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Review Template

Discussion in 'TV Show Reviews' started by Steel, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Today's template provided by ggyppt.

    Season: #
    Episode: # - title

    Plot: (Both of the individual episode and how it fit into the arc of the season or series if there is one)

    Visuals: (how was it shot, camera angles, that type of stuff)

    Recurring characters: (How well were they used and how much development did they have.)

    Secondary Characters: (How well were they used, were they memorable)

    Acting: (Weather the characters were delivering their lines well, weather you believed what was happening)

    Writing: (How tight was the script, was it funny, serious, moody, etc.)

    Mood/Tone: (What feeling were they trying to go for and how well did they pull it off.)

    Pacing: (did it flow well or was it choppy)

    Special effect: (How were they used and how well were they used)

    Impact: (How will this episode stay with you while watching the rest of the series)

    Overall: (Your overall thoughts on series/season/episode)

    Scoring for each individual section (except 'Overall') will be a score out of 10. Overall is all individual scores added up out of 100.
Thread Status:
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