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World of Warcraft Changes

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Shalifax, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Shalifax

    Shalifax New Member

    Hey guys. Since some of you haen't logged onto World of Warcraft yet, some things are now different and you should be made aware of them.

    As of yesterday the 28th, our talents are ALL reset. This comes because of the new talent trees taking place. All of our skills are preset and auto-learned when they become available. And to replace the choices we took in our talent trees, we have a new grid system, where in each 5-10 levels or so (different for DKs), you will have a point to spend in on of three specilizations. One specilization for each type of character you're playing. (As in Frost, Blood, Unholy or Holy, Retibution, or Protection)

    Druids now have a fourth specilization. Guardian. What it is, I'm unsure. But its new.

    Valor points are now gone. And all the gear we were saving them up for is now available as Justice Point gear. Woo?

    And there are some new aesthetic changes to mounts/pets and whatnot. Also, MOUNTS ARE ACCOUNT-WIDE! MAMMOTHS FOR EVERYONE!

    So, yeah.

    I'm hoping I won't be alone until the Pandaria launch, but understand. Thought I'd get on and let you guys know whats going on.
  2. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    You shan't be alone, I will log in tonight and you and I can putz around for a bit. I'm REALLY intrigued about this Guardian thing, so I will certainly be checking that out. Also, I will be getting a new computer at the end of September, so my gaming is going to be picking up.....Dave, you best be ready to raid, because I'm going to completely OWN with this computer! NO MORE LAG!!!

    Anyway, it seems we have some JP's to earn and get things under way...finally.
  3. Shalifax

    Shalifax New Member

    I'm out of time now. So I won't be renewing until a decision is made or there is a MAJOR need for me ingame. Likely my next purchase will be Guild Wars 2, which I've created a topic about in General.

    WoW has broked me. Its changed so muh I'm no longer Utility,tanky, useful, or at all aware of how classes play now. I do not wish to pick it up again until I break from it and really think about what its worth to me. Sorry.

    Will be here daily still. DAILY. And I have TS. So I'm around. Text me. And whatnot.
  4. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Maybe you and I can work something out....we'll talk when we can.

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