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Nostalgia (DS)

Discussion in 'Member reviews' started by ggyppt, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member


    Story: Now, the story here is a common story for J-RPGs, young child, without a father has to save the world. Well, not exactly without a father, as he is the character you play as in the tutorial level. Also, there is a princess involved, a guy you find that doesn’t know who his mother is, and a young witch who isn’t exactly in control of her powers. Your usual affair for J-RPGs, but what this game excels in, through the story and other elements of the game, is the feeling of being in the steampunk world they are portraying. 6/10

    Battle System: The battle system is standard fair for a J-RPG, turn based, with your usual attacks of standard attack, magic/skills, using item. As I said, the usual, but, unlike most J-RPG, this game includes air ship battles where weather the enemy is on the left, right, or dead ahead actually matters. With the ship battles, each of the four main characters controls one of the ships weapons, (The spike on the front, the side guns, the turret, or the Orb) and each weapon (down to which of that type you chose to use) does more damage to a ship in a particular area. 8/10

    Graphics: The graphics are nothing new, but they still are nothing to sneeze at, especially on a portable system. 7/10


    Voice Acting/Acting: The voice acting in this game is rather scattered, but I don’t think that any of the characters have bad voice actors, most of them are just meh. 4/10

    Character Development: The character development is varied and not that much in substance over all. The main character doesn’t even get the most, it’s the other male lead, Pad (the one who doesn’t remember his mother) gets it, and even that isn’t that much. 3/10

    Concept Art: All of the concept art for this game looks great, and looks well realized into the game. 9/10




    Soundtrack: Forgettable but not horrible. 4/10

    World Development: This is the true shine of this game, as the steampunk world that this game is based in resembles our own, yet has its own individual feel that makes this game work as well as it does. 10/10

    Overall Gameplay: While the combat is fine, if a little repetitive, and the leveling easy to follow, you have to grind a lot, especially for your ship, or you will be massacred. What makes this worse is that it is all random battles so you can’t see them coming and avoid them. 7/10

    Replay Value: This game is worth playing once, maybe again a couple years later, but there is no appeal to finishing this game and then going back and playing it again. 2/10

    Final comments and score: This game is worth playing for J-RPG fans but it is nothing new, and has no real appeal to anyone else. 60/100

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