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Untouched - (Angel Season 2 Episode 4)

Discussion in 'TV Show Reviews' started by ggyppt, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Series: Angel
    Season: 2
    Episode: 4 - Untouched

    Plot: Now, this one is about Angel helping out this girl with telekinetic powers called Bethany, who he finds following a vision by Cordelia. This leads to one of the best stories of the series, and, since it is early in the season, isn’t bogged down by reoccurring themes. 10/10

    Visuals: This looks great, not much else to say. 10/10

    Recurring characters: This is a great episode for all of the main characters, especially for Lilah. Now, Wes is very underused in the episode, the only real problem I have for the main characters. 9/10

    Secondary Characters: now, the only real secondary character is Bethany, who I adore, and I really think she should have her own spinoff or become part of the Angel crew, but that didn’t happen. 10/10

    Acting: The acting in this episode is great. 10/10

    Writing: I love this episode, with some of my more memorable lines, including Cordelia saying “Yes, thanks to a Sunnydale education.” Now, on the other hand, some of the scenes with Bethany are too drawn out 8/10

    Mood/Tone: Now, the in this episode is very erratic and hard to pin down for me, so it is one of the stronger drawbacks of this episode. 6/10

    Pacing: The pacing can be a little off because, as I said before, some of the scenes with Bethany are too drawn out. 7/10

    Special effect: The special effects are down well here, and they need to be with having a telekinetic as the client in this episode. 10/10

    Impact: This is an episode that stays with me after the episode is done, and Bethany as a character is someone I still try and incorporate into my fanfictions. And the final scene has one of my favorite moments of the season. 10/10

    Overall: This is a great episode, with one of the best single episode characters that I know of. 90/100

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