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Tales of Stormshadow Mountain (Collaborative Writing)

Discussion in 'Poetry, Songs, Stories' started by Steel, Dec 7, 2010.

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    Rynn stood silently with Kyuu waiting as Kitsune poured her heart out to Kuriko who now lay silent and ashen on the cold stone floor. Life had long since left his body and the only light was from flashes of lightning that made the shadows leap across the room. The storm was increasing in intensity and Rynn figured it was most likely tied to the tower or one of the dragons that worked against them. Rynn did not want to stick around for much longer and have to face one in their current state. Kitsune continued to rock stroking Kuriko's face as if waiting for his eyes to open and to smile at her as he always did. But she new in the whispers on the wind her love was gone taken from her in a short instant. Ripped from her arms forever. Never again would she see his smile or feel his protective arms around her when she needed them most like right now.

    He always loved her no matter what she did or didn't do he was always there even as kids he was there. Now he would be shadows in the corner of her eyes and her dreams and in her broken heart. How could she ever love another how could she ever repay the love he had given her. SO much loss so much pain. Why did evil twist like such a viper to make his best friend kill him and in front of her and his sister. What kind of evil does this. Her tears touched his face making his face glisten as if Kuriko was crying as well even in death. Kitsune could feel the heavy silence around her as the two foxes whimpered their own sorrows and she could feel Rynn's ever present aura as well. Since she had been learning magic she could now feel the pulse of Rynn's power as if it was a camp fire and it was intense. But even now she could feel the sadness in that aura. She wasn't sure though if Rynn's sadness was for Kuriko or for her friends loss. Which made this all hurt so much more that the people she loves keep getting hurt. She almost lost Rynn once. what was next to have Rynn die and be taken away.?

    Rynn knelt down to Kitsune who was now hoarse and could barely make any more noise than slight whimpers. "We must leave this place Kitsune. It is no longer safe here they know were are here and we cannot defend ourselves dealing with such grief. Kuriko would not have wanted you to die as well. He would want you to fight on and stop this evil so his spirit can be at peace. If you really love him and want to honor him let him now your sorrow but also let him know its because of his death you strive on to conquer the evil that killed him." Rynn was shedding her own tears and pleading with Kitsune at this point.

    "Riki did not do this to Kuriko. We finally see the missing pieces of the puzzle Kitsune. That evil man is behind this poisoning our minds and manipulating us with evil magic. You heard Riki he knew it was a trap and he could not stop himself. There was pain in his eyes watching Kuriko die at his own hands. They mean to break Riki's spirit again. That have Riki back under spell control. I am going to need your help to break it and believe me Riki will punish them for this day."

    Kitsune looked over at her dearest friend Rynn. Kitsune's eyes were bloodshot and puffy and everything seemed blurry. Her throat was in flaring pain and her nose was raw. Her heart felt as though it had been shred to a thousand pieces. Yet in all the mumbling and garble she could not deny the ringing behind Rynn's words. She had seen the look of pain and despair in Riki's unfeeling eyes as well. Slowly Kitsune's grief took hold of something deep inside her something that felt powerful. It began to burn deep and slowly feeling returned to her body and the tears slowly began to stop. She would avenge her love she would find peace for his spirit and she would do it by using Riki against them. At that instant she reached out for Rynn in a big bear hug. Like two sisters. She let Rynn touch Kuriko's forehead which cause him to slowly burn as if he was an ember and the body turned to ashes and collapsed. Rynn then spoke another spell that almost sounded like a sound and the ashes began to swirl and drift then took flight out the window and were gone.

    Rynn hugged Kitsune again."I have sent his ashes home when you are ready you can lay him to rest wherever in the world you want. But now we must leave we are not ready to face a dragon yet and we need to improve your spells. I think your ready to start learning some battle magic." Kitsune said nothing and used Kobi as a walking aid and they all quickly left the fortress behind under the pouring rain and back into the nearby forests.



    The stone room remained empty for a long while and as the storm reached its feverish pitch the shadows in the room coalesced into two figures. One a dark but beautiful woman and the Dragon whom Riki and Rynn had faced off with. "Well, well our pretties are gone seems Ralagan was wrong they did not get paralysed with grief after all and even took the body of the whelp with them. Resourceful little witches." The dragon shifted nervously. He was already in danger now that Ralagan knew the dragon had failed in killing any of them.

    He knew now he would have to go find the girls and kill the wizard for sure this time. TO return without her head was to lose his own and he knew it. Ralagan's mistress needed not say anything he knew his task all to well. He did not relish the idea at all he remembered the mage's sting the first time he faced her and now she would be even more angry and it took all his will power to play the part of not being phased by their power the first time. Not an act he felt he could pull of again. The witch then disappeared into the deepening dark as the storm subsided. Either way death was going to find him. He then left the tower to track the girls in the night. He did not need to look back to see the eyes still watching him in the shadows to make sure he went after his assigned pray. His life had now become forfeit.
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    Rynn, Kitsune, Kobi, and Kyuu walked in silence. Rynn's heart hurt for Kitsune, but the sadness that she felt was overwhelmed by the anger she felt towards the Legion. As Rynn thought more and more about the terrible things they had done recently, she began to think about the first time she came to know of them. She began to remember things, almost as if reading a book about them.

    It all started about the time she returned to her world. She had just left Elson and Domino, Kestra, and the whole group in a world that was returning to normal. Mephisto had been defeated and peace was starting to fall back into place. Things were looking bright and she had felt that she was at home...almost forgetting about where she had come from. She had spent so long in that realm, learning so many strange and wonderful customs, learning about the various cultures and magics that plagued that realm, and then helping to eradicate it. Unfortunately, it had taken so many years.

    Her first memory was being found by a woman with pointy ears, Zystana she called herself. This woman was very powerful, probably the most powerful she had ever met. She referred to herself as a "Life Elf," and though it was foreign to Rynn, she accepted it and began to learn from this woman. Rynn was already powerful with magic, but Zystanna opened her up to an entirely new way of casting. No more did she need a book to cast spells, she memorized the spell language, learned to not only read, but think, in the Arcane form. It was spectacular. Her casting became faster, more powerful, and would last longer without taking a toll on her. When casting from a book, she had to use time to complete a spell, it was cumbersome to carry her large book around with her and then to flip to the page she needed to cast. So many times she had fallen victim to attack from animals and thieves, so many times she had hoped that she would find a way to cast as a second nature. And now, she could, all thanks to Zystanna.

