroom. She completely forgot that she had to use the bathroom herself.
    "Oh no. forgot to actually go myself."

    She raced to her class and made it just in time.
    The teacher told the class the basic stuff for school and what else there was to do and the Dorm arrangements.
    After class ended she packed her stuff and ran off before anyone could talk to her.

    She barged into another classroom calling "Oniiiiiii-Chan!!!" and walked towards Rune who had put his hand on his face.

    Sitting in the corner of the class he did not pay any attention to what the teacher was saying. He did not care for any of it. He already had arrangements for lodging in the school dorm and got all the information and supply's for it.

    When class was over Rune wanted to stand up but heard his sister call him in a way he would be embarrassed about.

    "Saiya, i told you not to call me that in public."
    "Why, i call you that all the time... oohhh the dragon girl!"
    Saiya dashed off to Sophie and greeted both the girls.

    "Hi, we meet again, I forgot to introduce myself, im Saiya Moon, snow girl extraordinair. That cold emotionless looking guy there in the corner is my brother Rune Moon."

    Before she could point out to Rune he stood up and walked out of the classroom. Rune wandered around school a bit before heading to the courtyard and taking a seat on one of the benches there.

    "One day she's going to kill me with that straightforwardness of her." he mumbled to himself.

    Meanwhile in the principals office...

    "We got a good batch of new students this year." A young woman said.
    "Indeed we have Ruby, though i expect a few troublemakers as well especially the ones from 1-A"
    The principal put down a couple of letters which had different seals on it. One with a dragon on it and another with a Snow symbol and the last one a wind symbol.

    "I did not expect members of the Elemental Clans to take school here. We have to be carefull with them. Please keep an eye on them Ruby."

    "I shall sir." and Ruby left the office.
  13. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    ooc: to many light blues so gonna use more of a purple for Sophie's color.

    Sophie was equally intrigued. A snow girl how interesting she thought. She was an avid fan of snow. Infact Sophie had been born in a pile of snow as most silver dragons are known to do its how they are born nestled in large piles of soft cold snow. The thought of it gave Sophie a sense of elation. Not only was she trying to make one friend but she could come out of this with two. Without further hesitation and chance Sophie grabbed both girsl and almost dragged them outside not realizing her strength may have been a bit much for non dragons.

    As they reached the outside a white limo was waiting for Sophie. Her parents were high ups on the scale of things so dorms were not an issue. She had the exception of returning to her mansion which actually wasn't that far from the high school. Both girls seemed to be a bit awed as they entered the lush interior of the limo. Sophie could not stop smiling. Then she thought she better stop or she may appear to eager or they might think they are introuble or that she is insane. She had let her mind get the better of her and instead of a smile her look seemed to be that of a puzzled person who had possibly just forgotten their own name.

    In a very short time though there was a hush through the limo from the two other girls as they looked out the window in real awe this time at the size and wealth of the mansion outside. Sophie returned to her usual infectious smile. " I bid you welcome to the Silvinesti Estates. Or more commonly called home."
    As she said the grand introduction the door opened and she was the first one out waiting for the otehr girsl to follow.
  14. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    "Wow, such a big house! Its even bigger than our Inn back at home. Mom would love to see this."

    Saiya looked around forgetting her habbid of jumpingly walking around like a happy pinquin.

    "So many windows. oohh wow a real maid and a butler! We dont have that at home. The snowgirls help out in our inn in japaneze clothing. This is soooo cool. Gotta tell my brother all about this place."


    "Excuse me, could i sit here?"
    Rune looked to the side of him seeing a girl in goth black clothes wearing a witch hat on her head.

    "If you can stand the cold go ahead." Rune said and laid back again looking up into the sky.

    "My name is Ruby Toujo, Nice to meet you."
    Rune just waved his hand and did not say anything.

    "Pardon me for asking but shouldt you be looking at joining on off the clubs? i hear there are some really good ones out there."

    "Im not interested in joining clubs. It's a wast of my time."
    Ruby chuckled. "I see, how about this then, i know a club thats different than other clbbs and only a certain amount of students know about it. I bet you like it."

    "Special club?"

    "Yes, i think someone of your caliber would fit perfectly there. Come il show you."
    Before Rune knew it he was dragged along with Ruby towards the fountain in the middle of the garden.

