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Pilot( Birds of Prey Season 1 Episode 1)

Discussion in 'TV Show Reviews' started by ggyppt, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Series: Birds of Prey
    Season: 1
    Episode: 1 – Pilot

    Plot: From the beginning of the episode where it explains how each of the main three characters got to the place they are when they start the episode, to the main plot of the episode, it was pretty good, if a little predictable. The other issue I had was that you used a Scarecrow type villain, but didn’t use Scarecrow. Through the whole episode, I was hoping to see Scarecrow, but nope, didn’t happen. 8/10

    Visuals: They did this well, epically the black and white motif with Diana’s mind scape sequences, (you have to watch it to know what I’m talking about there. 10/10

    Recurring characters: All of the characters got really good introductions, and all of them were well used. The only thing I have as a down side in this category is that Alfred wasn’t used as much as I would have hoped. 9/10

    Secondary Characters: The only two secondary characters are the villain, and the wanna-be rapist that Diana meets on the bus into new Gotham. Now, the rapist wasn’t memorable at all, except for the line that the huntress gives when she has him pined to the wall with her boot. Now, on the other hand, our villain is memorable for two thing, first being a good villain, and not being Scarecrow. 6/10

    Acting: The acting, I found, was a little cheesy at time, but that didn’t detract from the experience of the episode. 9/10

    Writing: now, this is my favorite part of the episode. Now, the writing isn’t necessarily tight, per say, but I found it funny as hell, and had a lot of fun listening to a lot of the one liners that are spread through the episode. 9/10

    Mood/Tone: Now, this is a kind of depressing episode, especially going through the backstory for both Helena and Barbara, and know what happened in the comics makes it that much harder for me to watch the scene straight from the killing joke. Now, that being said, the comic relief spread throughout the episode makes you not notice it as much. 9/10

    Pacing: Now, the pacing was a little off for me, but not all that much. 9/10

    Special effect: While some of them dealing with how the huntresses moves are kind of cheesy ( not that I blame them for that), I have to say, the effects they use when dealing with Oracle’s tech is amazing and looks like it should be there. 8/10

    Impact: The first and last 5-10 minutes of this episode stick with me emotionally more than anything else, but some of the one liners I still can here going through my head. 10/10

    Overall: This is a very good opening episode to what looks like a very good series. 87/100

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