    Years went by and Zystanna continued to teach Rynn everything she could, everything she knew, and everything that Rynn's body could handle. However, because Rynn was but a human, her body wasn't able to handle the life spells that Zystanna's power was drawn from. White magic, as helpful as it's nature is, would have killed Rynn if she ever tried to revive someone. Healing was one thing, resurrection was something entirely different. But, when Rynn met the one called Altair....her view of resurrection became clear. She wasn't meant to resurrect people, she was meant to wield the powers of darkness and light in tandem, in a peaceful balance.....Altair taught her that, many more years down the road.

    She fought along side her new friends, all of whom were gifted in a special form of fighting, some more magical than others, but none any less spectacular or gifted. They fought back the forces of pure evil, the hordes and troves of evil minions, all leading to Mephistos first downfall, ending with him returning to his own realm and the darkness that covered the land along with him. Rynn believed that she would be allowed to return to her home after the evil had been banished, but she was stuck there. No way home, no idea when she would be allowed to return home.....and cursed with the burden of immortality, Mephistos last dirty trick. Rynn was removed from the history pages of that fateful battle, slowly removed from memory. She stayed with Kestra, the child of Zystanna and Altair, and kept a watchful eye on the world that she was now forced to call her home.

    Days faded into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, the years of which Rynn had lost count. Slowly her memories faded until they were but mere myth, lending their hands to forgetfulness. Thoughts of her homeland soon disappeared, she couldn't remember her family, her house, or her brother. All she knew was the constant battle to keep the world safe from Mephisto's return. Time continued to fade until it was all but a dark spot on her mind. Kestra, however, knew who Rynn was and where she came from. Unbeknownst to Rynn, Kestra had gone one night to change the course of history in Rynn's world.

    Figuring out a form of magical dimension jumping, Kestra was able to go back to Rynn's world, back to the time Rynn was taken, and was able to save her brother, nurse him to health, and teach him to survive. But, it was unfortunate when Kestra lost Rynn's brother to the one who called himself the "Great Dragon." Kestra returned to her own time, to her own dimension, and mentioned nothing to Rynn.
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    As the memories invaded in her mind now like the crashing of waves she had lost all sight of their current reality. She was stuck in the visions of her past as if she was right there actually living them again. They were so real and tangible, so clear and vivid.

    Rynn still lost in her memories was desperately trying to figure out what was going on. It was like she was a ghost witnessing everything she had gone through. Yelling at everyone and trying to get the attention of anyone she could to no avail. She even called out to Lesature and there was no response. The memories were passing so fast now that they were intermingling and there was no order now to which she could see them. One moment she was but a toddler laughing at whom she could only assume was her parents as they played with her in a beautiful meadow. The next memory was of her being a teenager an studying her books of magic while others left the academy to be with their families. She was determined to continue and not take any breaks her family needed her to succeed her little bother needed her to succeed and everyone else always picked on her for being so young and in the academy in the first place and she was determined to prove she belonged there.

    The next memory was one of a Fox girl serving her wine in an old tavern. Her friend Kitsune. Then the memory jumped to Kitsune feeding her while she studied. Which she now found odd as she had forgotten the art of magic without the need of her books. The next memory was back to Zystana teaching her a spell one that was a light spell but not of the school of life yet an extremely useful spell. It was a small globe of blue light that seemed to hover in the air and made a soft chiming sound and then it exploded in a blast of holy light that nocked Rynn off her feet leaving her blind for a moment.

    When she regained her sight she saw herself again beaming at her success and Zystana showing her congrats on a job well done but what set Rynn uneasy is this memory showed Rynn being no older that 10 years old. How was that possible. Then it was as if Zystana could she her there she turned her head staring directly at her and smiled as if knowing she was there and what she was thinking. Then without opening her mouth she seemed to whisper in her head. "You are finally ready my child to do what we have spent centuries preparing you for through the annals of time." In that moment Rynn felt dizzy and the memories began to swirl as she fell into darkness.


    Kitsune and Kobi and Kyuu all stopped when Rynn stopped wondering what the hold up was. They were all exhausted and felt finally it was time to rest. Except Rynn's eyes seemed to be glazed over and she was unresponsive. Kitsune tried to shake her back to the here and now thinking the exhaustion must have hold of her and she is sleep walking. "Come on Rynn snap out of it." But no extent of yelling or shaking her seemed to be working. The Kitsune began to feel the energy wafting off Rynn in waves.

    The energy cause the air to feel electrified and caused Kitsune's hair to begin standing up as she touched Rynn like static energy. Her Aura began to glow brighter. This baffled Kitsune and even Kobi and Kyuu had noticed the change. Kyuu began to herd the other two away from Rynn. Kitsune was not so easily moved she had lost enough and in her grief stricken state whatever evil magic was playing here she was going to be ready for it. She brought forth a spell Rynn had taught her in the beginning. It was a basic spell that would uncover anyone in the area being hidden by magic.

    "Stand back everyone I do not want to melt any of you in a cosmic blast of epic proportions from my use of great magical power." Although her statement sounded bold her heart was not in her voice and it sounded drained and weak. The truth was she didn't want anyone near to see her mess up the spell unsure if she was capable of casting at this time.

    Kitsune had cast her spell and it had revealed nothing other than it triggered something with Rynn and now she was aglow with magic so bright they all had to cover their eyes. It was as if she turned into some magical beacon as the light shot from her straight up into the air like a bright pillar. "Oh great lets hope the bad guys are blind cause if they did not know where we were they will now." Then with another pulsating flash Rynn collapse in a tumbled heap almost taking Kitsune with her as she lay passed out on the forest floor that now returned to the quiet darkness of before.

