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Pilot (Painkiller Jane Season 1 Episode 1)

Discussion in 'TV Show Reviews' started by ggyppt, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Series: Painkiller Jane
    Season: 1
    Episode: 1 - Pilot

    Plot: Now, this series is about Jane, who gets employed into this special group dealing with things called Neros, or neurological aberrant , people who can use more of their brain than most people, granting them special powers. Jane, for some reason, after falling 40 feet, heals after being injured. Great introduction, just didn’t give me any real emotional investment. 8/10

    Visuals: This show has some very distinct camera work with some nice overlays of different information that makes it look cool. 10/10
    Recurring characters: The main cast all work well together, and as this is their introduction, they kind of have to. Jane is especially interesting of a character as, at the beginning of the episode, she hadn’t gone through her change to not staying injured for more than a couple of seconds. 9/10

    Secondary Characters: now, the only real secondary character is the villain, who is absolutely chilling and great. 10/10

    Acting: All of the acting in this is great by my slandered. 10/10

    Writing: All of the writing is great, but, as it is based off of a comic, that isn’t something that is unexpected. There are a couple of moments which I found annoying, but as for the most part, it was good. 9/10

    Mood/Tone: There is a very somber mood throughout this and the rest of the series, and it fits well, but not perfectly. 8/10

    Pacing: Once Jane is on the team, the pacing is perfect. While it’s still good, it is a little slow getting to Jane being on the team. 8/10

    Special effect: The special effects are great, especially when Jane is healing. 10/10
    Impact: This is one of the best series openers that I have ever seen, and it resonated well with me throughout the rest of the series. 10/10

    Overall: Now, warning, this show is adult, show very well by the first scene being in a strip club, and the bits of swearing, but other than that it is a great opening episode. 92/100

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