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Parasite Eve (PS1/ PS1 Classic on PSN)

Discussion in 'Member reviews' started by ggyppt, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Story: This game is definitely story driven, and is one of the best stories that I have ever gone through. From the opening scene in the opera house to the very end, I was hooked, and that is saying a lot for me, because I have high standards when it comes to stories in games. Now, here is the thing about the story, it is scientific too, and this is from Square soft, the people who made Final Fantasy.10/10

    Battle System: Now, for an RPG, this is very different from most battle systems I’ve seen. First off, it is mostly gun based, which itself makes it different. Also, you can only control Aya, the only person you have in battle throughout the game. During battle, you roam free and have to dodge attacks that are coming at you while you wait for the active time bar to fill up so you can shoot at them. On top of that, the guns use up ammo, so you can actually run out and the more bullets you fire at a time, the less damage each one of them does. 10/10

    Graphics: While the graphics can’t stand up to what we have today they certainly still look good, and do well to keep the atmosphere where it should be, tense. 7/10

    Voice Acting: There isn’t really much voice acting, and what there is, it is meh. 6/10

    Character Development: Now, all of the characters in this game, I think, have great character arcs, especially Aya, the main character, as she remembers more and more about her past as the game progresses. 10/10

    Concept art: NA

    Soundtrack: It does the game good and really works well. 10/10

    World Development: This world is unlike anything I have seen other than the sequels, Parasite Eve 2 and The Third Birthday. Along with the sense and feel of the world itself, some of the little things also shine through for me, like how you have to call in reports to save. 10/10

    Overall Gameplay: While I doubt many other people will find this game’s gameplay as fun as I did, I loved it and I can’t really find fault in it. 10/10

    Replay Value: Even though this game’s story you can really only play through once, I will still go again just to play with different weapon combinations and such. 8/10

    Final Statement: This game is one of the best games I have played, ever. I say, buy this game. 81/90
  2. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Everyone says this game is good. I wanted to play it on a emulator but it was bugged.
  3. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    If you have a PS3 it's only 5.99 off of PSN

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