    Kitsune quickly rushed to her side fresh sobbing and curses now issuing from her in such a manner that she was sure even the gods were cringing at her promises of death and revenge. It was too much why does she keep having everything taken from her. But as she moved and rolled Rynn on her back cradling her head she could feel energy still pulsation from her body. It was a warm sensation and it seemed to breath vitality back into Kitsune as she stroked Rynn's red hair out of her face. She admired the shiny healthy hair realizing she never really notice how red and healthy Rynn's hair had looked she had always been wearing a hooded cloak or they were so worried for her health they never noticed. Then as light rays of sun slowly began to filter in through the trees Kitsune had to catch her breath in wonder all around Rynn within a ten foot radius flowers and foliage had bloomed in all directions in the dense forest floor. She could hardly believe it.

    She began to prod at Rynn again to no avail and decided they were definitely not going anywhere and not ready to move Rynn so she began to use what magic she knew and set up camp in the vicinity and set up Rynn's magic tent and with the help of the foxes moved Rynn inside where she was tended too. The day gave time for Kitsune to reflect on her pain and mourn the losses she had suffered. To address the pain that ebbed in her heart. She cried off and on throughout the day. It wasn't until evening approached that Rynn began to come too with a load moan and Rynn grabbing her head and complaining about a pounding headache the likes she had never felt.

    It was all Kitsune could do to contain herself as she bowled Rynn over with Hugs and refusing to let her friend go. Rynn was weak and still exhausted her mind still a blur with memories. They both slept as much as they could agreeing they would talk about it in the morning. As light fell again on the camp Kitsune awoke to Rynn already awake and with breakfast cooking. Kitsune did not realize she hadn't eaten for several days until she smelt the fresh meal and her stomach growled in protest so loud that even Kobito woke up with a start.

    She approached Rynn outside and was handed a warm cup of coffee with a cheerful thank you that still spoke of her being unsure of anything. Then Rynn asked her something "Kitsune I need you to hold still and trust me I am going to do something to you as today I am going to begin training you as once I was trained." Kitsune kind of chuckled thinking to herself what that could be since Rynn had already been teaching her magic and how to study her spell book but still gave Rynn a nod of consent. Rynn knelt down in front of her and then traced something on her forehead. Kitsune couldn't help but giggle thinking Rynn was trying to cheer her up with some kind of joke. Jokes like Kuriko would tell her to make her laugh when he felt she was down. The memory started to bring fresh tears to her eyes when Rynn sat down across from her again and smiled. " I am sorry your still in pain Kitsune I will do whatever I can to ease it on our journey to correct this evil and be rid of it."

    Kitsune nodded "Thanks Rynn I appreciate all you have done but this is one of those things that my heart needs to work on..............." Kitsune stopped midsentence as she now stared gawking at Rynn. Kitsune just noticed that Rynn hadn't even moved her lips when she spoke. Kyuu lifted his head also and looked at her then turned his head to Rynn "Do you really think it was a good idea to bestow a gift like that on her?" Kitsune now dropped her coffee cup on the ground spilling its contents as she stared dumbfounded at Kyuu and Rynn. She then rubbed her eyes thinking its a hallucination of her exhaustion from all her grief that she was hearing Rynn and now Kyuu who was an animal speaking in her head.

    "You have nothing to fear Kitsune I have bestowed on you the gift of mind speak an old ancient gift known only to a few and to naturally magical creatures such as Kyuu and Kobi but I recommend to be careful talking to Kobi he has only recently reached age to use it and his speak is boisterous at best. Go ahead try it." Kitsune now wide eyed even more trying to make sense of this tried to speak in her head. "Uh I dropped my coffee....." There seemed to be an echo but she could feel her voice pass to the others as Rynn chuckled slightly.

    "You will become accustomed to it in time but now we will always be able to speak to each other to even share thoughts and memories. With this gift I will teach you magic the way I was taught which will be to open my mind to you in such a way that it will be as if you were actually in my mind but we will do it slowly like all learning it has to be in time. Then we will begin the hunt for the real evil at work here for if my memories have told me correctly its being connected to a very old evil we do not want to have resurrected and I have a feeling all this is to do just that yet I have not gotten all the connections worked out but I know now that necro magic is at work and I think they need my bother as a vessel but to do that they need to kill off whatever humanity he has left."


    Riki now stood in a dormant state as if held in stasis by powerful magic. The witch was pouring over texts and grimores reading and studying ancient rituals and writings in an evil forgotten tongue from books that dated back to the creation of time. All books that had once belonged to her father the great and mighty bringer of death Mephisto himself. Ralagan and herself were slowly manipulating the world to bring their great god back to this realm from which he had been banished so long ago and this puppet was a major piece in that puzzle. But he was not the only piece.......
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    Rynn and Kitsune spent the rest of the day quiet at least to any onlooker. Kitsune was using mind speak as much as possible and was quickly becoming adept at it. It helped take her mind away from her pain but not completely. She was able to really get to know Kyuu. He was truly an amazing fox not to mention old. She also made the mistake even after Rynn's warning to try talking to Kobi and spent a good 10 minutes recovering from the thunderous booming in here head after he went off on such loud rapid talk she could barely understand him through the sheer din of his projections. As the afternoon sun reached its climax Rynn sat with Kitsune to begin more training. Rynn locked Kitsune into a type of mind trance and Kitsune found herself opening her eyes and finding herself standing on what seemed like the stars of the universe. It made Rynn's spell chamber pale in comparison to the beauty of the cosmos she now looked at. Even weirder was Kitsune could feel in her being the depth of the place as if unending.

    It took a long while for Kitsune to quite gawking. When she finally did she felt her pain again as she thought to herself Kuri was not here to share this marvel with her. But as she thought of him images of him running and laughing swept all around her as if ghosts in her vision. So real she even tried to reach out and touch him. Every time she did he would wisp away in a cloud of light white smoke and reappear in a different view or memory of him. Tears began to roll down her face. she looked at Rynn who also had tears in her eyes.

