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The Traveler - Universal Warriors

Discussion in 'Collaborative Writing' started by Dante Chaos, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    A group of people walk out of a portal into a unknown new world. Their travels took them beyond their wildest dreams. Worlds where magic existed, worlds where demons fought angels, worlds where technology was the main guideline for humanity and even worlds where humans where joined with human like animals.
    Now what will these new worlds hold for them? Greater power or perhaps a path to their doom.

    If you have read my story's of the traveler you might know what this story is about.
    I have decided to try a go at this with more people to see how it goes.
    The idea is rather simple.
    Everyone that joins has a relation with another person that he decided to travel along with.
    For example: Character 2 is charmed by character 1 and want to follow him/her everywhere.
    Everyone who enters may think up of a world he would like to be one of the main character is (like gundam or death note) the world of choosing will be the same as the rotation of posting.
    If your deadstuck on who to choose (or there is just only me left :D) you can use my char with something like honor or something in that direction, whatever floats your boat.
    (You may also edit it when more people join until it starts)

    Character & world design:
    The design of your character must fit the planet/world he or she comes from. for example if you character comes from a technical world he or she can only use technology at the start. it cannot suddenly use super powers, the gaining of powers depends completely on who designs the world.

    Designing of a world will be a tricky one. if you choose a world that already exists like FF9 (currently listening to a song from it so lol) you cannot sway from its design like adding Technical wonders to it.
    So this means you have to adapt to the world the person creates/uses
    But you wont have to think of a world any soon at the start ofcource i will be taking care of the first world.

    If you need references please lookup my own story's: Bonds of power & Lost Chronicles.

    One fun part of this is. you can use any world even monster highschool or the vampire roleplay we did. Every story is unique with this play.

    Now on how to join this play:

    Full Name:
    Nickname: (not required)
    Look Age: (if your actually older than you look_
    Real Age: This is your real age. if above does not apply fill this in)
    Universe: (where you come from)
    Weapons: (if used)
    Biography: (makeup a history for your self)

    (keep it simple, even i will have only 1 ability myself at the start.)

    *This can be subject to change acording to any comments.

    Hope you guys see something in this.
    I did rewrite this topic btw.
  2. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Re: The Traveller - Universal Warriors

    Full Name: Dante Gemini
    Nickname: D
    Look Age: 23 years old
    Real Age: 2745 years
    Universe: Earth 21th century
    Weapons: Morphable arms

    Being the original traveler of worlds Dante has seen many worlds in his life time he has gained uninmaginable knowledge of all the worlds he visited and used most of it to complete his mission to reach his own world again.
    Once he returned home after many worlds empty handed he saw that only 1 day had passed in his own world. Due the modifications he had in one of the worlds he would not age anymore and gained a sort of immortality of course he could still die from being decapitated or something in the like.
    He lived his own live once again and saw the world go past him.
    Everyone he knew and loved grew old and died
    He looked at this world with a watchers eye and saw that this world would only destroy it self eventually.
    He hacked the worlds satalites and treathend the world to change their ways of greed and consumption or he would destroy the world himself. With this he took his leave and opened another portal into another universe.
    Not knowing where he would go to he thought it would be better than his own world.
    Now he aimlessly travels between worlds in search of a place to call home.

    Able to change his arms into 2 rapid firering machine guns, these guns use energy bullets inplace real bullets.
    His left arm is able to change into a energy cannon aswell and his right arm into a blade.
    Able to lift things heavyer than normal humans.

    Edit: Changed to be less overpowered

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