    "Aventus avira" Ruby said and the fountain moved from its place revealing a staircase.

    she dragged him downwards and ended up in a room overlooking a giant arena that was divided in several parts.

    "The club's name is Yokai's Fight club" she said with a smile.
  15. Domino

    Domino CGO


    "Wow...I had always seen places like this on television. I never thought I'd actually see one, let alone know someone who lived in one!" I could hardly contain my excitement. I then grew very nervous. Knowing my luck, I would just knock one of the gorgeous marble statues over and watch it burst into tiny pieces. I gulped loudly and decided to stick close to Sophie and Saiya.

    Sophie continued showing us through several amazing rooms in the house, but it wasn't until my stomach growled that she thought it a good idea to make their way to the kitchen. Sophie handed me a plate, which I dropped. Luckily, Saiya caught it before it hit the ground. A maid came into the kitchen to help make snacks for the girls. She was very friendly, and seemd oddly curious about me, as she kept looking at me with the same expression that Sophie wore when I first met her.

    Once we had our snacks, we headed upstairs to Sophie's room. I found a really comfy chair to sit in and started in on my plate. It was quite possibly some of the best food I had ever eaten, and it made me wonder what a full-blown meal would be like. There were so many questions I had, but they were all jumbled up, and I couldn't get them straight in my head, so I ate silently as Sophie and Saiya talked about something from school, and a few other things. Then the conversation turned to me and how long I had been in the monster world.

    "Not long, really. I know it's hard to believe, right? I just got here a week ago, but I've pretty much locked myself in my dorm. But...I'm starting to see that I really don't have to be so afraid all the t-" I didn't get to finish my sentence as I heard the front door slam. I hadn't realized it had gotten so late, and I could feel my nervousness creeping back up. A soft knock sounded on the door and Sophie strolled over and opened it.

    "Sophie, dear, I think it's time you saw your friends out for the evening." Sophie's mother whispered, but it was just loud enough for me to hear. Sophie nodded and closed her door.

    "It seems that it has gotten late. We all have class tomorrow, so it's probably best that we get some rest. I'll have our driver come around, just meet me downstairs at the front door." Sophie opened her door once more and let Saiya and me walk ahead. As we walked downstairs, I could hear a man's voice screaming at someone. I thought he was screaming at Sophie's mother at first, but quickly realized that the long pauses meant that her father was on the phone. We kept going, and when we got to the bottom of the stairs, Sophie headed one way, and Saiya and I headed towards the door. There was more commotion coming from the living area, and when we walked by, I heard Dio and a maid fighting about help of some sort. I peaked around through the doorway and I could hardly believe what I saw. The maid had bloody gause in one hand, an ice pack in the other, and Dio, through angry words, looked so battered, beaten, and burned that I found it hard to think he wasn't an inch from death.
  16. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I slowly turned the handle on the front door of the giant mansion. The door opened and I softly stepped inside, attempting to avoid being seen by anyone. However, that didn't work out too well for me because, as I was closing the door, the maid came around the corner from the sitting room. She took one look at me and called loudly to the others, "Mr. Silvinesti, Mrs. Silvinesti, come quickly!" I glared at her as hard as I could, but the pain was more evident than anything else. The two ran into the entry way and took one look at me....it was clear that they had had enough. Mrs. Silvinesti started to sob a little bit as she walked over to me and began to examine my face.

    "Dio...how did he burn you?" was the first of a few questions that went unanswered.

    Mr. Silvinesti almost immediately got on the phone with someone and began talking with them about my dad's visitation rights....he wasn't too happy.

    Mrs. Silvinesti led me into the sitting room and had me sit on their couch. I looked up at her and tears were welling up in my eyes...the first time that anyone had see me cry. "Why...why doesn't he love me? Why doesn't he want me? I didn't....I didn't mean to kill mom....I don't remember it....I just...I want him to like me...I want him to be proud of me...I'm sorry..." I dropped my head as the tears started to fall down my face, turning into steam before they dropped off my chin. The heat in the room began to die down immensely, and soon my tears were falling from my face to the carpet. Mrs. Silvinesti turned and walked upstairs.

    The maid came over and asked me how he burned me, "He turned into the Inferno, again. This time I wasn't able to defend myself, my hands were full with stuff from school and the different sports coaches gave me some stuff. I was late getting to the house...I didn't even make it in the door this time. Can't I just go to my room?"