    " with the mind speak and what gifts I have given you this place is in your mind. You can now meditate and come here you can see memories as if they were tangible things but you cannot touch them. I give you this so you will never forget him and because you need to train you mind to handle the magic I will be teaching you." Rynn's eyes held a softness in them a sense of compassion almost motherly as she looked at Kitsune. The pain in Kitsune's heart began to ebb to a dull manageable ache. It was a wonderful gift Kitsune did not know how to thank her for. She looked again at Rynn her eyes bright if not tear streaked and smiled slightly "Well then mighty mage shall we begin to learn how to tear down mountains to wreak our revenge for our friends." Rynn now shared Kitsune's attempt at a smile. It was indeed time to begin preparations. She began with basics. The images were clear with visions actually seeing how the spell is cast. Kitsune was making no mistakes at all. It was as if it was second nature to her. She learnt defensive spells. Ones that allowed her to bend light and earth into shields, to erect magical barriers. To make it so metal would pass through her skill as if she was a ghost. Kitsune liked that one she had seen Rynn use it once when they were chasing down the Joker. After what seemed like hours Rynn called the training to an end. The cosmos looking landscape disappeared and Kitsune felt her eyes close only to open again and they were back in the middle of the camp with Kyuu pacing around keeping an eye on them. Kitsune looked up the sun was just leading into the horizon with the twilight fast on its heels.

    "How is that possible it should be the wee hours of the night we were training for hours?" Kitsune looked befuddled. Rynn giggled and responded " Time in our minds passes a lot faster than the physical world we could train a for days in our minds before a full day passed here. But even the mind gets tired and training that long can be deadly. If your mind dies so does your body. Remember this to escape into your own mind you control the time in it you do not want to exhaust yourself." Kitsune nodded her acknowledgement. She looked to the campfire which had now gone out and her tummy began to rumble again. Just as this happened Kobi came prancing into camp with a fresh kill for supper. Kitsune smiled flicked her finger and the fire raged in the fire pit. She beamed quite proudly. After much time the meat was ready to eat and they all enjoyed a good meal as the stars danced into life above them. " We will get to bed early tonight as in the morning we will begin to travel again and bring this evil to an end.
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    In the shadows of the trees The dragon watched the two women and the two dogs. The time was close at hand that he would bring them to their swift deaths. Then he would be able to return to his comforts of the fortress and be done with this incessant thorn in their sides. This would again bring him into the praises of his master Ralagan. He would be hailed greatly, his status amongst the legion would become untouchable. He gave an evil chuckle and stepped out of the shadows and into the small camp. Both women were on their feet in an instant. Rynn's hands blazing with magic and Kitsune swinging her tiny string. Both mutts had their hackles out and were growling. The dragon chuckled again he had nothing to fear. He realized his fear was just a sensation from Ralagan's witch consort. The thought of her made him shiver but she was not here and he had prey to demolish. He waved his hand sending both dogs crashing into the thick tree trucks around the camp with yelps and whines of pain. As the crashing happened he came across waving his other hand dispelling the magic bolts that now seared towards him with hungry ferocity from that wench Rynn only to fizzle out in a shower of sparks at his feet. He gave her a toothy grin the little one still hadn't moved. "You think you stand a chance I took you and your brother and sent you both to the edges of your grave. You are no match for me here. This time I will make sure you stay dead Rynn of the legion." He was referring to how she served the same as him once an attempt to flare her anger. He chuckled in delight. It was his turn now to sent spells flying. He sent a bolt of lightning straight at the fox girl who much to his dismay jumped away easily and he sent a rolling fireball at Rynn. Rynn countered it sending it spewing past her lighting many trees on fire.

    The battle was underway with the two dogs already out of the fight and he began to fling spells in rapid succession keeping Rynn busy countering so she had no time to cast back at him. The fox girl too spent most of her time jumping around and every time she got to close he would throw more spells at her driving her back. It was only a matter of time before his power would overwhelm these whelps. The mage didn't have her brother to help her. It would not be long now he could taste the sweet smell of their deaths and his victory into legendary status amongst the ranks of the legion even more so than that whelp Riki that Ralagan was always concerned with.

    Rynn communicated with Kitsune to start using the defensive magic she had taught her. Kitsune responded without a word as magic continued to assault Rynn driving her forcibly backwards Kitsune's spells began to rise. First a wall of earth would rise and drop catching spells against it in showers of dirt and ash. The bubbles of light to reflect spells up into the night sky. It bought Rynn enough time to begin casting offensive spells back at the dragon. It was now his turn to block and shield from the magical onslaught. Yet he still laughed " Is that all your feeble magic can conjure is children's spells." His voice dripped with murder and evil. Both woman were getting slower and were exhausted now they still hadn't fully recovered and it was beginning to show. Rynn called out in here mind to everyone . Kitsune ad the two dogs to quickly run to her they had to retreat or they would surely die here. But the mind link told her Kobi could not make it . Kitsune knowing now by the images of what Rynn wanted to do told her enough she quickly ran for the trees straight to where she last saw Kobi. Kyuu on the other hand was already limping right behind Rynn. As if in unison Both girls grabbed a fox and yelled the word to activate the rings that would usher them back o Rynn's tower.

    The dragon left standing was a bit surprized they had escaped. But his thirst for blood did not stop him it was magic after all with a quick spell he was now travelling the thread of magic that the two woman had just escaped on. His thirst for their blood was so great he hadn't given any thought as to where the women had run away to just that they had tried to escape him. Then he saw it or better his being felt the danger but it was to late he could not stop this form of travel until he had reached his destination. The two woman now laying in the tower with both foxes were huffing trying to desperately catch their breath. They were covered in dirt, ash and sweat. Then Rynn's eyes widened in alarm. "Get down and find cover. The urgency in her voice did not allow anyone to argue. Kitsune Dragged an unconscious Kobi under the giant oak table and Rynn grabbed a shield off a wall and ducked into a corner with Kyuu leaping into what was the kitchen from the stone doorway. Then it happened The tower shook with such thundering force Kitsune's could swear she saw the walls stretch out impossibly far as if about to explode outward into nothing. Then they rebounded back in as if about to cave in taking them all with it. Blasts of fires and arcs of lightning shattered her vision and caused her ears to ring impossibly loud. It was as if her head had exploded and she did not realize she was dead yet. She felt for sure the tower was going to crash down as pillars crumpled and beams from the ceiling came crashing down spewing stone dust everywhere and now Kitsune was blind and deaf. IT seemed to rage for ever yet it all happened in just second.

