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The Traveler - End Game

Discussion in 'Role Play Central' started by Dante Chaos, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Thousands of years after my initial travel into the unlimited dimensions i finally found my way back to my original world where i came from. Together with my wife and three kids i stood in front of my parents house not knowing how they would react on this situation.
    I rang the doorbell and waited until someone opened the door.
    It was my father who had a surprised look on his face at first but then tears started to roll down his cheek upon seeing me standing in front of him.
    "Your back." he said.

    "Yes dad, i'm back. It took me some time but i'm back, and i'm not alone." I said as i pointed towards my wife Vanessa and the children.

    "Mom, mom come look. Our son is back." my dad yelled towards the stairs.
    I could only presume my mom was upstairs as usual. It took some minutes but she came down and when she saw me she burst out in tears and ran up to me hugging me as tight as she could.

    "It's good to see you too mom. I missed you both." I said.
    My mother said to come inside so we did and sat down on the couch and talked about what happened to me.
    At first they could not believe what i told them but when i showed the ears on my twin daughters Kari and Mari.
    They started to believe what i told them and i showed several other evidence of my adventures trough out the dimensions. After some time we decided to get some sleep and talk it over tomorrow.

    The next day.

    As the morning arrived so did we all wake up and sat down at the table having breakfast. This was the first time in years that i lived in that house that we had breakfast like this, but the occasion did ask for it.
    As time passed my parents decided that we could live with them for a while so we could decide what we wanted to do afterwards.

    On one monday morning....

    I had the TV on watching the breakfast news when i saw it. A terrorist group had bombed a Dutch embassy in Irak cause of a cartoonist making fun of the prophet Mohammed.
    Then i started thinking, i have been away from this world for 7 years and it still has not improved.
    I put down my cup of coffee and went up to my wife who was making breakfast for the kids.
    "I'm thinking of setting up a organisation to prevent wars like this. One to make human kind stop fighting each other." i said to her on which she stared at me with a confused look on her face.
    "But was mankind not bound to fight each other. We seen this countless of time during our travels." she said.

    I knodded but said i will be making plans and setup a place first then continue from there. I told them i would be back in a few weeks.

    That said i took my leave and went outside and used my ability's to teleport my self to a wide open area. From their i started up my Infinity core and produced a Commander unit like those in Supreme commander series.
    Once it was done building i went inside the cockpit and launched the unit towards the moon. Using the Infinity core to power the unit i was on the moon within moments after launch.

    Within a week i build a large moon base on the dark side of the moon. Out of earth sight and using a Cold fusion reactor to power the base.

    I resided the commander unit into the hanger and shut it down. It would not work anymore without the Infinity core powering it which of course i needed myself.

    I decided i needed a crew to maintain the base and a flight crew for the units i wanted to build as an attack/defence force. To facilitate this i made a cloning machine and created both male and female clones all with different traits and mindsets. In order to make them alive i used the souls i gathered trough out my travels to give them lives.

    It took several days to fill the base with the required staff and giving them each a rank in the organisation. Once that was done i started to use the Gundam type robot units as a attack/defence force. I made the schematics and provided the materials needed to build them as those where not found on earth nor on the moon.
    Using a device called the Mass Fabricator i could nearly create any material i know off. With this i made my army and let the pilots be trained by a virtual simulator.
    Many squads where created cause of this which gave my allot of tactical options.

    Now since that was done i could focus on space to planet transport and making it invisible for other people so we could secretly travel to the earth and back.
    Once this was done i made a AI to assist in managing the base called Eve.

    It took me a month to build the entire base. fill it with crew and create a army and transport. The only thing i needed now where a 2nd and 3rd in command other than the clones i created based on profiles and DNA of people with specific traits.

    I decided to pick up my family first and took a shuttle down to earth and my house. Using the cloaking system on the shuttle we could land unseen on a close by field and i went back home.
    Once home i told them about my plans and idea to help mankind into space and make them stop fighting each other.

    Several days later....

    "Father why wont you make me 2nd in command?" Virgil said.
    I started to laugh and said: "Boy, your still 16 years old. i cannot let a child be 2nd in command now can i. That would lower the morale immensely. When you get older you can help me out with my business. I promise you that." Virgil looked depressed by accepted my answer and took off.

    "He just wants to help out you know." I heard my wife say to me from behind.
    I turned around and said: "I know, but he is still to young for this. I want him to get some experience first by seeing the world with his own two eyes."
    I turned back around and continued with the paperwork for earthbound travel for staff and resources transport.

    "Just so you know to not let him wander around the base doing nothing. He is already very good in the simulators."
    Vanessa said.

    I knodded and looked trough some personnel files then it hit me. I know the perfect people for the command positions. I stood up and ordered my personal pilot to bring me to the surface. To be exact, Boise Idaho.

    Some hours later i arrived in Boise and flew to a certain house. Knocked on the door and waited for it to open. It was a sunday afternoon so there was bound that someone should be home.

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