    "Sorry, D...I can't let you go to your room with all this blood on your face. At least let me clean you up, thne you can go. You may end up needing to go to the doctor." She took some gauze and began to dab my face, but that only opened the wounds up again and soon she had blood soaked gauze in her hands. She started to shake, I could only assume it was from anger.

    "Alright...that's enough. I'm cleaned up, for the most part. I can get the rest of the blood, just leave me alone."

    "You're not going to your room until I've cleaned you up and closed your wounds. This would be so much easier if you were an icer."

    "Yeah? Well, I'm not. So, just let me be...I can go take a shower and fix this. I'll just cauterize my wounds."

    "I'm not letting you go, Dio. So just let me clean you up."

    I stood up out of anger, but was quickly put back in my seat from the pain pulsing through my body. "I'm fine! Just leave me be!!"

    The maid and I continued to argue a little bit as I was slowly bleeding onto the Silvinesti's beautiful furniture. The maid looked at me and continued to dab my face, trying to get the bleeding to calm down enough that she could bandage me up. She finally did, lifting an ice pack from my face, and was about to start bandaging me up but we were interrupted by the clutz from earlier and some other girl I had never seen before. They stopped at the foot of the stairs and stared at me. "What? You have something to say? How about some joke about how shit comes back around to those he cause it? Something about how I deserved my dad to do this to me? Well, guess what. I did deserve this. When I was born I killed my mother. I deserve to be beaten so terribly that I can't even muster up enough strength to burn your curious little eyes out of your skull. I deserve to be beaten to death..." The tears started to well up again, which made me furious. I stood up and yelled at them, "Fuck what you think of me...it means nothing!" The heat in the room began to climb at an alarming rate, and the heat wave in the room made the maid walk backwards away from me to get away from it. Mrs. Silvinesti walked into the room and stepped over to me.

    She put her arms around my head and cradled me into her chest, steam rising from her skin. The heat in the room dropped just as quickly as it had climbed. "They aren't judging you, son...and no one thinks you deserve this, because you don't." She started to cry as she continued talking, "That man doesn't know how special you are, he doesn't know what your life means to everyone around you. But we do...we love you, Dio. Bend your anger, it doesn't belong among friends and family..." Her clothes were now stained with blood, and I was slowly dropping to my knees. She held on to me all the way to the floor. For the first time in my life, I raised my hands and put them around her back, hugging Mrs. Silvinesti. She nodded to the girls, "This is what I didn't want you to see. The driver should be here soon...I suppose you can stay if you wanted supper or something."

    Just then, Sophie came around the corner and saw me and her mom. "Dio!" she screeched and ran over to me.
  17. Domino

    Domino CGO


    The sight of Dio was excruciating to witness. This guy who was so big and tough at school, almost a bully, was now broken and weak. A look of pity came over my face, then the realization of his words hit me.

    "Your own father did this to you? Burned you and beat you?" I looked over to Mrs. Silvinesti, tears beginning to form in my own eyes.

    "Aye, and it's not an easy thing to do, burning a fire elemental. They absorb flame, for the most part, so for him to actually be burned..." Mrs. Silvinesti ran a hand through Dio's hair.

    "It would have to be the fires of Hell." Dio finished what Mrs. Silvinesti was saying. He stood up, shaking a bit, and turned to the girls. "Look, I don't need your sympathy, your pity, or your tears. Just...forget you ever saw any of this....please."

    "Dio, dear, why don't you wash up for supper?" Mrs. Silvinesti suggested. Dio nodded and walked past the girls and to his bathroom. Sophie, now sitting on the sofa in a spot not stained with blood, sighed heavily.

    "It's amazing he's even standing at all. The fact that his tears didn't vaporize... Mrs. Silvinesti looked slightly less concerned than before, now that Dio was up and moving about, even just a bit.

    "I'm sorry....but why would his tears vaporize?" I asked. I felt slightly stupid asking such a question, especially since Mrs. Silvinesti gave me that look that says "Oh, right, you don't know the obvious" with pity written all over it, or so it seemed to me.