    It was still several minutes before the ringing subsided and Kitsune could vaguely see again and felt it was safe enough to come out from under te table. As she did so Rynn dropped the shield she was holding in the corner and stood up also she was covered in grey dust and coughing. The tower did not resemble what it used too it looked like a wizard battle had just taken place and tried to take the tower with it. Then Kitsune saw it. The smoking remnants of a scorched robe and blackened smoldering bones of what was left of a half vaporized skeleton. Kitsune looked at Rynn quizzically. Rynn looked back and gave a half hearted smile it was obvious she was still recovering from the blast as well.

    "I did not think a wizard as powerful as him would have actually followed the threat of magic that brought us home" Rynn spoke sounding as if in disbelief. "Okay so he followed us what the hell just happened then?" Kitsune's voice was incredulous as she was sticking her fingers deep in her ears trying to rub out the ringing they still suffered. Rynn looked at her with a smile now on her face. Kitsune thought it was odd considering it looked like Rynn's tower was about to cave in on them. "He followed us and did not think that we were going to somewhere safe where I would have wards. Mind you he was powerful enough he literally took out every single ward I had on the tower. He triggered almost all of them which is what that explosion was. It was all the magic coming to life as he tried to enter the tower. He drained my tower that it nearly collapse it took so much power for the wards to annihilate him. She was almost giddy as she looked around. Kitsune was sure Rynn was finally coming off her rocker. Then Rynn got a mild look on her face "Its going to take at least a couple months for the tower to repair itself and recharge and to clean this mess up." Kitsune chuckled and then they both chuckled relieved. They hadn't one the fight the wizard had lost a fight with Rynn's tower. After a little mirth whining could be heard coming from the kitchen and under the table. Quickly the women found potions and got to work getting everyone healed in the mess of a tower.
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    The first day of cleaning and repairing, healing and dressing wounds, was finished. Exhausted and still in a small state of shock that their attacker would actually follow them, they all decided to call it a night. Laying on make shift beds, the four slowly cast their cares out of their minds and drifted off to sleep.

    "Kitsune" came a gentle, young voice. "Kitsune..."

    Kitsune opened her eyes. She looked around to see that she was in a golden meadow. The sun shone brightly and beautifully upon her, warming her face and the ground around her. A butterfly lowered itself and landed on her nose, tickling her face and making her sneeze. She chuckled as she stood up and the butterfly fluttered away. She looked around and was pleased by what she saw. To her right was the forest line: big, lush bushes and trees lay before her, almost begging her to enter and explore. The trees bore large fruits, ripe and delicious looking. To her left was a small village: homes made of wood and earth, warm and cozy, the smell of dinner on the air. Kitsune lifted her nose and smelled....stew....a thick vegetable and beef stew. She leaned towards the village and savored the smell. It was almost done. She plopped her head back down on to the ground and enjoyed what was going on. It felt so real....oh so very real.

    "Kitsune...come on sleepy head" the voice came again. Kitsune leaned up from the ground and look around to find the source of the voice. She turned and saw a small fox boy....well, smaller than the normal. He was lanky, stringy even. Certainly smaller than the average. He didn't seem to be very tough at all. He wore the robes of a farmer's child, and Kitsune knew that he was most likely to grow up tending to sheep then hunting. "Kitsune? Are you done laying there?" the boy asked.

    "Yeah, I'm done...." her voice shocked her a little bit. It was much smaller, much weaker, and much younger than her usual voice. It sounded as if she were a child once more. She looked closely at the boy, but couldn't recognize him. She looked at the village, but it didn't seem familiar to her in any way. "Um....where am I? How do you know my name?"

    The fox boy looked her, perplexed by her questions. "What do you mean 'where am I'?" The boy stood up and fixed her robes. "You're at our village. You've been here since forever ago. These are silly questions. And....I'm confused. Asking how do we know each other makes me think that you don't remember me." The boy's eyes dropped to the ground. "It's okay, I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. I get it. It isn't that you don't remember me, it's just that you don't wanna be seen with me, huh? You're afraid that no one will choose you for a mate if you're seen with the farmer's son..."

    Kitsune was so confused by what this boy was saying. "Wait...farmer's son? Our village? I don't understand. I was just in the tower with Rynn. Where's Rynn? How did I get here? Who are you?"

    "You mean....you don't remember me? You don't remember our village? You're just acting silly now. We've been friends for years, we have been neighbors for that entire time. My guardian came from your guardian's litter. Kyuu wouldn't be in my life if you weren't in it first."

    "Kyuu? You mean....Kyuu is your guardian? He came from my guardian's litter? But Kyuu is...he's so old."

    "Yeah, he is old. He's like thirty years old now. But, he isn't as old as your guardian, Karina. Now she's old." The boy smiled at her. "I remember a conversation you had with Karina a few days ago where you told her she was super old. She was so mad, it was funny." He rubbed the back of his head and laughed.

    "So....Kyuu is your guardian....so that means....Kuriko?"

    "D'uh! Geez, Kitsune, where have you been? I can't believe you didn't remember who I was."

    Kitsune stared, wide eyed, at the news she was just given. She was now looking at the younger Kuriko, the boy she grew up with. But, everything was different. This wasn't a memory, this wasn't where she grew up....it was all different. It didn't feel right, but it felt incredibly real. Kitsune stood up and started walking with Kuriko towards the village. "Let me just tell you now," Kitsune said as she grabbed Kuriko's hand. "Your position as a farmer's son doesn't mean anything to me. I don't need anyone else to choose me as a mate as long as I AM seen with the farmer's son."

    The day slowly turned into night. Kitsune had seen all kinds of people that she used to know. Her friends, her family, her little sister, everyone was in the village. Even though all of these people were here, she never left Kuriko's side. She held on to his hand as if she were afraid he would leave her again. But, like all good things, it came to an end. It was time for bed call, as they called it in her village. The young came in for the night, to their own homes, and their own beds. Kitsune said good night to Kuriko, in a way that she had never done as a child. She leaned in and gave him a kiss before disappearing behind the door of her home. As she crawled into her bed, she could hear Kuriko swooning over the fact that he got a kiss from "the one and only Kitsune!" She chuckled as she closed her eyes, thinking that this was a million times better than being a famous adventurer.

    Kitsune slowly opened her eyes to find she was back in the tower. The rest of the group was asleep. Rynn and Kyuu lay on one side of the room, Kitsune lay on the other, and Kobito was in the middle, flat on his back and all four legs sprawled out. She sat up in her bed roll and looked around, saddened by the fact that it was only a dream. She heard a noise and saw a shadow against the wall. She stood up and followed the direction that the shadow was going. She walked all around the tower, following this shadow, but found nothing. She made her way back to her bed roll, feeling the despair of loosing her beloved all over again. She remembered kissing him in her dream and gently licked her lips attempting to taste the kiss again. Under normal circumstances, she would have thought it to be a stupid sentiment.....but on this particular night, she tasted his skin. Her heart fluttered for a moment but she quickly dismissed it as her mind playing tricks on her. She wanted so badly for Kuriko to come back to her, but she knew that it just couldn't be. He was killed by Rikimaru, and then disappeared in a pile of ash. He wasn't coming back....


    Rikimaru stepped into the light of the great hall where Ralagan was waiting for him. A large group of people were seated at tables with a king's banquet in front of them. None of them were eating, they were all waiting on Ralagan to take the first bite. "Brothers, sisters, I welcome you to a feast of celebration. It has been quite a while since we have had our prodigal son return to us after carrying out his orders to kill the small fox assassin. But now we are ready to celebrate, and we aim to do it in style! Everyone, may I present to you Rikimaru...the Returned!" The crowd exploded into applause, hoots, and hollers. Rikimaru reached the front of the room and turned around to see everyone cheering for him and his return. They all sat down and began eating with Ralagan. Riki simply looked at them all and sat down, slowly picking at his meal, thoughts of his deeds still racing in his head.
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    Weeks passed and those then turned into months. The girls and the foxes took the time to heal and rest and decided a different approach. Wards were placed and scrying spells cast as they watched the legion around the clock. Always looking for Ralagan, his mistress and of course Riki. They were preparing for what was inevitable. A show down that would make everything up to the point seem like slight altercations. It was as if time was slowing down for the girls and each minute that passed seemed like a curse of eternity. But they never stopped waiting and preparing for what they knew would eventually arrive. Daily Kitsune studied in Rynn's spell chamber learning and casting spells. Every week the spells became more powerful and complex. Rynn crafted magic items expending her energy daily to the point of exhaustion. The tower was now fully repaired and recharged and even then Rynn was Siphoning the recharging power of the tower to fuel more magic for the coming conclusion neither would discuss. See there was no need to discuss it anymore. Since the joining of their minds Kitsune had a an idea of what was coming when Rynn would sleep. With her continued exhaustion Rynn couldn't always censor what Kitsune saw in Rynn's dreams. Yet she did not tell Rynn or indicate in her mind she had seen what was to come. Instead it was weeks of silence short of the incantations being spoken as Kitsune practiced bringing magic to life.

    The dreams were always the same.... They were scary with the aura of prophecy. The connection Rynn and Riki shared was indeed strong and could not be explained by the laws of nature nor could Rynn's power. It started as once in awhile and then it became more frequent. Every night a little more of the dream was revealed as if like a timer to when they would know it was time to act. Rynn was standing in a black stoned courtyard. She was burnt and battered and bleeding. Spitting blood with each labored word. Kyuu lay dead at her feet and Koby was laying unconscious in a pile of rubble grieviously injured. One of his legs severed from his large fox body as he had used his power to grow in size as a guardian. Kitsune was surrounded in light of all the magic she had casted to protect herself and Rynn. Riki was kneeling on ashen scorched stone bound by magic, restrained but not by Rynn instead it was by that bitch mage mistress of Ralagan. Ralagan himself lay dead not far from Riki. Riki's bladed seens clearly protruding from Ralagan's eyes. The sky was black with streams of green mist swirling into a vortex directly above them. The evil laughter that echoed through everyones mind was chilling. The witch was summoning something, something old and evil and KItsune and Rynn were the last thing standing that stood any hope of stopping it. And then Rynn died.

    Kitsune would wake to a screaming Rynn in a cold sweat. If Kitsune asked Rynn if she was ok she would wave off Kitsune saying she was fine. The last dream is what showed Rynn's death. Deep down Kitsune knew the time was apon them to act. She feared for her friend. She prayed the dream was just that a dream out of fear. Yet deep inside her soul Kitsune knew this was more than a simple nightmare she somehow knew what she was seeing was a possibility of what was to come. She knew this because no matter what she tried to do differently in the dream it was always the same. It was always exactly the same and Kitsune no matter how hard she tried could not save Rynn.

    The next night after 2 months of waiting and preparing the dream stopped...........It was finally time. Kitsune woke to find everything was packed and waiting. A robe was slung over the end of Kitsune's bed as she rose. She knew it was from Rynn. She could feel the magic emanating from it. She quickly dressed in silence packing what she needed. grabbing all her magic items that had been crafted for this day. When she was finished she stopped in the doorway to what had become her own room in the tower. Giving it a lingering look as though she would never see this room again. She closed the door which seemed to thud with a finality to its echo in Kitsune's opinion as she made her way downstairs to a seemingly rest and weirdly smiling Rynn. Yet Rynn's eyes told a different story. Her eyes looked impossibly old now and with a resignation like she had come to terms with the end of this nightmare. Without another word Rynn waved her fingers and opened the door of the tower. In turn they all stepped out onto a clearing of windswepted mountains yards from a giant black stoned fortress. Site drained some of the resolve in Kitsune. IT was a frightening sight not just because the fortress looked intimidation or frightening but because it was exactly as Kitsune had seen in Rynn's dreams. The dream that was not a dream but the unfolding of their final adventure. A tear swept down KItsune's cheek unnoticed to be frozen and blown away in the wind as Kitsune watched Rynn take the firsts steps to her inevitability.