    "Dio is a fire elemental. He usually radiates such heat that most cannot even touch him. But now, he is much cooler than normal, meaning that he is extremely weak." Mrs. Silvinesti's explanation was not harsh or condescending, so I now felt less stupid, and quite intrigued. I remembered him saying something about killing his mother, but I dared not ask about that. But there were mixed feelings running through me, some about what a monster he was for killing his own mother, and other trying to see that he couldn't possibly have done it on purpose.

    A couple of maids came into the room and started cleaning the blood stains off the furniture. Mrs. Silvinesti invited us to stay for supper since it was the least she could do for what had just taken place. She excused herself to change clothes, and I excused myself to get some fresh air. I stepped out the front door and sat on the stoop, looking up at the sky. The stars were just beginning to shine, and I was fascinated by the different colors that they emitted, nothing like back in the human world...

    What am I doing here? These....monsters....I don't belong here. I should try to talk to the principal tomorrow about transferring back home... I continued thinking about home and what was left for me there, my aunt, my uncle...I wondered if they were missing me as much as I was missing them. I felt a tear run down my cheek. I wiped it away quickly, sniffled a bit, and stopped myself before Niagra Falls began on this beautiful front porch.
  18. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    As the maids cleaned everything up Sophie felt heavy and somber. This was not the first time her brother had come home in rough shape. Though this was by far the worst. Her mother always seemed to be able to work Dio's anger down. Then again she was the most patient and kind dragon Sophie had ever met. Though she thought to herself her opinion is probably biased. Dio was a red making him their extreme opposites. This was probably why they were able to cool and combat Dio's heat or at least her mother was able too. Sophie wasn't that strong. She felt sad though it was the first time she ever saw him hug her like that and actually accept the soothing from her mother.

    As she was considering these thoughts Dio left to go get cleaned up as did her mother and then she saw Kaji step outside. She grabbed a maid asking her to take Saiya to the dining hall. "Saiya my nice maid here will show you to the dining hall. I will grab kaji and meet you there." With that Saiya was off with the maid and Sophie then stepped quietly out on the stoop with Kaji who seemed greatly troubled.

    Sophie forgot how quiet she tended to be when she saw Kaji jump at her words. "The stars are lovely tonight aren't they." As Kaji jumped a bit Sophie could see the twinkle of moisture on her eyes. "It was not my intention for our friendship to begin this way. Its not always like this. I promise you there is lots of nice times around." Sophie lifted her own gaze to the stars. "You ever wish you had the power to reach out and touch the stars. IF i did it would mean then I had the power to protect my brother from his real father and to protect my firends."

    Kaji could hear the calm tone of sincerity in Sophie's voice. Sophie was not the infectious smiling girl she had met at school but by the stars and moonlight she seemed older and even somewhat reserved now. Though the glinting of her silver eyes was still present. The air around the two girls seemed calmer before Sophie put out her hand to Kaji. "I hope you will still be a friend please join us for supper. Now that Dio is ok you can maybe get to know him as I have. He will be nicer if your a friend of mine."
  19. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    "He will be nicer if you're a friend of mine." Sophie said as I was stepping outside.

    "Yeah...right, nicer. Look, ma told me to let you two know that dinner's ready. I hope the girl here likes manicotti. I don't know what you eat, and if you don't like it, deal with it or leave." The whole time I was outside, I didn't look up and did what I could to hide my now battered and bruised face. I was all cleaned up, and it was now clear the amount of beating I had received. Though the burn marks were gone, there were still plenty of places that were black and blue on my face and down my neck.

    The two girls followed me inside and in to the living room. We all sat at the table and I began to eat slowly. "So, ma tells me you're a human, or somethin' like that." Kaji simply nodded while looking at my face. "My birth mother was human....I hate humans..." I then locked eyes with the other new girl. "What's your story?" I didn't know who was going to answer, if anyone, but I got a cough from Mrs. Silvinesti to calm myself.
  20. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    Saiya was happely eating her dinner amazed by the amount and the grand flavor of the food.
    "What's your story?"
    She heard and looked up still with a piece of food in hanging from her mouth she looked at Dio blinked a few times then quickly pulled the food in and swallowed before answering.

    "Well, im a snow girl. Ice is my element though im more to the healing side of ice than the damaging side like my brother. ya know the guy that sat in the back of your classroom... by the way i must say this food is really good!"

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