    Ralagan watched in the scrying dish with pleasure each day and week his grin would widen more and more. "No signs of life from that bitch's tower. That explosion and sacrifice had to have killed them it has been months." The witch gave him a look of disdain. and spoke in an evil tone suggesting no argument." Do not underestimate her Ralagan her power extends beyond time and space you cannot possibly understand the complete power she weilds. She has forgotten much of it thanks to time but make no mistake she is far more ancient than either of us and the only thing more ancient than her is my father once he has been resurrected and of course Riki."

    In a single stride Ralagan crossed the room to his witch mistress and backhanded her causing her to hit the floor hard. Soon as she hit the floor her hand lit with flame ready to cast it at Ralagan only to find the tip of his knife pressed harshly to her throat. A trickly of blood could be felt running down her neck as Ralagan's cold eyes stared into hers. "Never forget your place....your alive because I want you to be and the only reason for that is so you can bring Mephisto back to the world and offer him my last dragon Riki as a host for his dark soul to conquer this world and make me its king with untold power that will make this bitch's power pale in comparison." The flames slowly disappeared from the witches hands. As they did so Ralagan sheathed his knife confident the witch remembered her place in his presence.

    Riki stood in silence close to the door as if locked in a trance his eyes vacant with an occasional flicker of light in his steely gaze. It was like he was trapped in himself waging a war of his own will trying to break free. Only Ralagan and the Witch knowing the truth of his current state. Yet during all this activity none of them had been paying attention to the scrying bowl that now had swirled and changed showing two foxes, a fox girl and Rynn standing mere yards from the gates of the legions central Bastion of darkness...........The end was coming!............
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    A sharp wind blew outside the gates of the Legion's hall. The tall, dark, daunting castle sent shivers through Kitsune's body, never before had she seen such a sight. Was it the building? Or was it the feeling that a thousand eyes were watching her, watching her every move....reading her every thought. Rynn put her hand on the little fox girl's shoulder to reassure her. Kitsune looked up at Rynn, who was looking straight ahead at the massive steel gates, ornately decorated with faces of demons carved in the metal. "Rynn...are you sure we are strong enough? Obviously we can fight everyone else, but Rikimaru...the murderer....and that Ralagan guy...." Kitsune dropped her head, thinking again on the loss she had suffered at the hands of these monsters.

    Rynn squeezed Kitsune's shoulder before waving her hand in front of the gate, forcing it to open. As the gate opened, it squeaked loudly, objecting to the force of magic that Rynn needed to use to get it opened. "The wards here are strong, little one. We must be on our guard at all times." Shadows darted overhead, as if bouncing from the castle walls to the trees, making the two mages prepare spells. Kobito began growling as he slowly walked forward. Rynn used a powerful light spell that lit up the area, but alas, nothing was to be seen. She felt a powerful magic emanate from the castle the closer they got, but she would not be deterred.

    After a short walk amongst a lifeless courtyard filled with dead trees and landscape, they reached the large stoop that led to a massive, ornate, wooden door. The door was probably fifteen feet tall, and almost just as wide. It must have weighed nearly 600 pounds. The two looked at each other before starting up the stairs. However, when their feet touched the first step, and powerful aura fell upon them, preventing them from moving.

    Before them, at the top of the stairs, a dark orb appeared, quickly growing in size. At the peak of it's size, the orb began to glow lightly before exploding, sending dark matter droplets everywhere. A figure lowered himself down to the ground, touching down ever so slightly, it's heels clicking on the ground. It was a woman, and one Rynn knew all too well.

    A soft, menacing laugh hummed from the woman's mouth. It was Requia, the final Dragon lord of the Legion. She was by far the most powerful under Ralagan's employ, and had easily defeated Rynn in every skirmish the two had engaged in. "Ah, ah, ah....you can go no further than here. The dark prophecy must be made truth, and the ritual is only just beginning. I cannot let you pass, Rynn. I am the Dark Dragon Lord, and I will be your opponent, and you shall fall." Her voice was cold and stern, yet soft and calm. She stood at the top of the stairs, arms at a 45 degree angle, her palms facing the two mages and the foxes. Her feet were placed next to each other, forming a sort of T shape. She clenched one of her fists and raised that arm up as if swinging a weapon in a circle. When she stopped, a scythe quickly appeared, forming out from the middle of her hand. The force it created when it appeared sent both Rynn and Kitsune tumbling to the ground backwards. "So, ladies! Shall we start?" Before they could respond, Kobito had already leaped into action.

    Requia held up her hand, stopping Kobito in midair, "This is the best you have? A fox? I expected more from you. Where's the display of power? Where's the excessive force you were once known for? I miss the old Rynnifried...you've gotten soft." Suddenly, Kyuu flew in from behind her, catching her off guard. With her distracted, Rynn and Kitsune were free to move, no longer bound by Requia's magic. Rynn immediately began firing off spell after spell, hoping to take advantage of the upper hand that they now had. Requia was still as powerful as ever, being able to maintain her shield against Rynn's magic. Kobito went flying away from the battle, landing on all four paws some several feet away. Kyuu was lifted off the ground and flung away from Requia by an unseen force. Kitsune charged in but was stopped suddenly by a force hitting her in the stomach, which then pummeled her face, sending her down the stairs to Rynn's feet, who helped her up.

    "You must be careful when getting close to her. She is the one who invented the Mage Hand spell, and she is by far the most powerful opponent we have faced to date. Even more powerful than Dohtaj the Clown. He was a puppy compared to her. She holds the powers of a god in her hands, but we must persevere." Rynn straightened up and looked Requia in the eyes. "I have grown much since the last time we met, I will not be so easily crushed as I once was. I shall defeat you, and sunder your body. Then I will force my way through this castle, and take back this world, and put an end to whatever plans Ralagan has for that bitch of a mistress. You will not stand in my way, you won't stop me this time!" Rynn slammed her staff down on the ground, sending out a magical shockwave that made ruins of the stone work around her.

    Requia crossed her forearms in front of her, blocking the shockwave. "I, too, have grown stronger, little girl. Let's see what you've got!" Requia lunged forward at Rynn, using her Mage Hand to grab Rynn by the throat and slam her into the ground. Requia continued running, crushing Rynn into the ground as she did, dragging her along until she stopped running, lifted Rynn, spun around and threw Rynn into a tree. Kobito bounded in between the two mages, quickly transformed in his demon dog form and charged Requia with a fierce roar. He was, surprisingly enough, holding his own against her, easily dodging her Mage Hand through sensing it's presence and anticipating it's movement. He seemed to be almost immune to her magical attacks as well, forcing her to use physical attacks with her scythe, which soon began to show blood on it's long, curved blade. Kobito's speed began to slow as the scythe was taking it's toll on him. He stopped his incredible offense and backed away. Both combatants were bleeding, but Kobito had taken the major brunt of the battle.

    Kitsune watched as this was happening, thinking that it wasn't like Kobito to simply stop, regardless of how hurt he was. And then she saw it, Requia's eyes were intensely glowing purple, and it looked like her and Kobito were maintaining eye contact. "Mind control? This lady can mind control? That's so COOL! I mean...that's so WRONG!" Kitsune stood up and grabbed her ribbon. She jumped towards Requia and whipped her ribbon at her, wrapping it around her weapon arm. Kitsune pulled, using the momentum to pull herself towards Requia, kicking her square in the jaw, which sent her to the ground with a very hard thud.

    Requia stood up and spat blood. "You insolent little bitch." Her voice was no longer calm, and her emotions were now clearly heard. "I might have let you live seeing how worthless you were, but now I'm going to enjoy making you suffer!" She twirled her scythe in a fantastic motion, sending multiple dark purple streams at Kitsune.

    "I've already suffered, more than I should have. You all took him from me....and now you all will PAY!" Kitsune shot both of her arms straight out to her sides. She made a full cirlce with both arms out in front of her and put her hands together, clasped in front of her face. She then shot her palms straight out towards Requia and a huge beam of red flame shot forth from her tiny form. At the forefront of the beam was an image of Kitsune, engulfed in flames. The beam hit Requia head on and sent her flying through the castle walls and for several feet after the beam was no longer visible. Kitsune began walking forward. With each step, the ground shook with the anger she was feeling, the pain of loss coursed through her, feeding her power that had lay dormant for so long. "If it weren't for you and your stupid Legion, I wouldn't have lost my oldest friend, and my purest love." Her voice was trembling with anger. "I am no longer helpless, I am no longer worthless! Come, let me show you the true extent of my power!" Kitsune released a torrent of magic at the now kneeling Requia, but right before it hit, the image of Requia faded. The explosion shook the castle's very foundation.

    A laugh came from behind Kitsune, back towards the stairs. Kitsune spun around to see Requia, slowly getting up from her kneeling position. She was hurt, badly. Kitsune had done some very real damage, but it wasn't enough. "I..." Requia coughed up a little blood. "I will not lose...I can't....not here, not now, not before the dark master has time to come to this world. I will see the glory, and you won't stop me."
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    Kitsune, more angry than she had ever been, tightened her ribbon and ran at Requia, was had finished standing up and was now summoning some form of terrifying spell. She faced her palm at the charging fox girl and shot a green beam at her. "NO!" came a voice and Kitsune was enveloped in darkness for a second. When she was able to see again, she was over by Rynn, who was now standing up, staff at the ready.

    "What...what happened?" Kitsune asked.

    "It would seem that something, or someone, just saved your life. That beam she was shooting at you was a necromantic beam used primarily to cause death. But...what happened indeed." Rynn's response showed that she was just as confused.

    "No....I never lose!" Requia readied her attack again, this time aiming it at the group of four, who had now all gathered in preparation for the biggest fight of their lives.

    "You're wrong, Requia....you lose now." The voice came from nowhere. Requia spun around to face this new threat, but nothing was there. She spun back around to face Rynn and Kitsune, and a blade stabbed up through the middle of her chest. The blade was pulled out and Requia's body slumped down to the ground at the stranger's feet.

    Rynn and Kitsune were unsure of what to think of this newcomer. Who was he? Why did he decide to help them? He was definitely a member of the Legion judging by his attire and the three blades on his back, a training that only the Legion specialized in. The stranger had his eyes set on the group and began to walk forward. The castle cast a heavy shadow, making it impossible to make out the face of this unknown, possible threat. Kobito, now back in his normal nine-tails form, was growling at the stranger; however, once he was closer, Kobito yipped and bounded at him, dragging him to the ground and covering him in slobber. Kyuu walked over to the stranger and put his giant paw on the stranger's chest, "I knew it...glad to finally see you."

    Kitsune was horribly confused, but was convinced that this was a friend of Rikimaru's and Kuriko's. For both nine-tails to react in a way, it was for certain. She walked forward to meet the stranger, who was now standing up. He dusted himself off and gave himself a once over before lifting his head and removing the mask. Kitsune let out a soft whimper. "....K..Ku...Kuriko? No...it can't be, I saw you die....I SAW YOU DIE!"

    "It was necessary...you and Rynn weren't supposed to see it. Riki needed to get in to the inner sanctum, and Ralagan had given him one task, and it was the only way he could do it. He had to kill his closest friend. I'm sorry." Kuriko spoke with much more confidence than usual. He explained, in brief detail, that he had been off training in the Legion Hall in Stormshadow Mountain, Just a few miles of where they were presently standing. This training was meant to cover a life time of training in only a few months, which is why he now moved and killed with the same precision as Rikimaru.

    Kitsune was bawling like a little baby, so happy to be reunited with Kuriko. She was about to speak, but was quickly cut off by a gurgled, struggling voice. "No...I said I never lose...and I won't lose here. I will see his glorious arrival! Mephisto will be born into this world through Rikimaru's sacrifice!" Requia stood up, holding herself up by resting her hand on her knee. "Come forth...dragon of darkness. I command you! Use my body to sustain yourself!" A bright flash and Requia was gone. The skies grew blacker than black and an unearthly roar could be heard from over the group. A giant dragon lit up the sky with an unbelievable burst of flames. It flew out from the clouds as the skies returned to their grey color. It landed on the outside of the walls and let out a deafening roar, it's gaze locked on the group.

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